Mt. Macedon Trail Runs 2012 Race-2 Victorian Trail Running Championships

Mt Macedon, Vic
Sunday, 3 June 2012

General Information

Welcome to the Mt Macedon Trail Runs 2012, this year sees Mt Macedon as the second Race of the VICTORIAN TRAIL RUNNING CHAMPIONSHIPS, the series consists of 4 races with distances ranging from 6km to 100km

The Series
Rules subject to change pending series entrant numbers following is a draft of how the system will work.
System points from race 1 at Maroondah Will be available soon 

How will you earn points?
Points will be allocated pending the position you finish in the event.
How many races do I have to compete in to be eligible for the series?
To try to be fair to everyone at this stage your best 3 results will count, however you must be present on the day of the Tan race to be eligible to win, you don't have to race the Tan, therefore your results from Race 1, 2 and 3 will be your best 3 results.
Our logic for this that you may get injured having entered the 4 races early or just cant make all 4 events on short notice in 2012. We also understand that the Tan is not a typical trail event, but it is the most accessible for runners, supporters and public and is therefore the feature event for 2012.
How will prizes be awarded?
Series Male and Female will be crowned trail running champion, they will receive cash and prizes to be confirmed.
There will be individual race trophies in all except the short series awarded to place getters along with cash and other prizes.

Points System 
Allocation of points to be determined, though will operate along the lines of 1st=25, 2=20, 3=17.......multiple 2s and 1s, so everyone scores, we will also apply the international age group calculation to your results to come up with the final points amount, an example to be provided soon with full results from race 1

Event Distances
Mt Macedon Trail Runs consist of three events,the 10km fun run, the 30K Medium and the 50K Long / Ultra

On Course Support and Aid
The event will have aid located at various points along the course.
Aid Stations will have a supply of Water, Sports Drink, Fruit, Lollies etc.
Aid Stations are planned to be at the following locations pending volunteer numbers.
Please note the distances are approximate and may vary 1 - 2 Km, some locations are key junctions
and will be utilised in preference to even spacings of aid stations, please note the type of aid stations.

MAJ = sports drink, water, GELS, fruit cake, lollies

MIN = water, lollies

4/6Km - Camels Hump (out only) - MIN
  8Km - Baringo Road  - MAJ
12Km - Pine Forest - MAJ
15Km - Pine Forest - MAJ
19Km - ANZAC Road - MIN
22Km - Baringo Road - MAJ
30Km - Start Finish - MAJ
35Km - Clyde Track - MIN
40km - Bawden Rd - MAJ
45km - possible drink station - MIN
49km - Bawden Road - MIN

Finish line will have drinks and food available
The finish line is located at the top of the range Tea Rooms and will provide a warm shelter and great place to grab a snack and coffee, but make sure your support crew are out to support you also :-)

Schedule of Events

Compulsory Registration Gazebo located near toilet block off the main car park  50km 6:30am
30km 7:30am
10km 8:00am
Compulsory Briefing Gazebo located near toilet block off the main car park  50km 7:20am
30km 8:20am
10km 8:50am
Race Starts Race starts on path to memorial cross 50km 7:30am 
30km 8:30am
10km 9:00am
Presentation 10km Will be conducted when approx 1/2
of the 10km field are finished
 ~ 10:00am
Presentation 30km
Will be conducted when approx 1/3
of the 30km field are finished
 ~ 12:30pm
Presentation 50km Will be conducted when approx 1/3
of the 50km field are finished
 ~  2:00pm

Please note due to the potential cold weather presentations may be carried out on a one on one basis
We would like it to be a more formal structure but also appreciate that the time the place getters have
to wait around can extend unreasonably. If you are a place getter please ensure you collect your
trophy and prizes before leaving or you will have to arrange to collect them at a later date at your expense.

Rules and Regulations

All participants must obey the instructions of the race director, event representative or Parks Victoria employees

Postponement / Cancellation

Should the weather or other conditions outside the control of the race director prevent the race from proceeding on the
scheduled date, the event will be postponed to a future date, refunds will be not be available if the event is forced to be cancelled. A future date will be organised with Parks Victoria where possible and your entry will carry over to that date only, no refunds available if you cant make the rescheduled date.


For the safety of all participants please notify the nearest checkpoint of your intention to withdraw from the event

Cut Off Times
To ensure the safety of all participants we will be applying cut off times for the 30km and 50km events.
The cutoffs will be applied at 4 locations throughout the course as these can be easily access by vehicle and we can easily return you to the finish area

 Distance Event   Time of Day  Race Time  Event Time of Day   Race Time
 22Km  30K  12:00pm  3:30  50K  11:30am  4:00
 30Km  30K  1:35pm  5:05  50K  1:00pm  5:30
 40Km        50K  2:30pm  7:00
     50K  3:45pm  8:15
 50K  4:30pm  9:00

Cut off times are adjustable at the discretion of the race director and medical staff
Traffic Management Road Control Ceases at 12:30 effecting adding an additional cut off at the 25km mark


All events of this nature carry elements of risk, it is the responsibility of all participants to conduct themselves in a safe manner and if required help other participants if injured or in need of assistance. Conditions can vary quickly with the most likely problem being exposure to the weather. All participants should have suitable clothing as the conditions are likely to be hot, participants should also be prepared for cool conditions. 

iPods other Music Devices

The trails at Mt Macedon are very technical and surrounded by fantastic scenery. There are many single trail sections that require your senses to be at full alert. You cross a major road under traffic control and two minor roads on a few occasions. It is extremely important that you are fully alert to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved.
Please leave your iPods off the trail and enjoy real trail running and the camaraderie of those running with you.

Please understand and respect the reasons for the Ban, Anyone carrying and using an ipod will be disqualified.
No series points will be issued and no time recorded.

Compulsory Clothing

Please note that as Macedon is at a height of 1000M and technically is above the snow line in places yo may be required to carry a minimum amount of clothing. You will be advised in the final pre race news letter if this is likely. The 2011 event had a temperature of 1 degree with wind chill in the exposed areas of -5 degrees. You may be fine in these temperatures while running well, but if you become injured and cant move or move slowly you will very quickly become hyperthermic.


If a participant becomes injured or incapacitated,
other participants MUST assist them to nearest check point if safe to do so.


No rubbish to be left on the course, please place all items no matter how small in pockets for depositing in bins at check points.
To ensure the ongoing support of Parks Victoria Please Ensure you leave NO Rubbish on the course.


Participants should note that public liability insurance exists for this event, however it does not cover individual medical or rescue costs, it is the individuals responsibility and it is highly recommended that your ambulance cover is up to date.

Course Notes

The course will be marked, and all efforts will be made to make the course easy to follow.
We suggest each participant make themselves familiar with the course, a little knowledge just may come in very handy.
However we recommend you carry a map in case you get off course, the map will help you get back to the right place.
Maps will be available for printing from the website and the final pre race briefing notes.






Contact Information

  • Phone: 0418557052,


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