Progressive Miami International Boat Show - Hands On Skills Training For Sailors

Key Biscayne, Florida
Thursday, February 15, 2018


Learn to Sail – Monohull

Are you new to Sailing (or just a little rusty)?   Learn how easy and fun sailing is by participating in this on water learning event that covers essential skills every sailor must know.  This class offers a unique opportunity to experience the grace and luxury of a spectacular cruising class sailboat and fuel the dream of sailing off into the sunset to some exotic destination.  During these 3-hour classes you’ll learn how to

  • Raise, lower and trim the sails
  • Correct use of winches and sail handling equipment
  • steering techniques and helmsmanship
  • How to turn, slow and stop the boat
  • How to tack and jibe
  • Points of sail
  • Sailing terminology and more

Introduction to Cruising Catamarans
Participants will experience firsthand the expansive comfort, impressive speed and precise maneuverability of the modern cruising catamaran along with the unique sailing and handling needs of larger “Cats”.  This exclusive program is ideal for newcomers and monohull sailors with little to no experience on multihulls - and it's the perfect way to see if a cruising catamaran – your own or chartered  - is in your future.  Our Certified instructors will cover Cruising Catamaran fundamentals including:

  • Upright sailing versus heeling
  • Optimizing performance on different points of sail – cats vs. monohulls
  • Techniques for managing light air – especially when tacking or jibing
  • Selecting best sail trim/angle for optimum speed
  • Sailing to weather and understanding leeway
  • Avoiding the  “go/no go zone”

This is an excellent “starter” for everyone who’d like to experience the sailing lifestyle.    


Essential Cruising & Charter Skills – Choice of Monohull or Catamaran
Whether you’re dreaming of dropping the hook in a deserted cove for a quiet lunch or pulling into a crowded anchorage for the week in some exotic location, solid anchoring & mooring skills will help minimize your anxiety and assure the safety of your boat (and those around you!).  This class will focus those skills that are essential to cruising and securing the boat with confidence and without drama including:

  • Managing strong winds including heaving to, reefing and sailing under reefed mainsail
  • Balancing the boat correctly for building wind and seas
  • Selecting the best anchorage and location
  • Anchoring alike a pro including techniques for a crowded anchorage
  • Picking up a mooring ball and rigging a mooring bridle under power
  • Rigging a snubber for anchoring and mooring
  • Weighing anchor and departing an anchorage
  • Casting off and departing a mooring field
  • Crew communications
  • When an how to set up an anchor watch
  • Discussion of multiple anchor setups.
This class is a must for those who are preparing for their first charter or who simply want to sharpen their skills and confidence with a professional instructor