Newsroom Photo & Design Series

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Newsroom Photo & Design Series
Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:00 PM -
Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:30 PM (Central Time)

Inland's Newsroom Photo & Design Series is an exclusive online training program that's a must-attend for your newsroom staff. Bill Ostendorf, president, Creative Circle Media Consulting, Providence, R.I., will offer several specific ways you can improve your paper for today's audiences.

Register for individual Webinars for only $75 (Inland members) or register for both Inland Webinars in this series and pay only $120. That’s a savings of 20 percent!
Non-members pay $125 per Inland Webinar and are also eligible for a 20 percent discount when registering for both Webinars.

Session 1:
Better Photos and a Better Newspaper

WHEN: Thurs., Aug. 25 | 2 p.m. Central

Photos have the highest readership of anything newspapers publish, yet most editors are frustrated with the quality or consistency of their photo report. Why does it always seem like the battle for good images is lost before you even get to work? How do you get those unique, story-telling photos? How do you help reporters and photographers see new ways of approaching their assignments? Presenter Bill Ostendorf was never a photographer but led several staffs to buckets of big awards and better storytelling. He’ll help you understand how to help anyone who takes pictures be the best they can be and then how to use those improved images to jump readership and newsstand sales. This Inland Webinar is for everyone who manages a newsroom, takes or assigns photos or designs pages. This Inland Webinar will provide 12 really simple tips on how to improve the images you have to work with. They can all be applied immediately and will even improve your reporting, editing and headline writing. This Inland Webinar will make your paper better immediately.

With Bill Ostendorf, president, Creative Circle Media Consulting, Providence, R.I.

Session 2:
Better Newspapers by Design

WHEN: Thurs., Sept. 22 | 2 p.m. Central

How much does design impact readership, circulation and user satisfaction? A lot. We’ll look at good principles of design and layout and cover the basics, but we’ll also talk about how more advanced techniques, like alternative story forms, can be part of the answer. We’ll cover things like body type size, how to use color and typography to reinforce your brand. Presenter Bill Ostendorf will show lots of before and after layouts and teach you how to edit your own work to make every layout you do a little better. He’ll also provide tips on how to do a successful redesign and what goes wrong with way too many redesigns. Ostendorf, who has led nearly 500 newspaper redesigns along with thousands of workshops in 43 countries, always provides an entertaining and information-packed presentation. The first six papers that register will also get specific feedback on their design, typography and layout!

With Bill Ostendorf, president, Creative Circle Media Consulting, Providence, R.I.


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