Exploration, understanding and control of physical phenomena at the nanometer scale have received intense attention in recent years. Research has shown ample evidence that when materials are nanostructured in the 1-100 nm range, they exhibit unique physical properties not found in bulk or even microstructured materials. Tuneable thermal properties such as heat conduction and emissivity, phonon quantum transport, and phonon coherence in periodic structures are a few examples. Although substantial efforts in the past has been directed towards understanding the physics of electrons and photons, the understanding of, and applications related to, phonon physics and the coupling between phonons, electrons and photons has been lagging behind.

This workshop will be an opportunity to share the knowledge in the area of nm-scale thermal management, energy transport and information processing devices. Its key target is to gather specialists from the international phonons community to debrief the main fields in phonons-related areas expected to have strong technological and scientific impacts in the near and long-term future.                   


  • Energy Conversion
  • Micro to Nanoscale thermal management
  • Phononic crystals
  • Photon-phonon interactions
  • Electron-phonon interactions in low dimensions
  • Phonons in Metrology and in Biology
  • Coherent acoustic phonons and Phonon sources
  • Phonon-polaritons transport



Attendance to the Workshop is by invitation only; there will be no registration fee and the Organizing Committee will endeavour to cover all local expenses (hotel and subsistence). Admission will be subject to availability to due limited space. In order to be considered for an invitation, please register on-line and submit an abstract for a poster presentation in the relevant section together with a statement of motivation to participate in the event.

All participants, including invited and keynote speakers, are kindly requested to submit an abstract as well as to fill in the application form. 
Abstracts are to be submitted in Word  format and should be no more than 300 words long. Please download the template before registering.
For planning purposes, it is a requirement that all applicants fill in the application form completely and specify  their attendance to the single meals and events.

Deadline for application: 25th March, 2010
Invitations and acceptance of poster presentations: by
12th April, 2010, via email.

The Conference programme is under development, please check the website for updates.




Contact Details


    Ana de la Osa / Noemi Baruch


    Phononic crystals

    Nanoscale Thermal  Transport

    Energy Conversion: Thermoelectrics and Photovoltaics

    Phonons in Nanotechnology

    Phonons as possible state variables for ICT NANOICT SESSION

    Phonons in Nanotechnology

    Coherent Acoustic Phonons: Generation, Detection  Applications

    Phonon Sources

    Electron-Phonon Interaction 


    25 MARCH 2010



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