Faculty Summer Institute 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

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Track Descriptions

Big Ideas

Discover the new! Innovative new tools and technologies seem to appear every day. What’s out there now, and what’s on the horizon? This track will explore the newest and most cutting-edge technologies available in teaching today. Proposals for the Big Ideas track should describe the best new and prospective teaching technologies available, including inventive uses of mobile learning, iPads and droids, social networking, and more. Tell us what’s new in teaching technologies and demonstrate effective methods for utilizing them

Better Ways

Change for the better! Excellent teachers seek out, imagine, develop, and pioneer better ways of engaging and educating their students. Most successful adaptations within educational technologies will not be wholly new, but more likely creative combinations of established teaching and technology practices. Proposals for this track focus on teaching and technology enhancements among teachers, curricula, departments, or campus that fall between the imagining and deploying stages. Tell us about recent efforts on your campus toward improving the management, coordination, and effectiveness of teaching with technology.

Best Practices

Share your results! This track brings together a focus on informed teaching through learning analytics, formal and informal feedback, scholarship of teaching and learning, and stories of successes in the face-to-face and virtual classrooms. Proposals for the Best Practices track should report research you’ve conducted and lessons you’ve learned through the application of technology in your teaching. Successful proposals will introduce ideas that have resulted in improved student engagement, applied effective methods, and will help others gather and use feedback/data to improve learning. We are especially interested in best practices that address accessibility and usability issues.


Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions are 75-minute presentations that form the core of conference offerings. Most feature a successful practice, program, or key issue related to online teaching and learning, or a demonstration of a technological or pedagogical approach. Conference attendees expect these sessions to provide practical advice about innovative courses, techniques, or research. Concurrent sessions are intended for an audience of approximately 30-60 people, and a maximum of three speakers per session is recommended. Presenters are expected to use active learning techniques to engage audiences, to distribute materials, and to respond to follow-up requests for more information. Lecture-only presentations are strongly discouraged.

FSI Afternoon Collaborative Learning Track

In keeping with the spirit of collaborative learning at FSI, we offer three afternoon options from 3:00 to 5pm Monday through Wednesday. All three are devoted to active learning: Learning Team: where you choose a topic for in-depth training; Discovery Lab: where you can drop in for one-to-one consultation session, or work on specific problems and cases; and Headliner Workshops: which feature a different best-of training workshop each day.  Learning Team enrollment is limited and members are strongly encouraged to stay with the team every day and commit to the team project. The Discovery Lab and Headliner Workshop options provide more choices and a more flexible commitment, yet still offer excellent opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and learn from experienced staff and instructors.

Learning Team Option

Learning Teams are designed for a small group of participants to work on a topic of your choice before, during, and after the conference. Before the Conference begins you will start getting connected with other team members via email, Twitter, or Facebook. During the conference, your team will meet 3 out of the 4 days to discuss your topic and work on a project. On the last day of the conference, each learning team will have "Five Minutes of Fame" to present their findings to the entire conference cohort. These presentations offer useful tips and a comprehensive summary of the learning team activities. After the conference, learning team members often continue their relationships online through follow-up discussions on topics of shared interests and experiences.

Concurrent Options: Discovery Lab and Headliner Workshops

Discovery Lab

The Discovery Lab is an open computer lab where you can have one-to-one 30-minute consultations, or work with another participant on projects of your own choosing. Feedback from previous conferences showed that attendees want time to integrate some of what they’re learning into their own courses, but those who have specific questions or problems can receive help as well. If you propose to help staff the Lab submit your name to one of five topics that you can provide consultation for: 1) online teaching strategies, 2) learning management systems, 3) instructional design, 4) hand-held and mobile devices, or 5) social media. The Discovery Lab offers attendees access to computers, the Internet, specialized software and hardware, focused learning activities, and expert consultation. Similar to poster sessions, consultants and technology experts will be on hand with signage describing their expertise, new technologies for people to try, and demonstrations for participants.

Headliner Workshops

Headliner Workshops are hands-on training sessions conducted in computer labs and offered to audiences of 15 - 30. The Workshops provide concentrated learning exercises and activities, and will be specially selected by the FSI planning committee to showcase a series of best-of topics pertaining to teaching with technology. If you are offering a proposal to present a Headliner Workshop, you will be expected to facilitate a well-planned, interactive, and meaningful training experience for participants, provide handouts, support materials, or relevant web resources. TED-type, lecture-only presentations are strongly discouraged. Headliner Workshops offer conference attendees additional opportunities to explore new ideas and collaborate with colleagues.


The following commercial vendors will be doing presentations and/or Headliner Workshops throughout the week: Adobe, Apple, Articulate, Claridge, and i>clicker


Contact Information

  • Questions? Please contact:
    Michelle Marquart
    Online and Continuing Education
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Phone: 217-244-7657
    Email: mmarqua2@illinois.edu

Payment Instructions

  • Checks should be made payable to 'University of Illinois' and mailed along with a copy of your registration confirmation page to:

    Faculty Summer Institute 2011
    Attn: Michelle Marquart
    Online & Continuing Education
    901 W. University Ave.
    Suite 101, MC-260
    Urbana, IL 61801

    Please save or print your registration confirmation page for your records. You should also receive a confirmation email with the option to print a receipt or invoice. This will be your only form of receipt.

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