Nature Photography and iHDR Workflow

Nature Photography & iHDR - Webinars
Session 1: Fundamentals of Nature Photography
Skill Level: ALL (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)
1. Light, Composition, Equipment & Research
2. Filters: ND Filter, GND Filters, Circular Polarizer

Session 2: Histogram and Raw Processing
Skill Level: ALL (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)
1. Understanding Histograms
         Types of Histograms
         Histogram & Exposure
         Histogram & Bracketed Exposure
         Histograms & Image Processing
2. RAW Images
        JPEG vs. RAW
         Introduction to Adobe Camera RAW
         Processing a Single RAW Image twice
         Processing Bracketed RAW Images
Session 3: Layer and Masks in Photoshop
We HIGHLY recommend a working knowledge of selections, image adjustments, and filters in Photoshop CS3 or CS4 for this session.
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
1. Layers
         Types of Layers
         Adjustment Layers
         Blending Modes and Opacity

2. Masks
         Creating Masks
         Refining Masks with complex selections
         Simple Blending using Masks
         Luminosity Masks
Session 4: iHDR Workflow
We HIGHLY recommend completing sessions 2 & 3 before attending session 4. In this session we will NOT have time to go back and cover the concepts covered in session 2 & 3.
Skill Level: Advanced
1. Capturing High Dynamic Range Images
2. Introduction to the iHDR Workflow
3. Examples and Practice
Students will be provided with detailed notes and sample images for processing during and after class hours.

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    Phone: 330.780.7100
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