Planning and scheduling


Planning and Scheduling in Oracle eAM covers all of the features and functions in the Oracle maintenance module that pertain to creating, approving, planning, scheduling, transacting, completing and closing work orders.  Each topic below is covered thoroughly in web-learning sessions, in homework exercises and in web-discussion sessions:

Setup Options, Reporting and Costing

Setup Options for Planning and Scheduling

Financial and Costing Setup & Management

Maintenance Budgeting and Cost Forcasting

Finding, Analyzing, Reporting on Data
Document Management

Work Management

Work Request and Approval

Work Order Creation

Maintenance Users Workbench

Mobile Computing and Mobile Workforce Management

Resource Management

Setting Up and Managing Crews and Schedules

Managing Resource Availability

Materials Procurement

Stores Management

Tool and Equipment Resources

Time Entry

Material Handling and Usage

Contract Services

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Planning and Schedule Best Practices in eAM

Preplanned Job Library (Activities)

Work Order Planning

Work Order Scheduling

Using Complex Work Orders

Project Management - Capital and Turnarounds

Accessories Available for Oracle eAM

Preventive Maintenance

Developing Strategies Maintenance Strategies

Preventive Maintenance Basics in eAM

Using Meters to Drive Work Activities

Complex and Nested PM Setup

Automating Work Management Processes


3rd Party Accessories for Oracle eAM

Future Directions for Oracle eAM


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