2016 California Trails & Greenways Conference

Riverside, California
Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Wednesday Dinner Keynote Speaker

Rue Mapp, Founder of Outdoor Afro

Trail managers face increased public demand with limited resources -- so how might community partners be a conduit to harness the public’s passion, while cultivating relevant engagement today and stewardship for tomorrow? Rue will share how her organization, and members of her community work with park agencies and trail stewards in innovative ways, while discovering healing and connectedness on our trails that promote community dialog and restoration for both people and places.

Rue Mapp is the Founder of Outdoor Afro, a social community reconnecting African Americans with natural spaces through outdoor recreational activities.  

Thursday Dinner Entertainment Speaker
Rick Gunn, Photographer www.soulcycler.com

Rick Gunn's 60-minute presentation “Soulcycler, Words And Images From a 25,811-Mile Bicycle Journey Around-The-World.” “Soulcycler” combines 350 breath-taking photos from 33 countries, set to music, accompanied by a selection of uniquely emotional stories from around the globe. Inspired by a series of formative experiences during his childhood, Gunn delivers a front-row seat to the pursuit of his lifelong dream of cycling the planet. Ultimately transformed by scenes of war, poverty, and disease along the way, Gunn begins dedicating his journey to the greater good, expanding his definition of what it means to care, to give, and to love. Whether reporting from an orphanage in Nepal, volunteering in an AIDS Hospice in Thailand, Covering Bomb extraction and mine victim rehabilitation in Laos and Vietnam, to simply planting trees in Borneo, “Soulcycler” delivers a first hand account the realization of a dream, the current state of the planet, and what it means to care.

Rick Gunn is an award winning photographer, writer adventurer and public speaker based of South Lake Tahoe, California.

Thursday Lunch Plenary

Join the Executive Director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Joseph T. Edmiston, the Superintendent of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area David Szymanski, and District Superintendent of California State Parks Craig Sap to hear about their successful efforts to develop the Backbone Trail (BBT) linking nearly 450 miles of trail in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.  Over 95% complete, the BBT will arguably be one of the most significant trails in Southern California.  Approximately 17 million Southern Californians, nearly 50% of the state, live within an hour’s drive of one of the trailheads.  A mosaic of government organizations, volunteers, non-profits and conservation corps have served as partners to amass the resources to build a regional trail through complex layers of ownership and development in the Los Angeles area.  The BBT is the result of insightful planning efforts realized through persistence and flexibility.  Learn how to create regional trail networks in complex environments and how to develop cooperative management.

Friday Closing Plenary

In winter 2011, Stephanie Dodaro scouted, mapped, and walked an 800-mile route along the way commonly known as California's Camino Real. The original trails were created by and used for millennia by first peoples, and sections of their paths were later used by colonial Europeans and successive waves of immigrants. As much of the historic way has been paved over or displaced by freeways, this route runs along city and suburban streets, greenways, farmland, highways, and park trails. The walk itself is a meditative exercise as well as a chance to meet people from many communities and experience the area's varied geographies and landscapes, step by step. Attendees will learn about the inspiration behind the walk, route information, obstacles to making the path safe and accessible, as well as an inclusive vision for the path.


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