OB/GYN Clinical Skills for Advanced Practice Providers

Aurora, Colorado
Thursday, June 01, 2017

Thursday June 1, 2017

7:30      Registration / Coffee & tea

8:00       Introductions/welcome

8:15       Breast anatomy and physiology
    • Screening guidelines/risk factors
    • Breast exams
9:30       Break

9:45       “Normal” gynecologic exam
    • Draping/communication strategies
    • Glove management
    • Collection of STD tests and Pap smear
    • Wet Prep collection, interpretation and newer testing techniques
    • Bimanual exam and determining uterine position and size
    • Review of Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use
11:30     Lunch (provided)

12:15     OB exam & "abnormal" gynecologic exam
    • Fundal height/Uterus sizing
    • Leopold’s maneuvers
    • Sterile vaginal exam (SVE)
    • Sterile speculum exam (SSE)
    • “Abnormal” gynecologic exam including: 
      • Endometrial biopsy 
      • Vulvar biopsy
      • Bartholin gland cysts
1:45    Hands-on Skills Practice Stations (30 minutes each station)   

             Station 1  
                  • "Normal" pelvic exam

             Station 2  
                  • "Abnormal" pelvic exam

             Station 3  
                  • Pregnant Exam

             Station 4  
                  • Breast Exams

   Station 5
                  • Biopsies, etc.

4:15      Evaluation and Wrap-up 

4:30    Adjourn

Friday June 2, 2017  (No continuing education contact hours given for this day.)

9:30am   Registration / Coffee & tea

10:00      Nexplanon Implant Training

12:00      Lunch (provided)

12:30pm  Hands-on Skills Practice Stations (45 minutes each station)

  • Station 6 – IUD insertion – Bayer
  • Station 7 – IUD insertion – TevaPharm 
  • Station 8 – IUD insertion – Actavis 
  • Station 9 – Pessary use and insertion -  Cooper Surgical
3:45       Evaluation and wrap-up

4:00       Adjourn

Upon completion of this program, the learner will be able to:
  1. Describe breast anatomy and physiology
  2. List screening guidelines/risk factors for breast exams
  3. Perform breast exams
  4. Perform appropriate pelvic examination techniques including:  speculum insertion, collection of STD and pap smears, collection of wet prep, and bimanual examination.
  5. List types of intrauterine contraceptive devices and demonstrate beginning competency in insertion of each on a simulation model.  
  6. Determine safe and efficacious choices of contraceptive methods for women using Medical Eligibility Criteria (MEC) and Selected Practice Recommendations (SPR).
  7. Describe the need for an endometrial or vulvar biopsy and demonstrate competency in performance of a biopsy on a simulation model.
  8. Demonstrate appropriate OB exam skills on a simulated patient for a routine prenatal exam.
  9. Develop and improve insertion skills for several IUDs routinely used in private practice. 


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