Rising Voices Seva Safari July 18 - 27, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Terms And Conditions: Please Read Carefully


Conditions for Participation

This will be a rewarding experience in many ways but this trip will also be a cross-cultural adventure into new experiences like new foods, new environments, camping, lack of electricity and running water, exposure to extreme poverty, as well as the physical demands of the work on the service project. We encourage you to consider how an experience such as this might challenge you and determine if those challenges are a good fit for you in your life now.We are happy to discuss the trip with you in more detail if you have any questions or concerns.


We welcome all yoga practitioners on any level. To maintain the intention of the trip all group meals will be vegetarian and we request that participants refrain from consuming drugs, alcohol and tobacco throughout the duration of the trip. There will be some access to internet and phones, but we request that participants be prepared to limit access to outside distractions so that we can all be fully present and engaged in the experience.

We expect that you are signing up for this experience in order to fully participate, committing yourself to the collective group experience. You can also expect this from the Africa Yoga Project staff and the others on the trip. We ask for your participation with us in creating an inclusive, caring, and compassionate atmosphere. If a participant chooses to engage in any activity or behavior that Africa Yoga Project determines has compromised the group’s emotional or physical safety, Africa Yoga Project reserves the right to dismiss the participant from the program without refund.


Africa Yoga Project reserves the right to refuse and/or rescind acceptance at any point to a participant who we believe is not in agreement with the intention of our trip.  If Africa Yoga Project refuses or rescinds admission to a program, all monies paid to date by the participant will be refunded, except in situations in which the applicant withheld information.


All participants are required to be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please note: all fees are in US Dollars. Any use of $ sign should be interpreted as USD

How To Register For The Trip

To reserve a space on this Africa Yoga Project Seva Safari please complete the online registration form. You can pay the minimum amount of USD 500 or the full amount of USD 1,750, but the USD 500 is required as a deposit to ensure your spot on the trip. This trip will be open to a maximum of 25 participants. We will accept applications on a first come first serve basis and enrollment is subject to space availability. We will create a wait list for those who are interested in case there are any cancellations.


Fundraising Commitment and Program Fee

By registering for this trip you are committing to fund raise USD 4,000 that will go towards your service projects on the trip and to help support the continued work of Africa Yoga Project in Kenya. The entire program fee for the trip is USD 1,750, which includes all in country expenses such as accommodations, food, transportation, and park fees. As mentioned above, you can pay this at once when you register or the required minimum amount of USD 500 to reserve your spot.


While we recognize the significant fundraising commitment we are asking you to make for this program, we also know how powerful an experience it can be for you and those in your community to raise funds for a project like this. We encourage you to use this opportunity to reach out to your community, share your passion about Africa Yoga Project and the work we are doing in Kenya, and be open to others’ desire to contribute. Following registration, you will receive a packet of fundraising ideas to help you raise the USD 4,000 and more if you are so inspired!

While we will be of assistance with ideas, each registered participant is responsible for raising and/or paying the USD 4,000 by the deadlines detailed below. You are welcome to contribute personally to cover your fundraising goal for the program. The USD 1,750 program fee will not be considered fundraising dollars for tax deductible purposes as this amount covers all program activities, accommodations and meals in Kenya. Not included in these numbers is the cost to cover international flights to and from Nairobi, personal spending money, expenses for professional medical care, or personal needs.  


In order to facilitate this fundraising process and to ensure that we can cover the up front costs of the trip we have provided the following payment deadlines. A USD 500 deposit is due at the time of registration. The first USD 2,000 will be due 60 days before the start of the program and the balance of the fundraising pledge, will be due 30 days before the start of the program. Any remaining balance of the program fee after registration will be due in full no later than 30 days before the start of the program. Any additional money raised after these deadlines can be sent to Africa Yoga Project at any time.


The balance of the fundraising commitment (if not complete 30 days before start of program) should be made with a credit card on your fundraising page, which we will set up for you on the Africa Yoga Project web site (not the regonline where you made your initial deposit).


We will not continue to reserve the space of any participant whose balance is unpaid after each deadline. Applications received 60 days or less before start of program, must be accompanied by the deposit and first installment of the fundraising pledge, totaling USD 2,000. Applications received 30 days or less before the start of the program must be accompanied by the full fundraising pledge of USD 4,000 and full program fee of USD 1,750.  

Deposit and Fundraising Pledge Refunds

Your USD 500 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Funds contributed to Africa Yoga Project as part of your fundraising pledge are non-refundable. Trip cancellation insurance is available through commercial travel insurance providers if you desire. If you need to cancel your registration in this program for any reason, please notify us immediately so that we can make space available to someone on the wait list.

Flight Arrangements

Each participant is responsible for making your own international travel arrangements and booking your flight. We request that all participants arrive in Nairobi before 4:00 p.m. on first day of the program and depart after 12 noon on last day of the program. More information will be made available after registration.

Program Development and Cancellation

The planning and development of this program continues throughout the year. As new opportunities arise or logistical considerations require, the itinerary, specific destinations or other aspects of this trip may need to be altered.

Registered participants will be informed about substantive changes before the trip begins.

Africa Yoga Project reserves the right to cancel the program if it does not enroll a minimum number of participants prior to 60 days before start of program. In such instances, participants will be offered the refund of their deposit. In unforeseen instances where Africa Yoga Project cancels the program for other reasons beyond our control (e.g. political instability, health concerns) Africa Yoga Project will not be able to refund the deposit or fundraising pledges. In instances where Africa Yoga Project cancels a program for any reason, it is not responsible for the reimbursement of costs incurred by participants (flight, vaccines, visa, etc.). In instances in which a program that has begun and has to be abruptly ended for reasons beyond our control there will be no refund and any additional costs will be borne by the participant.


Risk Management

Safety is our first and foremost priority. The physical and emotional well-being of our participants is the primary concern of our staff and trip leaders. Africa Yoga Project uses care in the selection of our leaders, transportation companies, outfitters, facilities and services, and takes active steps to identify, analyze and manage risk to all participants and their personal property. However, our risk management protocol cannot remove all risk, therefore participants must understand the nature of our programs and accept the inherent risks involved in such activities.

Africa Yoga Project’s insurance does not cover the personal property and equipment of participants; participants should check with their own insurance providers to ensure their personal property and equipment are covered against loss, theft or damage.


All participants will be required to submit a health form, purchase emergency in-country evacuation insurance and sign a waiver of liability prior to departure for the trip. After you have registered for the trip we will send you instructions on how to access these forms as well as additional pre-departure information to help you prepare for the trip.

Please let us know if you have any questions: programs@africayogaproject.org


Contact Information

  • Chichi Birgen
    Programs Coordinator
    Email: programs@africayogaproject.org

Payment Instructions

  • The financial commitment for this Seva Safari is:
    • Deposit = USD 500 per person (required payment to reserve spot)
    • Program Fee = USD 1,750 per person (includes deposit)
      • Covers: Food, transportation, accommodations, and park fees
      • Doesn’t Cover: Airfare or personal items such as gifts and snacks
      • This is not tax deductible
    • Fundraising Commitment =
    USD 4,000 for participants 18 years and older 
    USD 2,000 for participants under 18 years old
      • Covers: Service projects we will be working on and the continued work of Africa Yoga Project.
      • These funds are tax-deductible

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