TIES 610 - Coastal & Marine Ecotourism

TIES 610 - Coastal & Marine Ecotourism

Coastal & Marine Ecotourism

As coastal areas and marine ecosystems (e.g., reefs, mangroves, beach/intertidal zones) in the more developed countries have degraded over time, tourists seek intimate contact with nature in more remote and pristine environments. This course assists destination managers, local resort managers, and government authorities in maintaining sustainable marine ecotourism and reef recreation activities while working with the local community to accommodate their needs and preserve the marine and coastal environment. It also shows how marine resorts in degraded areas must work with local authorities to rebuild marine resources to re-establish their place in the traditional coastal tourism and growing marine ecotourism market. Course topics include:
  • Integrate coastal zone management and marine/reef conservation into a sustainable tourism development strategy
  • Identify the special characteristics of marine ecotourists
  • Use innovative resource planning techniques and coastal zone management best practices
  • Establish zoning and visitor tracking methods
  • Educate visitors and staff about low-impact forms of recreation
  • Monitor and assess more accurately the long-term effects of tourism on local resources
  • Increase government's commitment in marine park protection and effective coastal management
  • Anticipate marine tourists' expectations
  • Develop effective educational programs including guest briefings, videos and demonstrations

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