Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Friday, March 14, 2014

Gala Concert / 4 Adjudicated Concerts / 2 Informal Concerts 
Master Classes with the Adjudicators and Guest Artists
Research Presentations from Faculty and Students
Dance for the Camera Screening / Dance & Somatic Series
Faculty, Teachers, and Musicians Dinner / Student Dance and Pizza Party
Ancillary Events

Welcome to online ACDFA Regional Conference registration and information.

Information on the American College Dance Festival Association
and membership applications are available at www.acdfa.org .



with baited breath

Columbia College Chicago
Choreographer: Lisa Gonzales (faculty)

Impolite Society

Northwestern University
Choreographer: Jeff Hancock (faculty)


University of Michigan
Choreographers: Maddy Rager and Chris Sies (undergraduate students)

First Alternate

Earth Song

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Choreography: Elander Rosser (undergraduate student)

Second Alternate

War Story 

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Choreographer: Julie Kerr-Berry (faculty)


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Gala Concert Selection in Program Order
Gala Concert Tech Schedule
Gala Concert Rehearsal Space

 Registration Fee per Participant

   Postmarked by
 Nov. 27  
 Postmarked after  
                Nov. 27             
   Faculty or Student of
   ACDFA Member School 
  $125.00  $150.00
  ACDFA Individual Member  
  $125.00  $150.00
  Faculty or Student of
  Non-Member School
 $150.00  $175.00
  Non-Member Individual  $150.00

Conference registration includes:
          • Classes, workshops, panels, research presentations
          • Dance for Camera Screening
          • Feedback Sessions
          • Adjudication Concerts
          • Informal Concerts
          • Gala Concert
          • Student Dance & Pizza Party

Adjudication Fees

         $100 per dance.  Maximum of two dances may be adjudicated.       

ACDFA Membership Fees


postmarked by
 Sept. 30
after Sept. 30
 Institutional Membership (2 years)

 $350.00 $375.00 
 Individual Membership (1 year) 

      $ 50.00      $ 50.00

Institutional Membership dues are for two years.  Institutional Membership is required for all groups who wish to have work(s) adjudicated at the conference.
A one-year Individual Member may attend the conference at the discounted member rate.  An Individual Member is not eligible to have works adjudicated at the conference.
Membership forms are available at www.acdfa.org. To become a new member of ACDFA or renew your membership, send membership dues directly to:
American College Dance Festival Association
2275 Research Blvd., Suite 500
Rockville, MD  20850

• Do not send registration fees to the ACDFA national office •
• ACDFA accepts checks only.  No credit cards •
• There are no refunds on Membership Dues. •

You must be an ACDFA institutional member to participate in the adjudication process and to receive the discounted member registration fee.  If you are not currently an ACDFA member but plan to become a new member or renew your membership, register as a member and send your membership dues to the ACDFA national office as soon as possible (Click here for ACDFA membership information).


The conference will be filled on a first-paid/first-registered basis.
Registration is not complete until full payment is received.

In all cases, full payment must be received by conference deadline.
(see deadlines above)

To hold your registration slots until the full payment deadline, payment or
proof of intention to pay must be received within two weeks of submitting
your online registration.

(A purchase order number or documentation of an official request to
make payment is acceptable as proof of intention to pay.)

There are no refunds on paid registrations.

 All of the above applies to both participant and adjudication slots.

  1. Only ACDFA INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS in good standing are eligible for adjudication.  Membership dues are payable to ACDFA and sent to the national office.  See current Membership Information on the ACDFA website or contact the ACDFA National office at acdfa@verizon.net or at (301) 670-2820.

  2. No more than two pieces from any institution may be adjudicated in conference year.  An adjudication fee will be charged for each piece.  Once a work has been adjudicated, it cannot be submitted for adjudication at any other conference during the same conference year.  Adjudicated works that are not accepted for the Gala Concert in one conference year may be reworked for adjudication in subsequent conferences years.  However, once a work has been accepted for a Gala Concert performance, it may not be resubmitted for adjudication by the same institution.

  3. A work presented for adjudication may be choreographed in any idiom by a student, faculty member, or professional; however, only students may perform.  Performers include anyone seen by the audience.

    Definition of a student:
    A student is one who is officially declared by the represented institution as meeting one of the following criteria during the academic year in which the work is adjudicated:

     (1)      degree, diploma, or certificate-seeking candidate,
               full or part-time, or if not degree, diploma, or
               certificate-seeking, candidate, having equivalent
               focus and track of study as determined by the
     2)       If an individual had student status in the semester prior
               to a conference, that person may be considered a
               student at the conference
    A high school student may perform in an adjudication concert if s/he is registered and paying for college classes and is considered by an institution to be participating in its program.

  4. If two works are submitted, at least one must be choreographed by a student.

  5. The maximum time for each work presented for adjudication is 12 minutes.  The burden of meeting the time requirement rests with the choreographer.  ACDFA recommends that the choreographer allow a time margin within the 12-minute limit for technical errors or theater peculiarities. The dance will be judged to begin when any one of the perceived elements of choreographic choice (lights, sound, movement) is visible or audible to the audience.  This included the rising of a curtain on a pre-lit stage.  The dance ends when all perceived elements of choreographic choice have been diminished (no lights, no sound, no movement).  Bows are not included in the 12-minute time limit unless they are required as part of the dance by the choreographer.  (Bows are rarely taken during adjudication concerts.)

    If a dance goes over 12 minutes, it is ineligible for the gala and consequently ineligible for the National Festival.  It is the responsibility of the ACDFA Executive Committee representative to enforce the time limit and to communicate with the ineligible institution.

  6. It is the responsibility of each school to obtain and secure all appropriate and necessary licenses and permissions prior to bringing any choreography to regional conferences and national festivals for performance.

  7. Institutions that are not available for participation in the gala may receive adjudication feedback but are not eligible for consideration for gala selection.  Institutions in this situation must notify the Conference Coordinator prior to the Gala selection.  The Conference Coordinator will notify the ACDFA Executive Committee representative.

  8. If an institution chooses to bring a work choreographed by a conference adjudicator, that work may not be considered for the gala concert.  Feedback will be given only for performance.  All adjudicators will be informed of this in advance.

  9. A faculty member or other chaperone from the participating institution must accompany the students throughout the adjudication process.

  10. No attempt is made either during the adjudication process or in the selection of works for the adjudicated concert to classify or equate college dance programs.  All works presented for adjudication will be evaluated in terms of performance and choreography.

  11. All dances will be given the same amount of time for technical rehearsals. The minimum amount of time is 15 minutes.

  12. Conference participants (faculty and students) should not attempt to engage adjudicators in any conversation pertaining to conference participants, choreography or attending institutions. Questions concerning the adjudication should be directed to the Conference Coordinator or ACDFA Representative.

  13. A sound recording of concert quality will be provided by the choreographer for the adjudication in the format specified by the Conference Coordinator.  Should the music or sound score be performed live, only student musicians may be visible to the audience.  Non-student musicians are permitted to play; however, non-student musicians must perform in an area not visible to the audience (e.g., offstage or in a lowered orchestra pit).

  14. All conference participants must be prepared to work within the technological capabilities and all other limitations stated by the host institution. If acceptable to the conference host, video/technology may be used, but all dances presented for adjudication must contain a live dance performance element.

  15. Each participating school is responsible for submitting required technical information. Schools that do not submit the required technical information OR contact the host school's TD by the posted deadline are not guaranteed that all lighting cues will be ready by the attending school's designated technical rehearsal.  Attending schools in this situation can opt to select a general warm or cool look or, provided the TD has been contacted and approves, use their technical rehearsal to develop additional cues.  In this case, attending schools may not have time to run their dances fully.

  16. Each participating school is responsible for submitting required program information. Schools that do not submit program information by the posted deadline should expect their program information to read: "Information not submitted."

  17. Students performing in the adjudicated concert must be officially registered at the conference and are expected to participate fully in conference events.

  18. Cast replacements for works accepted for the Gala Concert must be approved by an ACDFA representative and the adjudicators must be informed.

  19. Members are not restricted to participation exclusively or solely in their own geographic area and may participate in one or more regional conferences each year. While members may participate in more than one conference, the total number of dances per school that may be adjudicated in a single year is two (2), and if a school brings two dances for adjudication, one must be choreographed by a student.

Download Adjudication Policies.
All classes will be first come first served with one designated overflow class (with no cap limit) for each class period on Bader Stage or Dance on Camera Screenings on Tuesday, March 18th.

Spaces for participation in the Adjudicator Master Classes will be determined by lottery. These classes will be limited to 50 participants each.



Contact Information

  • Conference Coordinator:
    Darci Brown Wutz 
    Email: uwmnc14@uwm.edu 
    Phone: (414) 229-3058
    Fax: (414) 229-3335

Payment Instructions

  • Registration payable by:
    Check or Purchase Order 

    All checks should be payable to:
    "UWM Peck School of the Arts-ACDFA"

    Send payment to:
    UWM Peck School of the Arts
    Attn: Box Office
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, WI 53201

    Via Fax: (414) 229-3224, "ACDFA"

    Federal ID#: 39-6006492

       Photo by Troye Fox

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