Business Leaders Seminar (Sept 13-15, 2012)

Hinsdale, Illinois
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goal Setting

  • How to set up seven vitals goals that are essential for a successful marriage, family, and business - Dr. Bill Gothard
  • The awesome potential of doing the impossible - David Gibbs, Jr.

Communication Skills

  • How to clear up deep-rooted hurts, misunderstandings, and offenses in your marriage, family, and business with a “Confirming Conversation” that is 95% effective - Chris Hogan

Bonding with Teens

  • How to discover the lies and fears that your sons and daughters have and resolve the painful memories which they live with because of poor choices - Dr. Bill Gothard

Resolving Stress

  • How to identify and resolve seven deadly stresses that are responsible for  at least 70% of sicknesses and diseases - Dr. Roger Billica, Dr. Joel Robbins
  • Sharing life purpose health with thousands of employees - Steve Green

Building Your Business

  • How to apply the systems that make a company successful and build a business without borrowing - Steve Dulin, David Stelzl
  • How to expand your company for foreign markets - Bill Lada

Successful Employees

  • How to introduce employees to 49 “secrets” that will make the successful people with character, successful providers with wisdom, successful persuaders with truth, successful marriage partners, and successful parents with outstanding sons and daughters - Dr. Bill Gothard

Reducing Health Costs

  • How to increase the health of your employees and introduce them to a cost-sharing program that will drastically reduce your healthcare expenses.

Wise Decision-Making

  • How to use the skills of negotiating and the creativity to make decisions that are not only wise but eliminate the need for borrowing - Dr. Bill Gothard and Jim Sammons
  • The principles of successful negotiating - Tom Hill
Not all speakers will be live. Some speakers will teach through Skype or video presentations.

Steve Green
Steve Green

Steve Dulin
Steve Dulin

Tom Hill
Tom Hill

Jim SammonsJim Sammons

David Stelzl
David Stelzl


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