The Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference 2010

Boston, MA
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final Agenda            
Location:  Westin Waterfront Boston


Wednesday May 19, 2010


Breakfast & Registration


Welcome: The Global Neurotech Industry 2010

Zack Lynch

Executive Director, Neurotechnology Industry Organization


Investing in Neurotech Panel

A diverse panel of private, public and strategic investors will discuss their investment strategies. What does it take to get a neurotech company funded? What are the benefits and risks of business models in devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and information technology? What are today's deal terms and valuations? What are the best exit strategies and how is neurotech comparing to other industries?

Andrew Firlik
General Partner, Foundation Medical Partners


Stephen Knight
Managing Partner, Fidelity Biosciences



Art Pappas
Managing Partner, Pappas Ventures



Liam Ratcliffe
Venture Partner, New Leaf Venture Partners



Rajeev Shah
Senior Analyst, RA Capital


Moderator: Casey Lynch
Managing Director, NeuroInsights


Networking and Refreshment Break


Novel Therapeutic Platforms in CNS

Companies present novel approaches for developing new therapeutics for the brain and nervous system including screening platforms, cell therapy approaches and neurodevice innovations.


Ulf Ljungberg
CEO, NeuroNova



Brad Margus
President & CEO, Envoy Therapeutics



Will Rosellini
CEO, MicroTransponder Inc.



Jim Schoeneck
President & CEO, BrainCells, Inc.



Session Chair: Ellen Baron
Partner, Oxford Bioscience Partners






Navigating Clinical Trials in Neurology and Psychiatry - Panel

Intelligent clinical trial design is critical to the success of any neurotech venture. The moderator will lead an insider panel in a discussion of specific tactics for improving the design and finding the fastest route to approval. Case studies will demonstrate lessons learned in Alzheimer's, depression, pain and more.

Mike Detke
Chief Medical Officer, MedAvante


Paul Wicks
Director, Research and Development, PatientsLikeMe



Remy Luthringer
CEO, Forenap Pharma



Suzan Onel
Partner, K&L Gates


Moderator: Joyce Cramer
President, Epilepsy Therapy Project







Alzheimer's and Cognitive Disorders


As the population ages, the market for Alzheimer's and cognitive disorders is exploding. Current treatments stabilize symptoms only for a short period of time. What is on the horizon for symptom improvement and disease modification from drug and device companies?




Greg Stock
CEO, Signum Biosciences


Konrad Glund
CEO, Probiodrug


Michael Pierschbacher
CEO, American Life Science Pharmaceuticals


Shawn Lyndon
CEO, Orasi Medical



Session Chair: Dan O'Connell
Managing Partner, NeuroVentures Capital



Neuroscience Research & Development Partnerships

What is in the pipeline at Big Pharma, Big Biotech and Big Medtech? Where are companies focusing internal versus external resources? What opportunities exist for research and development collaborations?


Chris Fibiger
Chief Scientific Officer, Biovail


Marianne De Backer
VP Business Development, Johnson & Johnson


Guy Seabrook
Sr. Director, Neuroscience Global External Research & Development, Eli Lilly



Emer Leahy
President and CEO, Psychogenics



Moderator: Ravi Kiron
Managing Director, Adjuvant Global Advisors






Networking and Refreshment Break


New Business Models in Neurotechnology

With venture capital steering away from long term and risky investments, neurosoftware, neurofeedback, neuromarketing and other new business models represent far lower risk and faster times to market.  What winning strategies are emerging in brain fitness, disease management, neuroplasticity, advertising and even sports performance?


Christopher deCharms
CEO, Omneuron


Alex Doman
CEO, Advanced Brain Technologies


Tom Dusenberry
CEO, Dusenberry Entertainment



Revere Greist
Founder, Waypoint Health Innovations



A.K. Pradeep
CEO, NeuroFocus


Session Chair: Roger Quy
General Partner, Technology Partners





Networking Reception




Continental Breakfast & Registration


Partnering and Licensing in Neurotech Panel

Big pharma, biotech and medtech are increasingly looking to smaller firms to provide innovative product candidates to fill pipelines. What are current trends in strategic alliances and partnering? Is there a new model for partnerships emerging? Is Big pharma looking to earlier stage product candidates for partnering and in-licensing? Can major medical device companies continue with their high rate of acquisitions?


Shafique Virani
Director CNS Business Development, Roche




Lothar Krinke
SVP, Research and Development, Medtronic




Leslie Coney
Sr. Director of Business Development, Biogen Idec




Reid Leonard
Executive Director, Licensing and External Research, Merck




David Schultz
Senior Director, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer




Moderator: Christine de Los Reyes
Managing Partner, Biotech Partnering Solutions








Frontiers in Neurotechnology


Novel neurotechnologies are being developed for new markets including sensory disorders, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, neuroimmunology and many others.  In this session we will hear from several companies on the cutting edge.


Jim Broderick
President, SetPoint Medical



Ed Boyden
Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab



Ben Matteo
CEO, Eos Neuroscience



Marcelo Lima
President and CEO, ImThera Medical



Session Chair: Amy Belt
Vice President, Advanced Technology Ventures






Networking and Refreshment Break


Next Generation Psychiatry

Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric illnesses represent a large portion of the neurotech market. What are the most promising next generation treatments? How will devices change the treatment landscape?


Derek Small
COO & Acting CEO, Naurex



Bob Linke
President & CEO, Embera NeuroTherapeutics



Andreas Neef
Fellow, Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology



Walter Greenleaf
President & CEO, InWorld Solutions



Session Chair: Manuel Lopez-Figueroa
Vice President, Bay City Capital






Partnering Lunch sponsored by The Neurotechnology Industry Organization





Transitioning Neurotechnology Innovations to National Security Applications

The DoD and other national security agencies invested approximately $500M into neurotechnology research in 2009.  Brain science is growing in importance to national security, including for performance, well-being and treatment of soldiers.  Panelists will include program managers from national security agencies currently investing in neurotechnology who will outline current and future needs, as well as funding opportunities.


Amy Kruse

Executive Director, Neuroscience Division, Total Immersion Software



Kaleb McDowell
Soldier Performance Division, Neuroscience Strategic Research Initiative
Cognition & Neuroergonomics - Collaborative Alliance Manager, Army Research Laboratory



Dylan Schmorrow
Office of the Secretary of Defense, Assistant Director, Human Systems



Roy Stripling
Head Human Performance Training & Education, Office of Naval Research



Session Chair: Chris Forsythe
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories






Emerging Treatments in Epilepsy and Pain

Drugs and devices with novel mechanisms of action are on the horizon to decrease

side effects and improve efficacy in treatment resistant populations for epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

Ronald Burch
CEO, Cerephex

Stephen Collins
President and CEO, NeuroTherapeutics Pharma


Bruce McCarthy
CEO, Afferent Pharmaceuticals



Linda Watkins
Founder, Xalud Therapeutics


Session Chair: Heath Lukatch
Partner, Novo Ventures


Networking and Refreshment Break


Translational Partnering and Investing Opportunities

This session will feature selected cutting edge, research projects from academia, research institutes and government labs ready for collaboration or hand off to industry. Don’t miss this showcase of the next generation of drugs, devices, and diagnostics selected from the top translational neuroscience projects. Supported in part by a grant from NINDS, NIA and NIMH.


Bruce Bean, Harvard
Permanently Charged Ion Channel Blockers for Neurogenic Inflammation



Gabriela Chiosis, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Small Molecule HSP90 Inhibitors for Alzheimer's Disease



Miles Cunningham, McLean Hospital
A New Generation of Neurosurgical Instrumentation for Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier



Hagit Eldar-Finkelman, Tel Aviv University
Potential Therapy Based on Substrate Competitive Inhibitors of GSK3



Ana Lukic, Predictek
Optimizing Data Analysis for Neuroimaging



Mike Vitek, Cognosci
ApoE-based Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease and Neurodegenerative Disorders



Junying Yuan, Harvard
Autophagy Modulation for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease



Session Chair: Jill Heemskerk
Program Director, Office of Translational Research, NINDS/ NIH



Conference Concludes



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