The Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference 2011

San Francisco, CA
Monday, May 09, 2011

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Location:  St. Regis San Francisco

Monday May 9, 2011


Breakfast & Registration


Welcome: The Global Neurotech Industry 2011

Casey Lynch
Managing Director, NeuroInsights


Investing in Neurotech Panel

A diverse panel of private, public and strategic investors will discuss their investment strategies. What does it take to get a neurotech company funded? What are the benefits and risks of business models in devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and information technology? What are today's deal terms and valuations? What are the best exit strategies and how is neurotech comparing to other industries?

Moderator: Bruce Leuchter
Director, Clinical Neuropsychiatry & Neurostimulation Therapies, Weill Cornell Medical College

Luke Evnin
Managing Director, MPM Capital

Kiran Reddy
Principal, Third Rock Ventures

Kevin Wasserstein
Managing Director, Versant Ventures

Ilan Zipkin
Partner, Prospect Venture Partners

Mark McInerney
Visium Asset Management


Networking and Refreshment Break




Beyond the BBB: Gene Therapy, Cell Implants and Drug Delivery


Companies present novel approaches for delivering new therapeutics for the brain and nervous system including gene therapy, cell therapy, protein conjugates and neurodevice innovations.


Session Chair: John Reher
Partner, Brain Trust Accelerator Fund

Jeff Ostrove
CEO, Ceregene

Erich Mohr
Chairman & CEO, MedGenesis Therapeutix

Lars Wahlberg
Executive Vice President and COO, NsGene


Jean-Paul Castaigne
CEO, AngioChem




Alzheimer's and MCI



As the population ages, the market for Alzheimer's and cognitive disorders is exploding. Current treatments stabilize symptoms only for a short period of time. What is on the horizon for symptom improvement and disease modification from drug and device companies?



Session Chair: Stephen Knight

Managing Partner, Fidelity Bioscience

Kees Been
CEO, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Ives

CEO, Satori Pharmaceuticals

Jonathan Solomon
CEO, NeuroPhage

Eyal Baror
CEO, Neuronix Medical

Daniel O'Connell
CEO, Functional Neuromodulation, Inc.




Lunch Keynote

The Most Important Financial Decision Facing CNS Companies: The True Cost of Risk - Paul Gilbert, CEO MedAvante



Internal and External Research & Development

What is in the pipeline at Big Pharma, Big Biotech and Big Medtech? Where are companies focusing internal versus external resources? What opportunities exist for research and development collaborations?


Session Chair:
Liam Ratcliffe

General Partner, New Leaf Venture Partners

Lothar Krinke

VP of Research and Business Development, Medtronic Neuromodulation

Jeffrey Nye

VP and Head External Innovation for Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson

Larry Altstiel
Vice President, Head of Neuroscience Clinical Research, Pfizer

Alexander Schuth

Head of Neuroscience Partnering, Genentech




Networking and Refreshment Break




Orphan Disorders: ALS, Huntington's, Friedreich's Ataxia and more


With regulatory and reimbursement approvals becoming more difficult, the profile of orphan disorders is on the rise.  Companies have now shown that premium pricing for orphan disorders can propagate a highly successful business model. What new treatments are on the horizon?




Session Chair: Jennifer King

Senior Director, Scientific Licensing and Business Development, Shire

Andrew Gengos

CEO, Neuraltus

Jay Lichter
CEO, Afraxis & Managing Director, Avalon Ventures

Steve Orndorff

CEO, Ariel Pharmaceuticals

Anthony Ignagni

CEO, Synapse Biomedical




New Business Models in Neurotechnology



With venture capital steering away from long term and risky investments, neurosoftware, neurofeedback, neuromarketing and other new business models represent far lower risk and faster times to market.  What winning strategies are emerging in brain fitness, sleep management, neuroplasticity, and human performance?

Session Chair: Roger Quy
General Partner, Technology Partners

Henry Mahncke
CEO, Posit Science

Chris Berka
CEO and Co-Founder, Advanced Brain Monitoring

David Dickinson
CEO, Zeo

Stanley Yang
CEO, NeuroSky






Networking Reception


Tuesday May 10, 2011




Continental Breakfast & Registration



Partnering and Licensing in Neurotech Panel

Big pharma, biotech and medtech are increasingly looking to smaller firms to provide innovative product candidates to fill pipelines. What are current trends in strategic alliances and inlicensing? With cutbacks in internal neuropharma R&D can we expect more partnering deals? Which companies are active in outlicensing deprioritized programs? What are priority indications and requirements for licensing deals? Where are the opportunities for neurodevice partnerships and where are the major players focusing their attentions?  With big pharma paying more attention to neurodiagnostics, what kinds of deals and partnerships can we expect in 2011?


Moderator: Christine de los Reyes

Managing Director, BiotechPartnering Solutions

Peter Lando
Vice President of Intellectual Property & Business Development, St. Jude Medical


Erik Nielsen
Director, Scientific Licensing, Corporate Business Development & Strategy

H. Lundbeck A/S

Mark Nuttall
VP Licensing, Neuroscience and EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Kenneth Maynard

Global Head, Business Development, Aging, Sanofi-Aventis

Alethia de Leon
Head of Search & Evaluation, Neuroscience and Ophthalmics, Global BD&L, Novartis





Networking and Refreshment Break



Frontiers in Neurotechnology


In this session we will hear from companies on the cutting edge. Novel neurostimulation devices are being developed for new markets including sensory disorders, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, neuroimmunology and many others. New technology developed in other fields is yeilding benefits in neurodiagnostics. Exciting new platforms leveraging cutting edge techniques are being used for drug discovery. Don't miss this preview of next generation products and companies.

Session Chair: Vincent Kim
Partner, Aberdare Ventures

Karoly Nikolich
CEO, Circuit Therapeutics

Daniel DiLorenzo

Founder and CEO, DiLorenzo Biomedical

Dean Gray
Business Development, Heidelberg Engineering

Laura Perryman
CEO, Stimwave Technologies

Ben Pless
President & CEO, Autonomic Technologies




Next Generation Psychiatry


Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, addiction and other psychiatric illnesses represent a large portion of the neurotech market.  What are the most promising next generation treatments? How will devices and diagnostics change the treatment landscape?

Session Chair: Manuel Lopez-Figueroa

Vice President, Bay City Capital

Anthony McKinney
CEO, Euthymics Bioscience

Jay Shepard

President & CEO, NextWave Pharmaceuticals

Eric Meier

CEO, Neostim

Lonna Williams

CEO, Ridge Diagnostics




Partnering Lunch sponsored by The Neurotechnology Industry Organization




Strategies for CNS Drug and Device Development


Through case studies, drug and device companies will discuss lessons learned and current issues in discovery, animal models, clinical trial design, regulatory hurdles, reimbursement challenges, financing and partnering. Regulatory and clinical experts will join the discussion to highlight changes at the FDA and strategies for changing current paradigms in CNS treatment development.

Session Chair: Michael Grey
Venture Partner, Pappas Ventures



Scott Cullison

Sr. Director, Business & Commercial Development, Targacept

Amir Kalali
Vice President, Global Medical Therapeutic Head, CNS, Quintiles

Frank Fischer
CEO, Neuropace

Suzan Onel

Partner K&L Gates, NIO Regulatory Counsel




Networking and Refreshment Break






Pain, Epilepsy, & Migraine



Drugs and devices with novel mechanisms of action are on the horizon to decrease side effects and improve efficacy in treatment resistant populations for epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

Session Chair: Joyce Cramer

Executive Director: Epilepsy Therapy Project

John Andrews

CSO, NeurAxon

Gail Farfel

Chief Clinical Development Officer, Marinus Pharmaceuticals

Leon Ekchian
President and CEO, NeuroSigma

David Wood
President and CEO, Spinal Modulation





NIO Working Group

An overview and participant discussion of current and future congressional, FDA, and CMS initiatives to advance neurotech.

Zack Lynch
Executive Director, Neurotech Industry Organization

John Reppas
Director of Public Policy, Neurotech Industry Organization

Daniel Ritter
Partner, K&L Gates, NIO Public Policy Counsel


Conference Concludes



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