Delaware's 23rd Annual Inclusion Conference - RESCHEDULED

Dover, Delaware
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Workshop 1:  Culturally Responsive Classroom: Strategies for Success—Frances Stetson (see bio)
Each student’s culture significantly influences his or her learning; each teacher’s culture significantly influences his or her teaching practice. With this understanding, every educator recognizes that it is imperative to become culturally competent and to effectively use culturally responsive instructional strategies in the classroom. In this session, participants delve deeply into their own perceptions of cultural competency, learn specific ways to build authentic relationships with every student, and create classrooms that encourage the gifts and contributions culturally diverse students bring to the classroom. If schools are to close the large and persistent achievement gap, the skills gained through this session are essential! 

Workshop 2:   Fundamental Considerations in Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools—Eric Rossen (see bio)
Traumatic or adverse experiences can undermine students’ ability to learn, form relationships, and manage their feelings and behavior. All educators, regardless of formal mental health backgrounds, can provide important supports for students who experience stress or trauma. This presentation will help educators describe the impact of trauma; discuss relevant school or district policies that promote a trauma-sensitive school environment within a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework; and apply practical, implementable strategies at the district and classroom levels to support students with a history of trauma. 

Workshop 3:  Blended Practices for Addressing the Social-Emotional Health and Well-being of Young Children—Jennifer Grisham-Brown (see bio)
This workshop will share a curriculum framework that blends theory and practices from early childhood education and early childhood special education to support the social-emotional health and well-being of young children (Birth-Kindergarten) who have, or are at risk for, disabilities. The four components of the curriculum framework will be described including assessment, scope and sequence, activities and instruction, and progress monitoring. The importance of using Routines Based Interviews (RBI) as an assessment tool to plan activities and instruction to promote social-emotional health and well-being of young children will be highlighted.

We have been approved for Quality Assured Hours (QA) with Delaware's Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC) for the Keynote and Grisham-Brown's workshop. If you wish to receive QA hours, you must preregister online and pay for this conference. In addition, you must preregister with DIEEC by February 28, 2017 to assure approval for your QA hours.

Workshop 4:  See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Hear Me: Creating Accessible Literacy Experiences for All—Judie Schoonover (see bio) 
With the right supports, all students can learn. It is essential to create a literacy-rich environment with opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write. Meaningful participation in literacy experiences can be facilitated by altering access, content, and materials. Matching needs with environmental tools for students from cradle to career is a skill and a challenge. Determining supports and strategies that are "least restrictive" and implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices as a member of an educational team is an ongoing process. Creating age-respectful literacy experiences may require (assistive) technology resources such as text-to-speech, digital text, conversion of text and accessibility options for taking in information and self-expression. This workshop will equip participants with strategies, skills, and technology resources to support learners with varying abilities. As a result, participants will be able to identify a variety of methods and resources to adapt common tools and curricular materials to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.  Participants will additionally learn to apply a scaffolding process to provide access to print-based materials and identify useful technologies and strategies for assisting students with disabilities to improve their proficiency as readers, writers, speakers, listeners, and thinkers.

Workshop 5:  Dual Language Learners: The Hows and Whys of Delivering Culturally Relevant Instruction — Barbara Rodriquez (see bio)
Participants who attend this workshop will be able to: describe the unique features of dual language development emerging from cutting-edge research studies;  detail current assessment practices to evaluate the language skills of children who are exposed to two languages;  describe features of language impairment in dual language learners;  identify features of culturally relevant instruction; and  discuss effective approaches for collaboration with other professionals to deliver language-rich academic content for dual language learners.

Tuesday, Evening Parent Session
Parent Information Center of Delaware, Inc. (PIC) invites you to attend an evening session on March 14, 2017 beginning at 6 p.m. with hors d'oeuvres.  Eric Rossen’s presentation will be from 6:30 - 8 p.m. This free event requires registration and is separate from the conference. Click here for additional information or to register for this event.

Evening Session: The Impact of Stress & Trauma on Your Child and What You Can Do About It—Eric Rossen (see bio)

Trauma and toxic stress can impact a child's ability to learn, form and maintain relationships, and manage their feelings and behavior. Youth that experience stress and trauma may respond in different ways at home and at school, making it difficult for families to know the cause or how to respond. This presentation will help families understand how toxic stress and trauma affect youth, simple ways caregivers can support their children and improve their behavior, and how to advocate for them at school.


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Delaware Department of Education
University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies
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Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (DATI)
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Parent Information Center (PIC)
Delaware Head Start Association

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