CrossFit Level 1 Test at 2010 FilFest, February 19, 2010

Miami Beach
Friday, February 19, 2010

What can I expect on the test?
- It is a 50 Question Test based on the essential/ fundamental concepts of CrossFit and CrossFit movements.  All of the material used for this test comes directly from the two-day course and the associated study guide plus these rhabdo1, rhabdo2 and killer workouts.

Once I pass this test am I then accredited?
-No, passing the test means your Level One certificate is current/ updated.  Once CrossFit's application for accreditation has been approved it will become an accredited certificate.

How long until CrossFit becomes accredited?
-From the moment our application is filed (early spring) the process could take anywhere from 3-6 months.

Why take the test at FilFest?
-Beginning in early April, the Level One test will be offered at all Level One course locations and a registration link will be made available per location.  By taking the test at FilFest you will not have to travel to a test site.  The FilFest opportunity is also an additional free chance to take the test.

If I am not attending FilFest, can I still register and show up just to take the Level 1 Test?
-The L1 testing opportunity at FilFest is reserved for those trainers attending FilFest. Registration for the test is free, but FilFest attendance is $299.

What if I do not pass the test?
-Failure to take or pass the test will result in a Level One certificate becoming Level One certificate of attendance.

What is the difference between an accredited certificate and a certificate of attendance?
-An accredited certificate is required to train others (per the Trainer Licensing Agreement), become an affiliate owner, or take the Level Two Course.

Will there be an online version of the test?
-No, part of the requirement is that the test be administered and monitored in person.  It will be a closed book exam.

 How much is the test going to cost?
 -All current Level One certificates will have until July 1st, 2011 to take the Level One Test; once (not including the FilFest opportunity), free of charge.  After when, it will cost $150 to take the test and any subsequent re-tests.

When does my Level One certificate expire?
-All Level One accredited certificates will be valid for 5 years from the test date; certificates of attendance will not expire.

How do I renew my accredited certificate?
-You can attend another Level One course, at a reduced rate of $500 (test included), or register for a renewal exam for $150.

What if I live in a remote area or overseas?
-Beginning in early April, the Level One tests will be offered at every Level One; both in the United States and Internationally.  Additionally, we are looking into the future possibility of offering private, proctor monitored, testing sessions for large groups per their request; however, this is not being offered at the moment.

What if I am an affiliate and I do not pass the Level One test?
-The Level One test is a rudimentary review of the fundamentals, principles, and basic movements behind CrossFit training.  This information is likely resident within any successful Affiliate and will be a minimal requirement for Affiliation.  Unlimited opportunities to retake the test should ensure success for anyone driven towards achievement.

How does the Level One test affect my Level Two Certification?
-You will be required to pass the Level One written test in order to maintain a current Level Two Course.  When the updated & accredited Level Two Course becomes available, you will be required to pass only the written component of the Level Two exam. You will not be required to take the Level One test again once your Level Two Course becomes accredited.

What other changes to CrossFit’s Course structure do you anticipate?
-A one-day Level Two Course exam only option will be made available.  It will include both a written exam and a physical training/ performance evaluation.  The exam will fulfill ANSI’s accreditation standards.

A two-day Coach’s Prep Course will be offered as an intermediate seminar (offering a Certificate Of Attendance).  It builds upon the concepts & movements of the Level One Course, offers advanced coaching skills, and will be an excellent prep course for the Level Two Course.  It will not be a requirement for the Level 2 Course.

These changes will result in:
•    The Level One Course (without test) becoming a Certificate of Attendance.
•    The Level One Course (with test) becoming an Accredited Trainer Certificate.
•    The Coach’s Prep Course becoming a Certificate of Attendance.
•    The Level Two becoming an Accredited Coach’s Certification.

The new Accredited Trainer Certificate (Level One) will still hold the same value within the CrossFit community as it does now.  The Trainer Certificate will afford the same rights under the current Trainer Licensing Agreement and will still be a minimum requirement for Affiliation.
  In addition it will have its standards, policies, and procedures validated by a third party nationally and internationally recognized quality assurance organization (ANSI/ ISO).

These changes will also apply to all International Certificates and Certifications.

There is no set timetable for these changes and some depend on the application process and ANSI.  More detailed information will be made available as the process unfolds.  Please, feel free to contact with any further questions.

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