MINDFULNESS & MANUAL THERAPY RETREAT: Movement, Stillness, Meditation, and Myofascia

Crestone, Colorado
Monday, July 24, 2017

Retreat Schedule: Form, Focus, and Flexibility

Our daily schedule will include both recommended and optional classes, as well as time off, allowing you to follow your own interests and pace, while being immersed in the focused retreat environment.

Typical Daily Schedule (all optional; details subject to change):
- 7am Meditation and/or Movement Instruction
- 8:30am Breakfast
- 9:15am Classes
- 12:30 Lunch and mid-day break
- 2:30 Classes
- 5pm Movement and/or Meditation
- 6pm Dinner
- 7pm Discussions, social time, etc
- 9pm End of day
  • Additionally, we are welcome to join the monastic community for morning and evening meditation in the Zendo at 4:45am-6:50am and 8pm-8:55pm.
  • Thursday morning classes will be held at the nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  • Meals are prepared by Crestone Mountain Zen Center's well-known vegetarian kitchen, developed by Abbot Koyo Dan Welch Roshi, who worked closely with founding chef Deborah Madison to start the Greens Restaurant in San Francisco.
  • Potential Topics Include...

    Although we unfortunately won't be able to offer all of the classes below, we wanted to share the in-progress list of topics we'll be pulling from. Let us know which catch your eye, or if there are others you'd like us to consider. Topics and teachers are subject to change; check this page or the retreat's private FaceBook forum for updates.

    Compression Techniques (Larry Koliha)
    This class will show you how to use compression techniques throughout the body. We will be taking areas that are constrained into their patterns and slowly unwinding the myofascial knots that hold them together. This is a hands-on class showing you the correct hand and body placement. This will involve listening to find the condensed tissue, adjusting pressure, directions and duration to slowly find the position of surrender within the tissue.

    Exploring the Power of the Pelvis as a Dynamic Centre for Movement (Günther Bisges, guest instructor)
    In this series of sessions, we will explore the tri-union of bones of the pelvic girdle (the two innominate/hip bones with the sacrum in the middle) in a variety of movements. We will especially emphasize its action in bipedal walking as a constant shift between a weight bearing and non weight bearing phase. By calibrating the use of our middle, our centre of gravity our overall movement will regain a sense of ease, lightness and playful elegance.

    Fix, Accept, or None of the Above? (Til Luchau)
    When our clients (or ourselves) want something to change (like pain, for instance), how do we know whether to try and change it, or just work on accepting it? And, are there other options as well?

    Focus and Distraction (Ramona Peoples, guest instructor)
    We will explore what we habitually/customarily focus on or be distracted by, how focus and distraction can inform our observations and interventions as movers and bodyworkers and how we can support integration and help RE-focus using movement and stillness.

    Four Element Walking Meditation (Bibiana Badenes)
    We will explore each of the four elements and discover which ones we embody more -- Fire: direct forces. Earth: force of lines. Water: relaxed movement, fluidity. Air: light of movement and breath. This model of the four elements can be also an exploration on how we touch and receive our clients.

    Hanging-Out on the Inside (Larry Koliha)
    Using awareness, touch and language to help find inner ease. Exploring your own body, learn how to “hang out” on the inside to release inner tensions.

    Languaging to Improve Awareness & Function (Bethany Ward & Larry Koliha)
    Your words are powerful. Skillful verbal cues evoke changes that last and help your client find inner awareness. But finding the right words can be challenging. In this class, we’ll discuss the kind of language that speaks to the nervous system and work with each other to develop skills to take our interventions to the next level.

    Pain, Pleasure, Attention, and Distraction (Til Luchau)
    Pain naturally draws our attention. Does it help to ignore it, or pay attention to it? Drawing on pain science, sensory awareness practices, edge theory, and more, we'll look to connect these questions to hands-on work.

    Seated Back Work (Chris Pohowsky)
    Working with our clients seated can offer some technique advantages and new opportunities for support exploration. In this segment we will explore ways to take  myofascial work on the back and shoulders even further with an eye on enhancing connections and support from the feet.

    Self Care (Bibiana Badenes)
    Bibiana will direct some exercises to take care of ourselves and improve our sitting posture.

    Sitting Lab (Bethany Ward)
    We'll discuss several important concepts about sitting and then we'll explore ways to find more support and ease in our own sitting posture in meditation and beyond.

    The Space Where "I" End and "You" Begin. (Bruce Nelson)
    An exploration in contacting ourselves through hands-on meditation and the levels of connectedness with mind, body and spirit.

    Using Positional Strategies and Gravity to Release Myofascial Restrictions (Larry Koliha)
    This class presents a variety of approaches and client positions you can use to make your work easier and more effective by letting gravity do most of the work. In addition to supine, prone, and sideline, expect to see a lot of positions that just don’t have names because you’ll probably not see them anywhere else. Let’s get creative!

    Working with Emotions and Behavior in Bodywork (Bethany Ward)
    Habitual posture and awareness creates habitual feelings in our body. Explore physical alignment, awareness and connections that can interrupt old emotional and behavioral patterns and reinforce more pleasurable ones.

    Zen Practice: Meditation in Action (Zenju Randy Fox, guest instructor)
    Zen practice is body practice--which is mind practice. Zen meditation--zazen--is mind/body yoga. Mindfulness is "bodyfulness". Zen practice at Crestone Mountain Zen Center is an opportunity to explore and actualize these relationships. I look forward to practicing with you in this mountain retreat. Recommended reading: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki

    Fine Print

    - Number of CE/CAMT credits will vary by the options you choose to attend. We estimate 5-8 hours of credit-earning instruction will be available each day, for an estimated total of 30 to 40 credits possible. More info available closer to retreat date. Check with in advance if you require a type of credit not listed here.
    - Mosquitos: although it can vary year-to-year, July in Crestone is mosquito season. Our main meeting room and bedrooms are all screened, but outside areas and the zendo will require mosquito protection, especially at dusk.
    - Optional additional fees include airport shuttle, gluten/dairy/soy free meals, admin fees for changing your reservation, or optional room upgrades. All are listed during registration.
    - Special policies apply; read them here.
    - A flexible and adaptable spirit is essential, as faculty, topics, schedule, and other matters beyond our control are all subject to change. Join us for an adventure!


    Contact Information

    Payment Instructions

    • Total Fees (inc. tuition, CE, retreat, meals):

      $1295 (CAMT) / $1395 (Normal)

      Additional discount for groups of 3 or more (limited number).

      Room upgrades (subject to availability):
      • Camping (byo tent): free 
      • Shared room: $190
      • Private room: $280 - $380 (sold out - waitlist available)
      • Couple's room: $380 per person
      Payment plan, dietary options, and airport shuttle service available. 

      (separate registration)

      Session STRATEGIZING for Advanced Myofascial Techniques
      Special 1-day course
      Boulder, CO
      Jul 21 , '17 , disc. reg. by 6/29/2017
      Lead instructor: Chris Pohowsky & the A-T faculty

      Parts I & II
      Boulder, CO
      Jul 22 - 23, '17 , disc. reg. by 6/29/2017
      Lead instructor: Til Luchau & the A-T faculty

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