Liberating Lean: Transforming the People Side of Lean with Liberating Structures

Renton, Washington
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Liberating Lean: Transforming the People Side of Lean with Liberating Structures
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:30 AM -
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 4:30 PM (Pacific Time)

Renton Pavilion
(425) 277-8408
233 Burnett Avenue South
Renton, Washington 98057
United States

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Are you interested in including and unleashing everyone in improving the work of your team? When you say “Lean” do you notice some people shut down, or do you catch an eye roll when they think you’re not looking? Does this pose a barrier for you in implementing Lean in your organization? If so, you’re not alone. The “people” side of Lean can be the most challenging part of process improvement work, and it can make or break a Lean initiative.

In this two-day Government Performance Consortium workshop, we’re offering a melding of Lean and Liberating Structures to more powerfully engage people in cultivating a healthy organizational culture and improving performance. Liberating Structures is easy to learn and easy to implement. It provides you with a repertoire of approaches for organizing group interactions in a way that leads to purposeful action.

This workshop is designed specifically for government practitioners looking to improve their individual and collective implementation of Lean as one path toward improving the value of government. All levels of Lean practitioners are welcome, from novice to black belt.

The workshop will be co-led by facilitators who have varying levels of experience using Liberating Structures.  We have discovered that learning with people who are themselves just getting started can help demystify the learning process and draw attention to the role of the structure in supporting a group’s movement forward toward achieving results that everyone wants.

By the conclusion of the two day learning event we hope you will:

  • Know at least one concrete group interaction technique that demonstrates the lean principle of Respect for People

  • Feel confident enough to use 2-3 Liberating Structures in everyday settings or interactions

  • Be prepared to string together multiple structures to enhance group efforts in lean implementation

  • Have formed a set of loose connections with other government practitioners who you can turn to for help & advice as you get started with using Liberating Structures in Lean and other improvement

About the presenters:

   Fisher Qua and Charley Haley are facilitating this            Liberating Lean event. They are from Back Loop              Consulting Group where they exist to unflatten                interactions that stop groups from tapping into their          wider range of intelligence.

   Together they integrate a mix of tools, practices, and      principles from Liberating Structures, Design Thinking,    Agile, Lean & Lean Start-Up, Service Design,                  Systems Thinking, and Complexity Science to unleash    the generative nature of collaborating.

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