First Annual Fearlessly Onward 2013: The Maine Thing

Bath, Maine
Friday, May 24, 2013

Fearlessly Onward: the Maine Thing

Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-26, 2013
at the glorious
Kismet Inn, Bath, Maine

open to Fearless Writing alumni only

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How does Fearlessly Onward differ from Fearless Writing?

As an alum, you know that FW is foundational. It lays the stones on which any creative structure is built, by making visible a number of writerly blind-spots: in particular the psychological push-pull inherent in "driving with the emergency brake on." In FW, of course we write, and often surprise ourselves with how good what we've written is.

ut in its essence, FW's emphasis is on process.

In Onward, the emphasis moves toward product; that is, finished work. Of course we use all we've learned about process; of course, we still have a ball. We use some of the same writing practices and "prompts", as well as many new ones, and we integrate all this into the work of creating finished writing (in Crescent's current articulation of the idea, we incorporate practice, and rehearsal, into the goal of performance: finished, solid, publishable, compelling work). Imagine getting there in a manner that, while serious and intent, is more playful than anxiety-provoking --- that's the essence here.

All writing serves the writer, even the writing that is not-so-good as writing; even the writing that cannot or should not be shown to others or published as is.  On the one hand, every one of us must be willing to be mediocre writers if we want to become good ones; we must make time and space for writing that is not judged, evaluated, or edited, even by ourselves.

But, eventually, those of us who want to write for others in addition to ourselves must also do the opposite --- we must self-edit with fierce, discriminating, compassionate, encouraging and thoughtful persistence.

In Fearlessly Onward, we'll learn how to do that. We'll play with the paradox that becoming a great writer requires: the need to both edit and not, and how. It's as T.S. Eliot wrote, "Teach us to care, and not to care / teach us to sit still."

As with the original Fearless Writing, Onward 's practices and principles spill over cornucopia-like: from writing, to creativity and problem solving, to business and personal life.

In Fearlessly Onward, you'll  

  • discover how practice feeds rehearsal, and how rehearsal leads to finished work

  • learn 3 ways to make misgivings, anxiety & self-doubt work for you

  • use a never-fail technique for decoding procrastination's hidden messages on particular projects

  • locate your project's precise beginning, middle, and end

  • transform your perceived weakness (plotting, staying on track, overwriting --- whatever) into strengths

  • learn a method of planning process that aligns your expenditures of time, energy & money to writing

  • experience, trust, and use your creative self as a reliable partner

  • get to know, and develop a helpful relationship with, your own kind, tough self-editor

  • immediately begin writing with more clarity, strength, and ease

  • keep surprising & re-inspiring yourself

  • become more able to work confidently even in the difficult, off-track phases

  • continue creating work that gets better and better, and, yes, eventually is publication-worthy

As with Fearless Writing, Fearlessly Onward uses the anxiety generated by chaotic conditions as a powerful creative force. The workshop is practical, effective, creative, serious and playful. It turns apparent obstacles into the material from which to build a thriving life.

Below: A Fearless Writing group, at workshop's end, September, 2010. In every Fearless, we meet as colleagues, and in our writing find out so much more about ourselves and each other than "what we do."  Although this particular group included 2 professional writers, a property manager, an attorney, a filmmaker, a former dancer, a stay-at-home-mom, a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, a natural health practitioner, two educators, and a retired corporate communications director, we didn't know this until well into the weekend. We also did not start out nearly this relaxed! 


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        Saturday-Sunday breakfasts
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        nibbles; beverages

    2 optional in-house yoga classes

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