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Sunday, May 06, 2012


This interactive program will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a strategy and framework for integrating workforce planning and analytics into your management functions.

The sessions in this conference have been approved by THE INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RESOURCES (IHR) for a total of 9 CERTIFICATION CREDITS.

Marc Ramos, VP of Marketing at Aquire, discusses the importance of viewing workforce trends.

Conference Highlights:
  • Learn the cornerstones needed for a successful workforce planning and analytics strategy.
  • Get a clear understanding of the metrics and analytics that impact workforce performance and facilitate better workforce decisions. 
  • Learn the best methods for capturing and visualizing data that is critical to formulate your current and future workforce strategy.
  • Gain access to specific tools and processes to execute your workforce strategy. 

  • Development of a workforce planning and analytics roadmap for driving day-to-day integrated workforce management initiatives.

Who Should Attend?
HR professionals and business leaders who struggle with accessing data and making decisions based on data as it relates to their workforce, as well as those looking for strategies to implement successful workforce planning that aligns with their corporate goals.


Workforce Planning & Analytics Track Agenda at a Glance

Sunday, May 6 

 6:30 – 8:30 pm Welcome Reception 
Monday, May 7  
7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome
9:00 am Current State of Workforce Planning
- Keynote: Lois Melbourne, CEO of Aquire
10:00 am Networking Break
10:15 am Your Goals for Attending the Conference
10:45 am Starting with Your Team: Who's In?

- Randy Jesberg, SVP and General Manager at Peoplefluent

12:00 pm Networking Lunch
1:00 pm All the Data You Need vs. The Obstacles to Grab It

- Mike Krupa, Dir. of Technology, Knowledge Infusion

2:00 pm Align Corporate Strategy & Workforce Planning Strategy
  -Patti Johnson, CEO PeopleResults
3:00 pm Networking Break
3:15 pm Measuring to Impact Strategic Change

- Ross Melbourne, CTO at Aquire

4:00 pm

Sneak Peak at InSight 3.0 / Wine and Cheese Reception

4:30 pm  All-Conference Happy Hour
Tuesday, May 8  
7:30 am Breakfast
8:30am Welcome
8:50 am

Presenting Your Workforce Plan to the Board / Executives

  - Doug Reed, VP HR, CB Richard Ellis
9:50am  Networking Break
10:00 am Intro to SHRM's Workforce Planning Standards Project
  - Pat Chadbourne, Director of Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Analytics, Ingersoll Rand
11:00 am How to Build the Appropriate Project Plan
  - Nov Omana, CEO/Founder at Collective HR Solutions
12 noon Networking Lunch
1:00pm What Does the Future Hold: Predictive Analytics
  - Andrew Courtois, Workforce Planning Manager at Aquire
2:00 pm Risk Mitigation and Gotchas
3:00 pm Networking Break
3:15 pm

Putting It All Together: Accountability

4:15 pm 1-1 Time with Certified Workforce Planner: By Reservation Only!
6:30 pm Closing Dinner & Networking Event
Wednesday, May 9  
7:30 am Breakfast
8 am - noon 1-1 Time with Certified Workforce Planner: By Reservation Only!
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Featured Presentation Abstracts

Current State of Workforce Planning
Lois Melbourne, CEO of Aquire

Trendy workforce initiatives get temporary focus in the global marketplace, but the evergreen critical need is finding and keeping the best employees to achieve your corporate goals.  Improving your "gain and retain" programs requires an assessment of your current talent management initiatives -- but what metrics do you need to measure, how do you capture them and how do you analyze them?  In this keynote, Lois Melbourne, CEO and co-founder of Aquire, the leader in workforce planning and analytics, will discuss the power of measurement.  Learn how tracking talent mobility -- into, around, and up through your organization -- provides key indicators on the health of your workforce initiatives.  Lois' insights on current and future talent assessment tools and best practices will help you understand the broad landscape of workforce planning.  Attend this keynote to get the most out of your strategic planning and make truly wise business decisions.

Starting with Your Team: Who's In?
Randy Jesburg - SVP and General Manager at Peoplefluent, Inc.

Workforce planning is about analyzing data, succession, projections, what-if scenarios, career development and business strategy alignment.  This requires a diverse set of skills to assure success.  Done right, your workforce planning project can help you deploy countermeasures when the worst case scenario presents itself and also allow you to recognize, and take full advantage of, the best case scenario.  For any project to be successful you need the right people on the team.  We are going to discuss who you need on your workforce planning team, when you need them and why.  Let's make sure the right stakeholders are engaged and the proper supporting cast is in place to increase the return on your planning investment.

All the Data You Need vs. The Obstacles to Grab it
Mike Krupa - Director of Technology at Knowledge Infusion
Part presentation, part interactive activity!  This session discusses data needed to do workforce analytics and the obstacles to tracking it down, making sure it is clean, and tips you need to make these processes work.  There are key tricks to understand that can drastically speed up the process of working with your data, and relieve the stress of doing so.  Interactively, you will dive into the subtleties of looking at data segmented in various ways and what happens to your decision making when a different filter tells you a different story on the numbers.  You will be given a guide with metrics and their definitions with explanation of their uses as part of your Take Away Wisdom Workbook.

Align Corporate Strategy & Workforce Planning Strategy
Patti Johnson - CEO & Founder of PeopleResults
Your Workforce Plan can only be successful if it is the extension of your business strategy.  Patti Johnson will lead the group through a guide for how to ensure your workforce plan is aligned with your strategy, the most common mistakes in workforce planning, and how to make progress even if you aren't in the ideal scenario.  The group will also explore two workforce planning examples and identify actions that can be taken to increase alignment.  This module will give participants a framework for ensuring their workforce plan fits their strategy, as well as some practical strategies and tips for increased success.

Measuring to Impact Strategic
Ross Melbourne - CTO of Aquire
What do you need to measure and analyze to move towards your ideal?  Is your company considering a strategic change in business strategy or perhaps it is already underway?

If so, there is a strong likelihood you are also planning on strategic changes to your workforce. The key questions are what do you measure to know the right changes are occurring and how do you drive the changes throughout the organization.  In this presentation, we will look at examples of strategic workforce change and how you can measure those changes and drive accountability to ensure you get the best results.

Presenting WFD to the Board/Executives
Doug Reed, VP of the HR Service Center at CBRE, Inc.
Workforce planning includes the need for many persuasive conversations that must include facts about trends, problems, solutions, impact assumptions and forward projections.  These presentations have to serve the purpose of educating and persuading the various audiences you need to move your workforce planning project forward.  We will discuss the different ways the same data can be presented that causes different perspectives to the information.  We will provide tips to assess who in your audience needs what type of data.

Intro to SHRM's Workforce Planning Standards Project
Pat Chadbourne, Dir. Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Analytics at Ingersoll Rand
As the workforce planning process begins, you will quickly become overwhelmed by data.  So, where do you focus?  Rather than starting from the ground up, why not leverage the foundation that is already in place?  The best place to start is to utilize industry standards as defined by SHRM especially if a company isn't sure about the metrics they need.  

In this session, Chadbourne will discuss the SHRM/ANSI Standards Work for HR.  She will discuss in depth the standardization of Strategic Workforce Planning and the common challenges you will face throughout the entire process.  Challenges to be addressed include common definitions, the blending of art and science, the "must-have's" and "should-have's", and much more.

How to Build the Appropriate Project Plan
Nov Omana, CEO/Founder at Collective HR Solutions
There are three essential steps to delivering an efficient and valuable workforce planning project.  Nov Omana, HRIP, will be discussing these steps in detail.  The first step in the process is to decide on the right project based on the resources that you have available to you.  Once this is decided, you must define your measure of success, or you will have no basis for judging the success of the project once it is completed.  Only at this point should you decide on the correct methodology for planning your project based on the type of project you are undertaking.  Nov will guide you through each of these steps in detail and show you how to navigate through your workforce planning project successfully.

What Does the Future Hold: Predictive Analytics
Andrew Courtois, Workforce Planning Manager at Aquire
Now that you know where you are and where you've been, can you predict where you are headed? Does direction match your strategic vision?  If not, what can you start doing today (or stop doing) to help shape your future success?  Predictive analytics is the analysis of current and historical data to make predictions about future events.  This is done through the application of various quantitative methods, some of which we will explore.  While reliably predicting future events is interesting, the real value of prediction is the opportunity it provides to optimize outcomes.  If you understand what drivers contribute to favorable results, you can focus on those drivers to produce the best possible results.  For many years, workforce data sat in locked filing cabinets; and while this data is still confidential, the aggregation of the data can be used to improve business results and build competitive advantage.  The deployment of HR tools for talent management, recruiting, time tracking, succession planning, compensation planning, etc., has generated mountains of data that can be tapped into to provide insights for the companies that seek it.  The data is there, waiting to tell a story.  What's your story?  

Risk Mitigation and Gotchas
Panel Discussion
A panel of our expert speakers will discuss the risks involved in workforce planning.  Bring your questions and learn from each other and the panel.  Topics include: 
  • Risky Data
  • Making decisions without data
  • Ignoring diversity numbers
  • Not understanding the numbers
  • Working off old data
  • And more!
A moderator will lead the discussion and audience participation is expected.

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