An Emerging Civil Space Communications Capability and Lessons Learned Workshop (TS//SI/TK USOnly)

Chantilly, Virginia
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
WORKING AGENDA (as of 10/04 @ 1300)
October 11, 2017
Heritage Conference Center
Chantilly, VA

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
0730    Open for registration/check-in
             Light Continental Breakfast
0830    Admin/Security Briefing

    Note: All times are notional and may be adjusted in advance or on site.

An Emerging Civil Space Communications Initiative

Morning Session:  An in-depth discussion of NASA's emerging, civil space, laser communications initiative, including reliance on commercial technologies and opportunities for funded, "guest investigator" slots.

0845    Badri Younes, Associate Administrator for Space Communications and
            Navigation, NASA, “Space Communications and the Decade of Light”;

0930    Jim Schier, Chief Architect for Space Communications and Navigation,,
            "NASA’s Space Communication Architecture – 20-year Plan”

1030    (Break)

1100    Don Cornwell, SCaN Director for Advanced Communications and
            Navigation, “NASA’s Advanced Communication & Navigation
            Technology: Optical Communication”

1200    (Working Lunch)

The Challenges and Opportunities of Commercial Space

Afternoon Session:  A broader discussion building on NASA's years of experience as a Civil Space agency and as a 'case study' with "lessons learned" with implications for current challenges and opportunities inherent with the Administration's push for greater use of commercial space.

      Issues to be discussed will include:

      >  What is the expected role of 'commercial' in future systems?

      >  Is there a "right" level of commonality across National, Military, Civil and
          Commercial systems to ensure resilience?

      >  What is the impact of "big data" on our interfaces and operations?

      >  How important will high data rates (1Gbs or higher) be to future missions?

      >  In an "Internet of Things" World how do you secure integrated systems?

Note: A working summary of the results of these discussions
will be prepared by Association members.

Setting the Stage

1300    Introductions:  Hon. James B. Longley, Executive Director, the Advanced
            Technical Intelligence Association,  "Commercial Space and Emerging
            Administration Space Policy: What Do The Announcements Mean?";

"Lessons Learned"

1310    War Games and Commercial Space
            War Games Presenter;

1320    Today's Technical Focus:
            Dr. John Hays, ATIA Vice Chair and Technical Lead,
            General Dynamics Mission System;
1330    Panel: The Challenges and Opportunities of Commercial Space:
            Government "Lessons Learned"    
                Moderator:  Kevin O'Connell, President & CEO,
                                    Innovative Analytics & Training
                Panel:  Jim Schier, Chief Architect for Space Communications
                                 and Navigation, NASA; and
                            Don Cornwell, SCaN Director for Advanced Communications
                                 and Navigation, NASA;
                            Michael S. Foster, PhD, National Geospatial-intelligence
                                 Agency, and Co-Director, Commercial GEOINT Activity; and
                            Linda M. Thomas, PhD, Senior Research Engineer,
                                 U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

1415    "Commercial Perspectives on Government Policy":
                Moderator:  Ryan S. Lewis, Vice President and
                                   Deputy Director, In-Q-Tel CosmiQ Works;
                Panel:  Joe Campagna, Sr. Vice President, Operations
                                 and DoD/IC Strategy, BridgeSat;
                            Ric VanderMeulen, Vice President, Space, Satellite
                                 Broadband, ViaSat;
                            Peter Wegner, Chief Technology Officer,
                                 Spaceflight Industries;

                Presentations of additional views by other private sector
                representatives will be announced at the workshop;

1500    (Break)

1515       "Government and Commercial: The Way Forward":
                Moderator:  Dr. Lisa J. Porter, Executive Vice President and
                                   Director, In-Q-Tel Labs;
                A focused, audience-driven effort to summarize prior discussions,
                identify the primary challenges and opportunities connected with
                the potential use of commercially-driven products and services by
                the government in connection with existing and future systems and
                how their potential can be best realized.

1615    Adjourn.


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