COVE Mathematics

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bring a workshop to your district!

Contact the Institute for Learning to host a COVE mathematics workshop designed to explore the ways content understanding overlaps with acquisition and development of verbal-language skills and self-efficacy.


Workshop Highlights

During a COVE workshop, you will explore learning maps and indicators of understanding aligned for the concepts of sorting and categorizing, conservation, and counting and cardinality.  Learn how to analyze student understanding through multiple lenses- mathematical content knowledge, mathematical verbal-language, and self-efficacy. Together with your peers, you will consider the role of the teacher to press students to think and reason about mathematics and communicate their understanding.  

Who should attend?

  • Pre-K and kindergarten educators (serving students ages 3–6) 
  • Early learning directors 
  • Elementary mathematics coaches 
  • Early Elementary Curriculum Coordinators 

What is the COVE Toolkit?

The COVE Toolkit contains instructional materials for three concepts: sorting and categorizing, conservation, and counting and cardinality. For each concept there is a

  • learning map showing a sequence of key ideas and indicators of understandings organized into categories of content, verbal-language, and efficacy. 
  • total of 18 activities, six per domain, that are aligned to and sequenced according to the learning map for the given concept, with manipulatives and materials needed to engage students in the activities. 
  • lesson guides for each activity that includes probing and follow-up questions to help make student thinking and reasoning visible and the materials for each activity. 
  • video catalog that includes a description of student engagement and understanding through the lens of content, verbal-language, and self-efficacy. 

Download a COVE product brochure for more information.


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