Various Locations, Oregon
Thursday, March 03, 2011

Each grant manager will spend three minutes giving a brief intro of their grant program.

Facilitated Q&A
You'll have the opportunity to ask general questions about guidelines, deadlines
and requirements.  Questions requiring longer responses will be 'parking-lot'
listed for addressing in breakout sessions. 

Breakout Sessions/Round Robin 
You'll have the opportunity to self-identify and choose a grant managers'
session to discuss your specific project with other nonprofits that are also
choosing that grant program.  This will rotate after 15 minutes, so you'll
be able to sit in on up to three grant program small group discussions.

Wrap up
Key Questions from each small group will be brought back to the main group
for cultural partners to answer.  Questions not answered during wrap up can
be addressed when you schedule a one-on-one with a grant manager. 
See Left Overs, below.

Left Overs
After adjourning, there will be clipboards available for you to sign up to receive
additional information.  For the Cultural Trust follow-ups, you'll be able to sign
up for 30-45 minute time slots in the month of March and April. For the cultural
partner follow-ups, you'll be able to provide contact information so they can follow up with you.


Contact Information

  • Phone: 503-986-0088
    Email: cultural.trust@state.or.us

Payment Instructions

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