Ageing mechanisms and mitigants

Monday, 02 July 2012

British Society for Research in Ageing - Scientific Meeting
2nd-4th July 2012, Aston University, Birmingham UK  
Ageing mechanisms and mitigants

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Tuesday 3rd July
Epigenetics of ageing - whole body
Chair - Werner Zweschke Co-Chair Dr James Brown
9.30 keynote Osborne Almeida Early experiences and brain ageing - for better or worse?
10.10 plenary Nektarios Tavernarakis Autophagy, a mediator of longevity? 
10.40 selected  Chris Dunston Transferrin from healthy males exhibits an age-related decrease in sialylation and is a potential biomarker of healthy
11.00 coffee    
11.30 invited Werner Zwerschke Role of the Insulin/IGF-I axis and adipose tissues in caloric restriction and ageing
12.00 selected Ilaria Bellantuono Shared Ageing Research Models (ShARM)–A New Facility to Support Ageing Research Using Aged Mouse Models
12.20 Keynote Gro Amdam  Social modulation of ageing: mechanisms, ecology and evolution
1.00 lunch posters - odd #    
Parallel session - Understanding how cellular ageing  impacts on function in complex tissues: Ageing bowel and bladder
Chair - Tamas Ordog Co-chair - Sarah Rayment
2.30 plenary Tamas Ordog  Healthy Aging and Gastrointestinal Health – Is There a Conflict?
3.00 selected Jill Saffrey   Cellular and physiological changes in the ageing bowel
3.15 selected David Grundy  Ageing and gastrointestinal sensory function 
3.30 selected Sarah Rayment

Old drugs and new targets in the future treatment of faecal incontinence

3.45 tea    
Parallel session - New dynamics of ageing
Chair - Lynne Cox
2.30 invited Terry Davis Werner syndrome and the role of stress signalling
2.55 invited Lynne Cox Towards identifying the molecular drivers of cell ageing
3.45 tea    
4.15 invited Alison Gurney Potassium channels and cyclic nucleotides in smooth muscle function 
4.30 selected Chris Fry  Ageing bladder – sensory functions of the urothelium 
5.00 Keynote Khalil Bitar  (bioengineered sphincter group
5.40 session closes
5.40 wine reception and posters   Bladder and bowel workshop with wine
7.30 transport to evening reception   Millan
Wednesday 4th July
Ageing, Regeneration and stem cells
Chair - Professor Janet Lord Co-Chair Dr Richard Martin
9.00 Keynote Prof Valery Krizhanovsky Cellular senesence limits tissue damage response
9.40 plenary Professor Janet Lord Immunesenescence: a driver for autoimmune inflammatory disease and a limiting factor in its treatment
10.10 selected Raewyn Poulsen  Glucocorticoids induce senescence and alter matrix protein expression in primary human tenocytes
10.30 coffee    
11.00 plenary Richard Aspinall Stem cells in the ageing thymus
11.30 selected Helen A. Thomason PKCα modulation of desmosomal adhesion is essential for effective re-epithelialisation of cutaneous wounds
11.50 selected Song Baik Harnessing Thymic Epithelial Progenitors For Thymus Regeneration
12.10 lunch posters - even #    
Pathways, molecules and interventions
Chair - Colin Selman Co-Chair Dr Eric Hill
2.00 plenary Gordon Lithgow Uncovering genes and small molecules that prolong lifespan through enhanced molecular stability
2.40 selected Colin Selman Cellular stress resistance in long-lived mice
3.10 selected Tyesha Burks  Age-dependent effects of angiotensin II blockade on disuse atrophy
3.30 invited Richard Faragher Resveratrol, and replicative senescence: An uneasy relationship?
3.50 close    



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