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  International Conference on Cyber Security 2012
Unmanned Aerial Improvised Explosive Devices

On September 28th of this year, Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested for providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations by actively planning to utilize “small drone airplanes” with high explosives to bomb the Pentagon and other important structures within our nation's capital. Thirteen months earlier Blake Cornell, an independent security researcher and consultant, had outlined the threats of Unmanned Aerial Improvised Explosive Devices (UAIEDs) and other airborne threats during his ICCS 2010 presentation. He had detailed the threat landscape and provided means to detect, prevent and immobilize UAIEDs while outlining unique investigative difficulties to mitigate this new class of threat.

Blake Cornell will be presenting at ICCS 2012. His presentation will outline SCADA vulnerabilities, the threats posed by government funded cyber attacks and their potential to impact on our lives from the present and the future.

Security threats and their respective landscapes have increasingly been evolving over time. AT ICCS 2012 many of these trending threats will be discussed in detail while providing methods to detect, deter and prevent catastrophic situations.

Join us at ICCS 2012 for more from Blake Cornell, on threats, solutions and the current state of cyber security.

Register now for ICCS 2012 and receive the standard rate of $695.00. Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on confirmed speakers, registration, accommodations, schedules and presentations, we invite you to visit the official ICCS 2012 website at: http://www.iccs.fordham.edu.

Registration Is Now Open
January 9 - 12, 2012
New York City
McNally Amphitheatre
Fordham University
at Lincoln Center

113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023
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