MPS Forum France - English

Friday, June 18, 2010

MPS Forum France - English
Friday, June 18, 2010

Pavillon d'Armenonville

When & Where?
MPS Forum France: Paris, June 18 2010
Pavillon d'Armenonville

An MPS Forum in France!!! Here you can find all of the Who's, What's, When's, Where's and Why's!


Photizo Group is proud to announce the first country-level MPS Forum, which will take place in France. The forum will be in Paris on June 18, and has already sold out total event sponsorships although there are still opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors for specific elements of the forum.

Why individual country MPS forums?

The regional MPS conferences (this year’s European conference is in Barcelona, Nov 10-12) provide a great platform and networking opportunity for end users, resellers and of course, vendors. However, the conference only takes place once a year, and with the rapid pace of development of MPS, there is a need for contacts and discussion of key issues on a more frequent basis. In addition, there are some end users and resellers who find traveling to another country for a two-day conference too big of a commitment for their busy schedules. A local country forum provides an opportunity for these people to meet with other industry participants, and learn about MPS developments, in a way which is manageable for them.

Why France?

     At the 2009 European MPS conference in Amsterdam, discussions took place among a small number of participants from France. The consensus of this group was that there was a need to raise the profile and development of MPS in France. The feeling of the group was that MPS was not as well understood or as widely developed as in some other European countries.

Although the Photizo Group Market forecast shows a high level of MPS revenue in France with a 29% annual growth rate, there are indications that the sophistication of MPS in France is lower than in other major countries. For example, the Western European Tracker Study 2009 shows that MPS engagements in France involve a high level of initial assessments, but lower levels of device monitoring and reporting, less end-user training, less supplies replacement by on-site staff, less document work-flow consulting, and generally lower service levels. (Compared with Germany and the UK.)

Who should attend the forum in Paris?

The forum will have separate tracks for resellers and end-users. The agenda will include a half-day training workshop, specially designed for resellers who are thinking of building an MPS service, but need to understand more of what is involved and how to be successful. For end-users, there will be presentations showing what can be gained from MPS, how to maximize chances of success, and pitfalls to avoid. There will also be case studies from large organizations who have been successful in implementing MPS.The entire forum will be conducted in French language.


Contact Information

  • Phone: 859-873-4518, Email:

Payment Instructions

  • End User


    If you are a qualified Decision Maker at an End User Organization, you may qualify to attend the forum complimentary of charge.  Please email me for details.

    Immediately following the MPS Forum France, a cocktail reception sponsored by Ricoh will take place
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