INF-INST (AM) Introduction to R for Academic Statistical Analyses

Friday, April 22, 2011


Information Institute Presents:
Introduction to R for Academic Statistical Analyses (Fridays AM)


The Information Institute, a charitable, non-profit, educational and scientific organization, and faculty from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), are offering an online class introducing the use of R to perform common, academic-research statistical analyses. The R Project for Statistical Computing provides a comprehensive environment for statistical analysis and graphics and is unrivaled in the availability of new, cutting-edge applications. R is a very powerful system for statistical computations and graphics, and runs on Windows, UNIX and Mac computers. It may be described as a combination of a statistics package and a programming language. It is freely available for download from .

There are no specific prerequisites for this online course although some knowledge of statistics is assumed. This course illustrates how to use R for common, research-oriented statistical analyses using generic data provided with the HSAUR2 package which accompanies the textbook. We will use R Commander, the freely-available, menu-driven, statistics-oriented visual interface to R to illustrate how to utilize the various statistical functions.

• With the increasing cost of commercial statistical package, a free package is very attractive. However, "free" does not imply second rate. R is a comprehensive, high quality, integrated software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is superior to commercial packages in many respects.
• There are over 2,800 contributed packages (extensions) available for R to perform a great variety of statistical and graphical procedures.
• R includes a powerful programming language for selecting, manipulating and transforming data.
• R is interactive and supports data analysis in an interactive fashion using both exploratory and confirmatory techniques.
• Although SAS is the most common statistical package in general use, there is evidence that R is becoming more popular than SAS with statistical researchers.
• New statistical methods often are available first in R.


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