A Harvard Business Publishing Event

New York, NY
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Harvard Business Publishing Event
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - Thursday, June 19, 2008

Metropolitan Club
1 E 60th St
New York, NY 10022

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Your Customers Have Changed.....
You Must, Too

Power has shifted: Customers 3.0 are dictating not only when, where, and how they want to buy but how they want to be communicated with and the terms they’ll accept on an individual level.

With a seemingly infinite array of options, customers now know that demand (theirs!) is in short supply. They dictate how they will consume—where, when, and how much – using a variety of community-based online tools. They are creating social networks, composed of the people they trust, that are rapidly becoming the significant channels of media distribution and capable of distributing marketing messages that surpass Madison Avenue in reach and impact.

Meet Customers 3.0—they look like the people to whom you’ve always sold, but their relationship with your brand is radically different. Major corporations can no longer dictate the dialog—what is required is a re-imagining and reinvention of the relationship between your brand and the customers it serves including every touch point and interaction.

The issues we'll discuss at Meet Customers 3.0 are very much in the news. Check out Jeffrey Rayport and Eric McNulty's piece on Marketwatch about the impact Customers 3.0 may have on long-term retail performance.

If you have questions about where to place your media dollars for greatest impact, how to successfully launch a new product, or why consumers seem to be more fickle than ever, you need to be part of the conversation at Meet Customers 3.0.

Critical Questions to be Addressed:

ExperienceHow will your company project its “digital personality”? How will your company use the ubiquitous networking of today’s economy to create uniquely differentiated interactions with Customers 3.0?

Shopping: How can your business innovate in how it manages customer relationships in a world of exploding channels and options?

Media: How is Customers 3.0’s use of media changing and what does it mean for your brand?

Technology: What new digital devices and technologies will create the greatest opportunities and enable breakthrough customer experiences?

Analytics: What are the most meaningful measures of consumer behavior now—and how can you leverage them to create competitive advantage?

What Makes a Harvard Business Publishing Event Different?

Content: Each event is a deep exploration of a critical topic. We bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical by combing the latest research with best practices. The emphasis is on insights and perspectives that senior business leaders can put to work right away.

Collaborative Connections: The event is designed to provide multiple networking opportunities and every element, from session seating to breaks and meals, is specifically engineered to ensure that each participant meets as many fellow participants as possible. We create a “bump and connect” environment where it is easy to meet and share. We’ll even arrange specific introductions upon request.

Community of Contributors: We believe that peer-to-peer learning is as important as expert-led learning and so expect everyone who attends to be a contributor. We strive to tap into all of the wisdom, expertise, and experience in the room to create the most meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Capital Capture: When you are fully engaged in an event, note taking may not be foremost on your mind. That’s why we have knowledge capture agents who create a concise report of the event. This is provided to each participant along with relevant Harvard Business Review articles, Harvard Business Press books, and other material that can be used for reference or to share key lessons with colleagues.

We publish Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Press books, a wide range of products for corporate and academic learning, and newsletters in addition to our conferences.


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