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Burlingame, California
Saturday, November 08, 2014


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Saturday, November 8, 2014
     Grand Peninsula Ballroom
     Un-Siloed Sectors

        Implications of Climate Change and Conflict for Food Security and Nutrition
          Dr. Eric Crawford — Director, Global Center for Food Systems Innovation
          Edwin C. Price — Director, Center on Conflict & Development
          Susan Owens — Division Chief, USAID/BFS

        Water & Sanitation          
          Dr. Syed Imran Ali — Postdoctoral Fellow, Blum Center for Developing Economies, UC Berkeley
          Karina Chavarria — Ph.D. Student, UC Berkeley
          Susan Murcott — Research Scientist, MIT    
          Chris Holmes — Session Lead (USAID)

        Careers in International Development    
          Cauam Cardoso — Ph.D. Student & International Development Consultant, MIT
          Beth Collins — Senior Advisor, Catholic Relief Services
          Brittany Montgomery — Ph.D. Student, MIT CITE    
          Michelle Jennings — Regional Engagement Latin America and the Caribbean Chief, USAID

        Information Flows in Developing Regions: Catalyzing New Media & Communications Research    
          Alexis Bonnell — Director, USAID Office of Engagement & Communications
          Elizabeth Kountze — Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Internews
          Kweku Opoku-Agyemang — Postdoctoral Fellow, Development Impact Lab

     Sandpebble BC
     Solution Sourcing

        Problem Sourcing: Designing Transformative Solutions for Global Health Innovators
          Dr. Jaspal Sandhu — Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
          Dr. Krishna Udayakumar — Head of Global Innovation, Duke Medicine

        Novel Approaches to Solution Sourcing
          Jeff Hamaoui — Founder & CEO, FURTHER by Design    
          Dave Ferguson — USAID
          Lala Faiz — Santa Clara University
          Megan Palmer — UC Berkeley, Synbio LEAP    
          Bettina Warburg — Institute for the Future
          Matt Reyes — NASA Ames

        Trends in Engineering for Global Development    
          Iana Aranda — Sr. Program Manager, Engineering for Change

        Human-Centered Design at Scale: Designing with & for Communities
          Banny Banerjee — Director, Stanford ChangeLabs
          Wanjiku Nganga — Director of Innovation, ResilientAfrica Network

    Harbour AB
    Revealing and Understanding Demand

        Sensing Technologies    
          Greg Austic — Project Coordinator, Kramer Lab (Michigan State)
          Dan Hammer — Presidential Innovation Fellow, NASA
          Ben Linder — Associate Professor, Olin College of Engineering
          Javier Rosa — PhD Student, UC Berkeley (TIER)

        Exploring the Current Role & Future of ICTs for Development
          Ann Mei Chang — Chief Innovation Officer, Mercy Corps
          Samir Doshi — AAAS S&T Policy Fellow, USAID
          Asim Fayaz — Graduate Student, UC Berkeley
          Bryan Hurren — Strategic Partnerships Manager, Facebook/    
          Tapan Parikh — Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

        Big Data
          Dr. Pouyan Nejadhashemi — Associate Professor, Michigan State University
          Plavevski Ognen — Architect, ICT4D Solutions
          Brandon Pustejovsky — USAID/Chief Data Officer
          Everett Wetchler — Bayes Impact

        Understanding Communities & Surveys
          Dr. Brandie Nonnecke — Postdoctoral Scholar, Research and Development Manager, CITRIS Data & Democracy
          Roy William Mayega — Deputy Chief of Party, ResilientAfrica Network
          Alice Siu — Associate Director, Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University
          Dan Frei — Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

     Bayside AB
     Foundations for Scale

        Behavior Change: Overcoming Barriers to Product Adoption
          Joel Segre — Product Strategist, VentureWell
          Laura Sampath — Senior Program Officer, Global VentureWell

        Evaluating Technologies to Reach Scale
          Susan Murcott — Research Scientist, MIT

        Case Studies on Successful Scaling in Global Health
          Sandeep Ahuja — CEO, Operation ASHA
          Dr. Peter Arimi — Senior Regional Health Specialist, USAID Perspective from USAID
          Matt Nash — Center Director, Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Duke (SEAD)

     Sandpebble DE
     Inventing and Legend: Telling Your Story

        Visual Notetaking 101
          Abby VanMuijen — Visual Consultant, Illustrator

        Op-Eds & Ways to Convey Your Development Research
          Tamara Straus — Editorial Director, UC Berkeley Blum Center for Development Economies

        The Power of Motion Graphics & Data Visualization
          Yael Braha — Creative Director, Obscura Digital

        Crafting an Impactful Message & Reporter Dynamics
          Matt Higgins — Senior Director, Digital Strategy + Media, Group SJR

Sunday, November 11, 2014
     Sandpebble BC
     Innovator Coaching

        Venture Development Support: A Mini-Accelerator 1.0
          Joel Segre — Product Strategist, VentureWell
          Amy Lockwell — Chief of Staff, Global Health Sciences, UCSF
          Laura Sampath — Senior Program Officer, Global VentureWell
          Dat Tran — Senior Venture Development Officer, VentureWell    

        Venture Development Support: A Mini-Accelerator 2.0
          Joel Segre — Product Strategist, VentureWell
          Amy Lockwell — Chief of Staff, Global Health Sciences, UCSF
          Laura Sampath — Senior Program Officer, Global VentureWell
          Dat Tran — Senior Venture Development Officer, VentureWell

     Harbour B
     Bridging Ideas, Instructrions, & Implementation

        Supporting Student Innovators & Early Stage Teams on Campuses
          Jennifer Keller Jackson — Senior Program Officer, VentureWell
          Heather Lofthouse — Assoc. Director, Partnerships, Development Impact Lab
          Kofi Taha — Associate Director, D-Lab

        Novel Course Development
          Bish Sanyal — Professor, MIT
          Leslie Ruyle — Research Scientist, ConDev
          Alice Agogino — Professor, UC Berkeley
          Ben Linder — Associate Professor, Olin College of Engineering

        Town Hall: Engaging Students in International Development
          Genevieve Croft — AAAS Fellow with HESN, USAID
          Kimberly Langsam — Program Director, SEAD, Duke University
          Ashley Napier — Junior Program Manager, AidData    
          Nai Kalema — Project Coordinator, MIT IDIN
          Leslie Ruyle — Research Scientist, ConDev

     Bayside AB
     Capacity Building

        Lemelson Sponsored Panel Local Ecosystem Development: Supporting In-country Product Creation and Delivery
          Nicole Etchart — Co-CEO, NESsT
          Mike Hahn — Product Development Manager, Sanergy
          John Anner — CEO, Thrive Networks
          Rajiv Doshi — Executive Director (US) Stanford-India Biodesign
          Alexander Pan — Program Coordinator, Aspen Development Entrepreneurs
          Alex Nicholas — Program Officer, The Lemelson Foundation

        Incorporating Gender in the Global Development Space    
          Nathalie Me-Nsope — Gender Lead, GCFSI, Michigan State University
          Emmanuella Delva — Higher Education Advisor/Science, Technology, and Innovation Development Objective Team Leader, USAID/Indonesia       
          Wallied Shirzoi — Manager, Policy Design and Evaluation Lab
          Patricia Rwasoka-Masanganise — Senior Agricultural Development Specialist, USAID

        Connecting the Academy and the Field: Building In-Country Capacity    
          Alena Stern — Program Manager, AidData
          Michelle Davenport — Higher Education Specialist, USAID
          Sandy Ojikutu — Senior Education Advisor, USAID
          Christine Geith — Assistant Provost, Michigan State University
          Deborah Naatujuna — Engagement Manager, ResilientAfrica Network
          Kim Langsam — Duke

        Open Education for Impact
          Karl Mehta — Founder & CEO, EdCast Inc.

     Sandpebble DE
     Transformative Partnerships

        Working with USAID Missions
          Madeline Williams — Regional Engagement Chief, Africa, USAID
          Daniel Lopez — USAID/Columbia
          Dave Harden — Mission Director, USAID/West Bank and Gaza
          James B. Soukamneuth — Deputy Chief, Regional Trade and Investment Office, USAID/West Africa               

        Impact Investing
          Cathy Clark — Director, CASE i3 and Co-Lead, SEAD, Duke University
          Matt Nash — Center Director, Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Duke (SEAD)

        Singularity University: The Power of Global Partnerships
          Nick Hann
          Bryce Goodman
          Marla Parker

        Crowd Sourcing Innovation: Designing Better Together
          Shauna Carey — Communications Specialist

     Grand Peninsula Ballroom
     Un-Siloed Sectors

        Climate Change & Development
          Marion Adeney — Environmental Science Advisor, USAID Peru/South America Regional Program
          Kifle Woldemichael Hajito — Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Jimma University
          Dr. Dorothy Okello — Director, Eastern Africa RILab
          Daniel Lopez — USAID/Columbia

        Leveraging Geospatial Data for Development Planning
          Josh Powell — Director of Innovation, AidData
          Carrie Stokes — Agency Geographer & Director of the GeoCenter, USAID
          Dan Runfola — Research Assistant Professor, AidData
          Jeff deGraffenried — USAID Bangladesh

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