TECHINT2017, A "TS//SI/TK//USOnly" Event.

Chantilly, Virginia
Tuesday, December 05, 2017
Science, Intelligence and Operations
The Innovation Imperative
December 5-7, 2017
Engility Heritage Conference Center, Chantilly, VA 20151
This event will be classified "TS//SI/TK// US Only".

December 5, 2017
Strategic Competition

Day 1 Morning:  The Future Direction of  Intelligence in Perspective
                          of Strategic Competition

0730    Security Check-in & Light Breakfast
0800    Introductions & Welcomes
            Ms. Barbara Sanderson, Corporate Director Intelligence Programs,
                Northrop Grumman, Chair, ATIA;
            Dr. John Hays, Sr. Fellow, General Dynamics Mission Systems,
                Vice Chair ATIA, Technical Lead and Program Chair;

           Shaping the Future Direction of Intelligence
           Hon. Susan Gordon, Principal Deputy Director of National
           Intelligence (PDDNI);

           S&T Directorate Panel:
           "S&T Directorate’s Response to Strategic Competition"
           •    Dr. Matthijs Broer, Chief Technology Officer, Directorate of
                     Science & Technology, Central Intelligence Agency;
           •    Mr. Ardisson Lyons, Director of S&T, Defense Intelligence Agency
           •    Dr. Peter T.Highnam, Director Research, National Geospatial-
                     Intelligence Agency

          ODNI Science and Technology Directorate:
          Mr. William 'Bruno' Millonig, Deputy Assistant Director of National
                Intelligence for Science and Technology (ODNI/DS&T);

Day 1 Afternoon:   Case Study: Strategic Competition – The Technical
                              and Operational Implications of High-Speed,
                              Maneuvering Weapons

           •    Dr. Mark J. Lewis- Institute for Defense Analyses Science and
                     Technology Policy Institute; Lead, National Academy of
                     Sciences Study, “A Threat to America’s Global Vigilance,
                     Reach and Power – High-Speed Maneuvering Weapons”;

          Panel Discussion: “The National Academy of Science Report and
          the State of S&T and Operational Collaboration: Cruise Missiles,
          Hypersonics, Hyperglide Vehicles and the Growing Threats Posed
          by High-Speed Maneuvering Weapons (HSMWs);
          •    Moderator: Government Presenter (Name withheld)
          •    Strategic threats discussion by IC Government Subject Matter Experts
                    (Names withheld)
          •    Response to the Strategic Threat : Dr. Fred Kennedy, Director of the
                    Tactical Technology Office (DARPA/TTO);

1700    Adjourn – Hon. James B. Longley, ATIA Executive Director

December 6, 2017
Response to the Threat and Accelerating S&T to Operation

Day 2 Morning: S&T and Innovation in Response to the Threat

0730    Security Check In & Breakfast
0800    Introductions and Welcomes
            Ms. Barbara Sanderson, Corporate Director Intelligence Programs,
                Northrop Grumman, Chair, ATIA;

         National Intelligence Perspective: Setting Priorities in Response
         to the Increasingly Enabled Threat
          •    Moderator:   Dr. Lawrence Gershwin, National Intelligence Manager
                    and Officer for Space and Technical Intelligence (S&TI);
          •    Ms. Anna Puglisi, Deputy, National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for
                    Space and Technical Intelligence (S&TI);
          •    Christine DuFour, Chair, Science and Technology Intelligence
                    Committee (STIC);
          •    Mr. Andrew Vail, Acting National Intelligence Manager,
          •    Dr. Michael Waschull, Deputy National Intelligence Manager for
                   Counter-proliferation, National Counter Proliferation Center;
          •    Dr. Dana Johnson, Senior Advisor, Space Policy, Office of Emerging
                    Security Challenges, Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and
                    Compliance, U.S. Department of State;

          Accelerating Innovation in Response to the Strategic S&T/R&D
          Balance Between the United States and Our Adversaries

          Dr. Jason Matheny Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Program
               Activity (IARPA):

Day 2 Afternoon  Case Study: “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
                            Project MAVEN and the State of S&T Collaboration”

          •    Moderator:  Dr. Travis Axtell, OSD OUSD (I), Deputy, Algorithm Warfare
                    Cross-Functional Team;
          •    Mr. William (Buzz) Roberts, Director for AI, Automation, &
                    Augmentation, National Geospatial-intelligence Agency;
          •    Dr. Brian Sadler, Sr. Research Scientist for Intelligence Systems, U.S.
                    Army Research Laboratory (ARL);
          •    Dr. David Isaacson, Intelligence Ventures in Exploratory Science and
                    Technology (InVEST), Acquisition, Technology, and Facilities, S&T,
                    Office of the Director of National Intelligence;
          •    Dr. Kristen Summers, Technical Delivery Lead, IBM Watson Public
                    Sector Global Delivery;

          Accelerating Science into Operations
          •    Mr. Neill Tipton, Director of Defense Intelligence (Technical Collection
                    and Special Programs), Acting Director for Defense Intelligence,
                    Technical Collection and Special Programs (TCSP), Office of the
                    Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) - The opportunity
                    for S&T Collaboration, across DoD, IC, industry, and academia, to
                    accelerate innovation into operations;

         Driving Speed Into Operations
         •    Dr. Lisa Porter, Executive Vice President, In-Q-Tel (IQT) and Director,
                   IQT Labs, “Initiatives to drive speed into acquisition and transition
                   to operations”;

         Panel Discussion:  S&T collaboration, Accelerating Science into
                                       Operations; Government IC and DoD Subject
                                       Matter Experts Explore the Need to Accelerate
                                       American Innovation into Operation

          •    Moderator: Ms. Ellen McCarthy, President, Noblis National
                    Security Partners;
          •    Dr. Charles Perkins, Principal Deputy for Emerging Capability &
                    Prototyping in the Office of the Asst. Secy. of Defense for
                    Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E));
          •    Mr. Anthony Vinci, NGA Associate Director for Capabilities,
                    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency;
          •    Mr. Steven Gotoff, Chair, R&D Subcommittee, National
                    MASINT Committee;
          •    Debra Stanislawski, In-STeP Program Manager and Senior
                    Advisor for Future Analytic Capabilities, Office of the
                    Director of Science & Technology, (ODNI/DS&T);

1715  Adjourn - Hon. James B. Longley, ATIA Executive Director

1730  Annual Awards Reception and Dinner,
          Westfields Marriott Hotel, 14750 Conference Ctr. Dr., Chantilly, VA 20151;
          Reception 5:30 – 7:00 PM; Dinner and Ceremony 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

December 7, 2017
Strategies for Maintaining Space Leadership

Day Three Morning: A Holistic View of American Space

0730    Security Check In & Breakfast
0800    Introductions & Welcomes
            Ms. Barbara Sanderson, Corporate Director Intelligence Programs,
                Northrop Grumman, Chair, ATIA;
            Ms. L. Monica Chavez, Senior Director, Space Systems Group,
                Engility Corporation; Former Chair, ATIA;

         A Holistic View of American Space
         Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, National Security Council (Space)

         Space Mission Threat
         Mr. Alex Marsaw, National Intelligence Officer for Space and
              Technical Intelligence, Office of Director of National Intelligence;

         Presentations and Discussion:  Executing the Way Forward with S&T
                                                         Collaboration and Resilience

         •    Lead:   Dr. Roger Mason, Senior Vice President, National Security
                   and Intelligence, Noblis;

         •    David J. Gauthier, Director, Office of Strategic Operations, National
                   Geospatial-Intelligence Agency ; 

         •    Michael P. Regan, Sr. Technical Executive for Systems Engineering
                   Directorate, National Reconnaissance Office;

         •    Dr. Stacie E. Williams, Air Force Office of Scientific Research;

         •    Dr. Peter Wegner, Spaceflight Industries;
         Adjourn -  Hon. James B. Longley, ATIA Executive Director


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