Quantum Effects in Biological Systems

Berkeley, California
Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday, June 4th 2012

8.30am – 9.00am

Registration and Coffee -- Stanley Hall Foyer

9.00am – 9.10am

Opening remarks

9.10am – 9.55am

Rienk van Grondelle

How photosynthetic proteins switch

9.55am – 10.40am

Roberta Croce

Light harvesting in higher plants: from individual complexes to thylakoid membrane

10.40am – 11.05am


11.05am – 11.30am

Daniel Turner     [video]

Quantum Coherence in Photosynthetic Proteins

11.30am – 11.55am

Tomáš ManĨal     [video]

Vibronic model of long lived coherences in light-harvesting complexes

11.55am – 12.20pm

Ulrich Kleinekathoefer     [video]

Quantum effects in light-harvesting systems: Insights from theory and simulations

12.20pm – 12.45pm

Tobias Kramer     [video]

Protection of coherence in 2d-spectra of the FMO light-harvesting complex by the vibronic modes

12.45pm – 2.15pm


2.15pm – 3.00pm

Judith Klinman

Quantum effects in enzyme reactions

3.00pm – 3.25pm

Thomas Miller     [video]

Dynamics and dissipation in enzyme catalysis         

3.25pm – 3.50pm

Alipasha Vaziri

Quantum Coherence and noise:  Towards experimental verification of quantum coherence assisted ion-transport and selectivity in ion-chanels

3.50pm – 4.15pm


4.15pm – 5.00pm

Paul Brumer     [video]

Coherent vs. Incoherent Excitation of Biomolecules: Rhodopsin Photoisomerization

5.00pm – 5.25pm

Ivan Kassal     [video]

Conditions for coherence in photosynthesis under incoherent light

5.25pm – 5.50pm

Filippo Caruso & Stephan Hoyer

Optimal coherent control of electronic excitations in photosynthesis

Poster session and reception: 6.30pm (Stanley Hall Foyer and Patio)


Tuesday, June 5th 2012

9.00am – 9.45am

Niek van Hulst

Persistent Quantum Coherence and Time-Varying Energy Transfer Pathways in Single Light-Harvesting Complexes

9.45am – 10.10am

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen

Fluorescence lifetime and intensity of single LH2s in solution elucidate protein photodynamics

10.10am – 10.35am

Johan Strumpfer

Excitation dynamics in purple bacteria

10.35am – 11.00am


11.00am – 11.45am

Matthew Francis     [video]

Building Artificial Light Harvesting Systems Using Synthetic Modified Viral Capsids

11.45am – 12.10pm

Masoud Mohseni

Design principles for optimal and robust excitation energy transfer

12.10pm – 12.35pm

Seth Lloyd     [video]

Optimal quantum transport in J-aggregates and photosynthesis

12.35pm – 1.00pm

Elad Harel     [video]

Long range excitonic transport in a biomimetic system inspired by the bacterial light-harvesting apparatus

1.00pm – 2.30pm


2.30pm – 2.55pm

Francesco Pettrucione

Open quantum walks for quantum biology

2.55pm – 3.20pm

Thomas Stace     [video]

Multiscale photosynthetic excitation energy transfer

3.20pm – 3.45pm

Ahsan Nazir     [video]

Strong coupling master equations for excitonic energy transfer dynamics    

3.45pm – 4.10pm

Alan Aspuru-Guzik

A simple witness for coherent electronic oscillations in molecular aggregates

4.10pm – 4.35pm


4.35pm – 5.20pm

Spiros Skourtis     [video]

Electron transfer control: from small molecule to cellular length scales

5.20pm – 5.45pm

Elisabet Romero

Quantum-Coherent Charge Separation in the Photosystem II Reaction Center

5.45pm – 6.10pm

Libby Heaney

The effects of quantum coherence in electron transfer in respiratory complex I

Banquet at Faculty Club – dinner at 7:00 PM:  No Host bar open at 6:30 PM


Wednesday, June 6th 2012

9.00am – 9.45am

Jahan Dawlaty

New nonlinear spectroscopic signatures of electronic couplings in photosynthetic antennae

9.45am – 10.10am

Vivek Tiwari     [video]

Anti-correlated intramolecular vibrations promote electronic energy transfer in photosynthesis

10.10am – 10.35am

Jeffrey Cina     [video]

Impulsive vibrational influence on ultrafast electronic excitation transfer

10.35am – 11.00am


11.00am – 11.45am

Dmitri Chklovskii

How neurons make predictions: insights from early sensory processing

11.45am – 12.10pm

Lev Murokh     [video]

Electron-driven proton pumps

12.10pm – 12.55pm

Luca Turin

Olfaction:  shape or shake?

12:55pm – 2.30pm


2.30pm – 3.15pm

Klaus Schulten     [video]

Quantum biology of animal navigation - History of an idea

3.15pm – 4.00pm

Henrik Mouritsen

The magnetic compass of migratory birds: from behaviour to molecules and cognition                  

4.00pm – 4.25pm


4.25pm – 4.50pm

Ilya Solov’yov     [video]

Decrypting Cryptochrome: revealing the mystery of the photoactivation reaction

4.50pm – 5.15pm

Brendon Lovett     [video]

A new type of radical-pair-based model for magnetoreception

5.15pm – 5.40pm

Gian Giacomo Guerreschi

Optical control of radical pair reactions enhances magnetic sensitivity



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