CrossFit Gymnastics Certification - Vancouver Canada - November 13-14, 2010

Vancouver, British Columbia
Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gymnastic Seminar:

The point of this seminar is to educate you in basic gymnastic movements which in turn will allow you to progress in your CrossFit workouts.  Such skills and drills, basic or otherwise, will allow you to develop strength moves and variations in your personal training.  All of these movements are based on form and the progression toward form with strength.  Small moves will bring great rewards – you don’t rush these movements, you LEARN them!


Basic Spotting and Safety: 

  • How to spot others.  It is a hands-on exercise.  Over-spotting. Hands on exercise
  • Self spot using stationary objects or assistance with power bands
  • What to look for when spotting: muscle fatigue, form issues, correction and feedback
  • Spotting is used until the movement and form is achieved
  • Grip – thumb around the bar


  • Spot – various techniques
  • Active Muscles
  • Hollow
  • Core - Tightness
  • Form – Proper form and being tight in the movements
  • What is gymnastics? Striving toward perfection of the forms in CF vs compulsory
  • Static vs. Dynamic Apparatus
  • Stretch

 High Bar/Pull Up Bar Variations

  • Grip – thumb around the bar – Spot – hands ON EXERCISE!
  • Kipping
  • Inversion
  • Dislocates
  • Skin the cat / pull back through to dead hang
  • L-sit raise – Dead hangs
  • L-sit pull ups
  • KTE / Ball Up
  • Muscle up
  • Back Levers
  • Front Lever


  • Safety
  • Support - Spot
  • Inversion
  • Ring position / strap position / arms close to the body
  • False grip
  • Muscle Up progression – training the muscle memory
  • Muscle UP
  • Iron Cross variations/progressions


  • Forward roll – and its importance
  • Spotting – Controlled kick up - Controlled falling
  • Head Stands
  • Handstands – how to lunge and kick up to your spot
  • Body position, hands, hollow body, active shoulders
  • Wall support – kicking up – walking up
  • HSPU – Hand Stand Push Ups
  • Power Bands harness – self spotting technique
  • Press Handstands
  • Pirouettes


  • L-sit and progression
  • Tucked V-sits
  • L-sit into HS
  • Donkey kick
  • Planche
  • Push Ups and the EROM
  • Handstands
  • Press Handstands

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