2014 Transdisciplinary Autism Conference

Phoenix, Arizona
Friday, March 07, 2014
2014 Transdisciplinary Autism Conference

Friday & Saturday, March 7th & 8th
@ the Disability Empowerment Center in Phoenix, AZ

presented by Arizona Autism United

The Transdisciplinary Autism Conference features more than 20 speakers from a range of fields and disciplines.  A wide variety of topics is included to help individuals with autism of all ages, at all levels of the autism spectrum.  Presentations are available for all audience levels, from beginner to advanced concepts.

Keynote Speakers:

KEYNOTE:  Dr. Greg Hanley,
Western New England University
Dr. Hanley is well regarded for his highly successful work in treating sleep problems and challenging behaviors in autism, and is also known for his easy to follow and entertaining presentation style.  On Friday, March 7th, Dr. Hanley will deliver his keynote presentation: Meaningful Solutions for Some Extraordinary Problem Behaviors Associated with Autism.

KEYNOTE:  Rupert Isaacson
Creator of The Horse Boy Documentary
Rupert is a father, a journalist, and the star of this award winning film that documents his family's trek across the globe to find help for his son.  On Saturday, March 8th, Rupert will tell his story with messages of hope and possibility for all families. Based on a method he has created called Horse Boy Learning, this presentation will include practical techniques, beautiful images, fun anecdotes, and a host of good tips for all.

Special Guests:

Adam Larsen, Filmmaker
Creator of the Documentary: Neurotypical
Adam's film premiered this year on PBS and provides an unprecedented exploration of autism from the point of view of autistic people themselves.  Through in-depth profiles and interviews capturing toddlers, teens and adults, viewers are challenged to question the concept of "normal."  Join Adam for a meet & greet, Q&A session, and live screening of the full-length version of Neurotypical.

Wolf Dunaway, Adult with Autism

The Autistic Werewolf
Wolf Dunaway was featured in the recent documentary airing on PBS, Neurotypical.  He is an adult with autism, an advocate, and soon to be a published author.  As a speaker at schools, organizations, institutions and universities, Mr. Dunaway provides unique perspectives and insights to explore the unique challenges of the Autism Life Experience.

Breakout Session Speakers:

Amy Kenzer, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Clinical Services Director
Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Joe Gentry, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Licensed Psychologist & Clinical Director
Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services

Raun Melmed, M.D.
Developmental Pediatrician & Clinical Director
The Melmed Center

Jim Adams, Ph.D.
ASU Autism/Asperger's Research Program

Nicolette Piano, M.S., CCC-SLP
Director of Speech & Language Services
Arizona Autism United

Debbie Weidinger
Executive Director

Carey Burgess, M.S., BCBA/LBA
Director of Behavioral Consultation Services
Arizona Autism United

Hope Kirsch
Special Education Attorney
Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch, PLLC

Ehren Werntz, M.S., BCBA/LBA
Program Director
Arizona Autism United

Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D.
Vice President & Research Director
Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Amy Maschue, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Author of "10 Minutes for Talking"

Linda Kraynak, M. Ed.
Peer Autism Awareness Trainer
Arizona Autism United

Lori Kirsch-Goodwin
Parent and Special Education Attorney
Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch, PLLC


Contact Information

  • Arizona Autism United

    (602) 773-5773

Payment Instructions

  • All fees are nonrefundable.

    Registration Rates

      General Admission:
         $150 for one day
         $235 for both days

     Parents and Teachers:

         $110 for one day
         $185 for both days

     Habilitators & Parapros:
         $85 for one day
         $135 for both days

    Scholarship Information

    Partial scholarships may be available for families in need.  You can download an application here

    For more information please contact Paulina@AZAunited.org.


    Parking and lunch are included with the cost of admission.  Please note that childcare will not be available for this event.

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