Ocular Therapeutics Conference 2017

Sunday, 21 May 2017
Topics Include:

  • Inflammatory eye diseases – understanding cause and effect of common disorders
  • Drugs used for managing acute anterior uveitis
  • Treating & monitoring neovascular AMD – challenges and opportunities for non-ophthalmologists
  • Surgical therapeutics – treatment of eye conditions beyond prescription drugs
  • Remote diagnosis and treatment of vision-threatening disorders – modern telemedicine today
  • Nutrition, supplements and alternative remedies – current research
  • Off-label use of drugs for vision-threatening disorders
  • Prescribing of topical antibiotics – how to choose, monitor and withdraw?
  • How can optometrists stay safe prescribing oral medications?
  • Compounding of eye drops in New Zealand
  • Glaucoma drugs - managing the glaucoma patient who does not respond to first line therapy
  • Glaucoma Collaborative Care – advanced therapeutics training with NZNEC
  • Acute and chronic side effects from glaucoma eye drops
  • ROCK inhibitors for glaucoma and corneal diseases
  • New drugs and drug delivery devices for glaucoma management
  • The latest in dry eye drugs/therapies
  • Cells as therapeutics for vision-threatening disorders
  • Allergy eye drops and vasoconstrictors: myths and realities 
  • Corneal cross-linking in children – a small window of opportunity

Your presenters include:
Dr Rachel Niederer, Dr Narme Deva, Olga Brochner, Dr Mohammed Ziaei, Samantha Simkin, Dr Simon Dean, Dr Andrew Thompson, Dr Jay Meyer, Dr Trevor Gray, Derryn Gargiulo, Dr Hussain Patel, Dr Hannah Kersten, Dr Ainsley Morris, Professor Charles McGhee, Dr Ilva Rupenthal, AP Jennifer P. Craig, Dr Jie Zhang, Dr Penny McCallum and Dr Rasha Altaie


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