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Hire Heroes USA has developed comprehensive training courses to help transitioning Veterans gain exposure in the civilian sector.  These training courses are called Wounded Warrior Transition Assistance Workshops and are available to any wounded, ill or injured servicemembers and their spouses free of charge. 

Wounded Warrior Transition Assistance Workshop Outlines:

HHUSA Strategic Planning Workshop - Develop a self assessment in conjunction with a self marketing plan to prepare yourself to find employment in the civilian sector.

HHUSA Resume Workshop- This tool is designed to help you build the strongest possible resume, focusing on identifying quantifiable instances that prove your track record of success.

HHUSA Value Proposition Workshop - You will learn how to construct your value proposition. This will help you to better communicate the value you will bring to a hiring organization, showing them that you are a "must hire".

HHUSA Interview Workshop - This class will help you fine tune your interview skills, so you will go into the interview with confidence and have the ability to clearly articulate the value you will bring to the position.

HHUSA Social Networking Workshop- Get a leg up on your competition by learning to utilize social networks, having them work for you. Expand your network and gain a strong online presence that portrays you in the best possible light.

Wounded Warrior Employment Transition Assistance Workshop Workbook- A guide to building both your resume and value proposition. Also contains helpful links and resources.



Templates and Workbooks to Reference:

Resume Questionnaire - Please fill out this questionnaire before you begin building your resume. It will help you assess your strengths, weaknesses and interest areas; and help you to develop solid, quantifiable proof of your work experiences, focusing on specific situations.

Resume Builder Packet- Provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your resume, and includes space to construct the finished product.

Blank Resume Guideline - Use this Word document template as a guide to help you format the finished document.

References List Template- This is an easy outline to use when crafting your list of references. (This page is separate from your resume.)

Cover Letter Template-This template is an excellent guide to use when marrying your skills with the qualifications of the job.

Value Proposition Builder - This tool will aid in crafting your unique Value Proposition.

Monthly Transition Budget Worksheet - Determine your financial needs and goals – (Source: TAP Workshop Manual)


Sample Resumes:

Administrative Resume

Combat Engineer Resume

Logistics Operations Resume

Infantry Resume 

Top Resume Buzz-Words


Military Skills Translator

O*NET,, the Occupational Information Network, is a comprehensive database of occupational skills, knowledge and abilities that can help you align your military experience, education, and training curricula with current civilian workplace needs. Use a list of your skills to find matching O*NET-SOC occupations.

Using O*NET Online, you can use your Military Occupation Classification (MOC) to identify similar occupations in the civilian workforce for which you may be qualified.

Go to the Crosswalk Search: and enter your MOC code or title, and click "Go" to find matching civilian occupations. If you don't know your MOC code, you can use the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Standard Occupational Classification and Apprenticeship to find O*NET occupations.

For occupations that interest you, you can also view summary reports that will help you explore occupational requirements. Learn about the wages and employment trends for your state by clicking the Wages and Employment link at the bottom of the report.

O*Net also enables you to search for occupations by keyword, skills or O*NET-SOC codes and job families as well as view a complete list of occupations.

Comprehensive information on job accommodations that may involve a change in the work environment, the way a specific job is performed, or the use of special equipment is also available on O*NET Online.

The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) and O*NET Online were developed for the U.S. Department of Labor by the  National O*NET Consortium.

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