ignite 2013 | July 8-12

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ignite Camp sell out? Last year, ignite Camp sold out, and we expect to do the same again this year. If you want to make sure you have a spot, register early and don't wait until the final registration deadline of June 17, 2012. 

Are payment plans available for ignite Camp? Yes, payment plans are available prior to May 20, 2012. Payment in full is required after May 20, 2012. See details below. 

What are the payment plan details? A minimum deposit of $100 is required prior to the early bird registration deadline (May 20, 2012). Payment in full on plans must be made by June 17, 2012. 

I don't have a credit card to pay with, how can I pay online?
Option 1: Use cash to purchase a visa gift card from a bank for the amount needed. Please verify with the bank that it can be used for online purchases since bank gift cards vary. Option 2: Schedule an appointment to register in person at Eagle Church bringing cash or check to the appointment for the amount of registration. Email: students@eaglechurch.com to make an appointment.  

Is there a discount for families registering multiple children? Yes, there is a discount given when registering 2 or more children in the same family. The discounted price will be provided during the registration process. For further questions, email: students@eaglechurch.com

Are the deadlines for scholarship recipients different?
Scholarship applications are due by June 3, 2012. Final registrations are due by June 17, 2012. Because the registration process is different, we ask that scholarship recipients not wait until the final deadline to register. This ensures the student will be able to attend ignite Camp.

What is different about the registration process for scholarship recipients? Scholarship codes will only work one time, so scholarship recipients must complete the registration process once it is started and be prepared to pay remaining balances. 

To apply for a scholarship, please fill-out and return our scholarship form before June 3 and prior to registering to Ian at iswyers@eaglechurch.com.

Confirmation Details:

Hey Parents (Students) –

We are only a few days away before traveling to Camp Mack for Ignite Camp 2012!!! It is going to be a great week with tons of fun and plenty of memories made. My prayer is that God’s love would flood the heart of each student and that they would return with a clear vision of the life God is calling them to live.


1.     REGISTRATION TIME – 11:00-11:30am at Eagle Church Monday (July 9) … the earliest you can arrive is 11:00am

2.     REGISTER WITH A PARENT – A parent needs to accompany their student at registration

3.     SACK LUNCH – students will need to carry a lunch with them for the bus ride to Camp Mack

4.     SWIM SUIT – students should pack their swimsuit as the top item in their luggage. When we arrive we will swim before we have a chance to put our luggage in the cabins, so the swim wear needs to be accessible.  

5.     LUGGAGE – we have limited luggage space, so please limit the size of your luggage (approximately the size of an airline carry-on)

6.     IGNITE SUNDAY – On Sunday (July 15) following ignite camp; we are having “IGNITE SUNDAY!” The morning worship service will be built around the camp experience. We will show videos, share stories, watch 10 minute teaching segment from our camp speaker, have the camp band and try to bring the camp experience back to Eagle Church.  


Important Information … Read Carefully

Location & Emergency Contact:

Camp Mack

1113 E. Camp Mack Rd

Milford, IN 46542
Phone: 574-658-4831

Ian Swyers          Travis Pryor

Student Pastor  Middle School Director

317-225-0030     317-750-5882





DEPARTURE: Monday, July 9 from Eagle Church

 11:00 to 11:30am -- CHECK-IN

  • Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 11:00am or arrive any later than 11:20am
  • Parents need to check-in with their student in the atrium of Eagle Church

11:30am -- BUSES LEAVE

  • Students need to have their “sack-lunch” to eat on the bus. We won’t be stopping for lunch.       


RETURN: Friday, July 13 to Eagle Church

4:30pm -- BUSES ARRIVE

  • Be sure to obtain your child’s medication from the nurses before taking your student home.


 Please know that we do not want to deprive you of your individuality, we simply desire to provide an environment that is pleasing to God and limits distractions.  We appreciate parents' and students' help in packing items that are modest.


  • Main Sessions/Daytime/Games:  Comfortable, casual clothes that cover all undergarments and are modest.
  • REC Time:  Wear something you can be active in and that you are not afraid of getting dirty
  • Swimming/Water Activities:  One piece swimsuits or tankinis that completely cover stomachs and backs
  • Shoes:  Flip flops or sandals for water activities and tennis shoes for rec time


  • Short shorts
  • Mini skirts
  • Shirts that are tight, low cut, strapless, or that reveal stomachs or undergarments
  • Bikinis or Speedos



Please do your best to pack light – so that each camper is able to carry & manage their luggage on their own. Also, we have limited luggage space, so please limit the size of your luggage (approximately the size of an airline carry-on).


·         Bible, pen & notebook.

·         Bedding & pillow

·         Toiletries and a towel

·         Clothes for 5 days (see dress code)

·         A set of grubby clothes that can get REALLY dirty and can be thrown away.

·         Bathing suit and towel - (see dress code)

·         Sunscreen/Bug spray

·         Tennis shoes

·         Cash for snacks

·         An awesome attitude!


  • Electronic games and devices (including iPodscell phones, gameboys, laptops etc…), parents we ask that you check and make sure your student does not pack these devices
  • Substances like alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • Shaving cream, toilet paper and other mess-making prank items.
  • Fireworks, weapons (including knives) or firearms
  • A bad attitude.


Students may be sent home for violating these and all camp rules.



Parents, please accompany your student to the registration table to ensure we have all current medical information on file. (It is absolutely necessary that we have a current MEDICAL RELEASE FORM on file for each camper.  This should have been filled out online during the registration process, but if any information has changed, please let our camp nurse know.)


This year, we have our Camp Nurse: Jill Bodkin – so we will be well cared for!  It is camp policy that the students are not allowed any medication in their cabins whatsoever, therefore, please follow these steps when preparing medications to send to camp:

  • Keep all medication in their original prescription bottles…  Even if it is Tylenol, we need original containers marked with your child’s name on it.
  • Please draft a note with clear instructions on the use of the medication – including camper’s name, name of the medication, dosage information, etc.
  • Place all meds & instructions in a ZipLock (or sealable) plastic bag with the camper’s name clearly markedon the outside.
  • Medications need to be turned in to the Camp Nurse at the CHECK-IN table on Monday, JULY 9th
    • Medications need to be picked up at the CHECK-OUT table upon our return on Friday, JULY 13th.
  • The Camp Nurse will distribute the meds accordingly during our time at camp.



In order to provide a safe, protected and fun experience for all campers, we have crafted the following guidelines for our entire group during our time together.  We attempt to keep our rules to a minimum, however it is essential that all participants abide by the same rules – thus, we deem it necessary to include these here for all to see.  Please note that failure to abide by these rules may result in the camper being sent home at their family’s expense.

  1. Attend all activities on time
  2. Follow the dress code
  3. No girls in or around guy cabins or bathrooms (vice-versa)
  4. Respect ALL authority
  5. No electronic devices – including phones, iPod’s, any form of social media etc.
  6. Respect other people’s property
  7. NO PDA (Personal Displays of Affection)
  8. No pairing off – stay in groups of 3 or more…
  9. Water activities are only available during scheduled times
  10. Follow instructions for all rec activities (*paintball, group games, afterglows, water activities, etc.). Only paintball players are allowed in the paintball area.
  11. No weapons, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, tobacco products.
  12. Lights Out / Noise Curfew is at 11:45pm
  13. No ringing the camp bell


Click here for a CAMP SCHEDULE

Please note, this is an “overview” of our camp schedule… while we will do everything in our power to follow this schedule, we do expect that unforeseen circumstances will (and often do) arise that may cause some slight adjustment/s.


Click here for a CAMP SONG List

Your student can listen to or purchase in advance on YouTube or iTunes worship songs that will be song at camp. The list is provided at the link above.


Contact Information

  • Email: students@eaglechurch.com
    Phone: 317-769-0700

Payment Instructions

  • All registrations and payments must be completed online.  Registration is not complete until your online payment is processed.  There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $25.  

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