PrestoCentre Training Course 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011
Please note that this event is now closed.


The audiovisual (AV) record of the 20th century is at risk, with digitisation being a solution, but this created a new problem: the preservation of digital AV content. Managers and technical staff of the AV industry need to be knowledgeable of, and understand how to use, the latest digital preservation technologies, in order to procure the safety of these documents of cultural heritage. Based on the experiences of some of the largest audiovisual and broadcast archives in Europe, this training will give a complete account of the tools and technologies available for the digital preservation of, and access to, audiovisual content, outlining strategies, workflows and architecture planning. In addition, the training provides a range of informative visits to a variety of relevant sites. Participants will include large audiovisual archives, service providers and technology providers. Training locations are Paris and Bry-sur-Marne. Registration is limited to 40 delegates.

Strategy; preservation planning; OAIS; workflow; architecture; mass storage; formats; encoding; compression; metadata; preservation metadata; quality control; service management; risk management; rights management; partnerships; state of the art; support mechanisms; future developments.

Learning objectives

The objectives articulate the knowledge and skills the trainee will have acquired by the end of the course. The trainee will:

  • Understand current and future challenges of the digital environment and the  impact on the role of the information professional in an audiovisual archive;

  • Understand how significant properties for digital preservation of AV content can be conceptualised;
  • Be able to identify international standards, technologies and software appropriate for the various phases in digital preservation of AV content;

  • Be able to critically analyse the results of some recent digitisation projects exhibiting varying degrees of size and complexity;

  • Be able to design strategies for particular digital preservation projects and identify tools necessary for those strategies;

  • Be able to determine relevant conceptual approaches of organisation and planning of digital preservation within their own organisation;

  • Have a complete overview of the state of the art industrial solutions to digital preservation of audiovisual content;

  • Know the support networks to strengthen his/her future professional career in AV digital preservation;

  • Have obtained a basic knowledge of the relevant political, legal and economical factors that might open up for as well as delimit digital preservation of AV content.


Contact Information

  • Phone: +31 20 894 3570, Email:
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