Foundation Series Workshops

Toronto, ON
Monday, September 29, 2008

Foundation Series Workshops

Redefining Human Energy

Toronto, ON - September 29, 2008

Mixed Signals
Connection to Technology is Disconnecting
Child Development
9:00am - 12:00pm

Videogames – the New Parent, Medication – the New Disciplinarian, Super Mario – the New Heroin, TV – the New Reality, Wii – the New Sport, Text Messaging – the New Communication.  
Plugged into technology, children are less social and less physical, causing a rise in sensory, motor and attachment disorders that we are only beginning to comprehend. Connection to various forms of technology is causing children all over the globe to disconnect from themselves, others and nature at alarming rates. Children use on average 6.5 hours per day of TV and videogames, with over 50% of children having TV’s in their bedrooms.  Family dining room tables are being replaced by big screen TV’s, causing meaningful conversations between parent-child to drop to a mere 3.5 minutes per week.  Schools are creating Virtual Classrooms, and homes are creating Virtual Families, further alienating children from essential human connection that is the basis for all learning.  The results of advancing technology are that children are physically moving less, while also ‘hard wiring’ their visual systems for high speed stimulation, creating a child who is either bored or hyperactive and academically challenged.  Plugging into technology has had significant detrimental effects on child development, as well as overall health and social well being.  Children are our future, yet are they sustainable?  Mixed Signals offers crucial insight into planning sustainability for our children’s futures in school, community and at home.

Workshop Goal – Mixed Signals raises public awareness regarding the damaging impact of technology on child development, and provides creative initiatives for schools, homes and communities to create ‘sustainable’ children.

Learning Outcomes
  • Analyze current research on technology’s impact on children’s ability to learn, pay attention, sleep, physical health (obesity, diabetes, eating disorders), mental well being (depression, fear, anxiety) socialize (aggression, conflict), accelerated sexuality, addictions....
  • Recognize parent, teacher and physician trend to diagnose and drug behavior, as opposed to trying environmental interventions.
  • Identify three critical factors for child development, and differentiate between ‘back then’ and ‘now’.
  • Using the TV/VG Help Module and the Unplug – Don’t Drug Directive, develop an unplug plan for schools and homes.
  • Using the provided Zone-O-Meter, identify how technology changes body energy zones and apply relevant Zone’in tools and techniques to help the unplug process.


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