Reaxys RSEQ Early Career Resercher Award 2018

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Monday, 11 June 2018

  Apply for the Reaxys RSEQ Early Career Researcher Award 2018

Who can apply?

The RSEQ and Elsevier are happy to organize the 2nd edition of the Reaxys RSEQ Early Career Researcher Award.

If you are:
  • A researcher currently enrolled in a PhD programme OR a researcher who completed a PhD in 2017 or 2018
  • And a member of the RSEQ
We invite you to submit your essay around the topic: 
What (innovative) research are you doing in the field of Chemistry and how can a scientific database like Reaxys help you achieve your goals?

The successful applications will receive:

  • € 1000 - 1st Place
  • € 800 - 2nd Place
  • € 500 - 3rd Place

What are the essay requirements?

Any field of research is accepted
, including: Life Sciences, Medicinal and Organic Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Industrial and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical, Environmental, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry.

  • Must be about either work in progress, an original idea for a project, or a paper already published;
  • Must strongly highlight how Reaxys (and other) scientific databases helped (or can help) you to achieve your research goals;
  • Must be between 750 and 1500 words; 
  • Must have a title and be easily readable also by chemists working in other research fields.
Evaluation criteria
  • Innovation & Originality;
  • Impact and Importance to field;
  • Clarity of Thought & completeness;
  • Supporting evidence of accomplishments (i.e. has your work been published or patented?).
Your application should include the following documents:
  • Your Essay;
  • Your CV;
  • A document produced by your university that certifies that you are a PhD student or that you have defended your PhD in 2017 or 2018;
  • Any other supporting evidence of accomplishments (optional).      

What are the timelines?

  • Essay sumbission deadline: September 16
  • Do not have access to Reaxys? Request an individual trial for the submission period (until September 16) by sending us an email. 
  • Register for the free webinar on best practices and advanced use of the Reaxys solution.
  • Meet us at the at the Meeting of the Organic Chemistry Group on June 22 in Santiago de Compostela. Learn more about the Award as well as Reaxys, and ask any questions you have regarding your application!
  • The Reaxys RSEQ Early Career Researcher Award 2018 award ceremony will take place in Toledo during the Annual Meeting of the Young Researchers Division of the RSEQ on November 5th - November 8th. The travel costs of the winners will be covered by Elsevier.

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Contact Details

  • Agne Karose
    Customer Marketing Manager

    Important information about file upload:
    • Please only submit .doc or .pdf files;
    • Maximum file size allowed for upload is 10 MB;
    • File names can not contain any special characters (!@#$%^&*()?/). Alphanumeric characters only (ABC,123). Please give the documents clear and short names. In case of problems, please contact Agne Karose (see the details above).
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