2016 College Register Membership

Maxwell, Texas
Wednesday, June 01, 2016
2016 College Register Membership
Wednesday, June 01, 2016 - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

National Hispanic Institute
512-357-6137 ext. 205
PO Box 220
Maxwell, Texas 78656
United States

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About the College Register

 The ​College ​Register ​of ​the ​National ​Hispanic ​Institute ​(NHI) ​is ​a ​membership ​consortium ​of ​four-year ​colleges ​and ​universities ​that ​wish ​to ​expand ​their ​individual ​presence ​in ​the ​Latino ​community ​and, ​as ​result, ​increase ​both ​the ​number ​and ​caliber ​of ​Latino ​high ​school ​students ​who ​annually ​apply ​for ​undergraduate ​admission. ​Started ​in ​1983, ​the ​College ​Register ​today ​consists ​of ​various ​colleges ​and ​universities ​located ​in ​different ​communities ​across ​the ​nation ​that ​pay ​an ​annual ​fee ​of ​$1,500 ​to ​gain ​access ​to ​the ​academic ​and ​extracurricular ​profiles ​of ​NHI ​youth ​and ​also ​attend ​various ​programs ​and ​events ​conducted ​throughout ​the ​year ​that ​feature ​NHI's ​summer ​participants. ​These ​planned ​activities ​and ​events ​include ​six ​(6) ​private ​college ​fairs ​and ​three ​(3) ​training ​programs ​on ​college ​admissions ​for ​nearly ​1,200 ​students ​who ​attend ​NHI's ​10th/11th ​grade ​initiatives ​during ​the ​summer. ​College ​Register ​Members ​are ​also ​eligible ​to ​attend ​Celebración, ​a ​yearly ​showcase ​event ​conducted ​during ​the ​fall ​in ​San ​Antonio, ​Texas ​that ​features ​700 ​of ​the ​best ​youth ​selected ​from ​among ​NHI's ​2,500 ​summer ​participants. ​During ​this ​fall ​event, ​the ​College ​Register ​also ​holds ​its ​annual ​member ​conference ​and ​is ​invited ​to ​host ​special ​workshops ​attended ​by ​high ​school ​counselors ​and ​adult ​community ​volunteers ​with ​close ​contact ​with ​students ​who ​attend ​leadership ​programs ​of ​the ​National ​Hispanic ​Institute.

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Payment Instructions

  • You may pay online by Credit Card or call to make a payment over the telephone. We also accept Check payments. If you need to request an invoice from the National Hispanic Institute, please contact:

    Dylan Besteiro
    Business Office - Representative
    512-357-6137 ext. 208
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