Jim Brickman Exotic Eastern Caribbean Cruise 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Passenger capacity -2,974
Total Crew -1,160
Officer's nationality - Italian
Ship Size - Large
Tonnage - 110,000
Ship Length -952 feet
Registry - Panama

Onboard Experience:
The public areas of Liberty are rarely quiet, but the atmosphere is conducive to fun. The pool area is the hub of activity, dominated by a 270 sq ft. LCD TV, dubbed the SeaSide Theatre, above on Deck 10; it's used for entertainment, from poolside Trivia in the mornings to concerts and movies in the evening, and for major sporting events.

For those interested in a quieter daytime option, there's an aft pool with a retractable dome deployed during inclement weather.

Onboard musical options can satisfy all tastes, from the concerts on the big screen to the Piano Man Piano Bar, Karaoke, Disco with DJs, and Live Dance Music in Victoria's Lounge; there's also easy listening or classical music on the ground floor of the nine-deck-high atrium, in the Grand Villa Garden.

The ship has an Internet Cafe (hidden in a corner of the aft Cabinet Bar on Deck 4) where you can send e-mail and access the Internet. The Liberty has WiFi service available from bow to stern, including individual passenger cabins. You can log in using your own laptops, or rent from the ship for $20 per day, plus the cost of the time you spend online.

With 22 bars and lounges, there's no difficulty getting your favorite beverages. Soda cards (for unlimited soft drinks) are available for children and adults.

And everyone enjoys the self-serve soft ice cream and frozen yogurt available near the two main pool areas.

A hit among kids and adults alike is the enormous water slide on Deck 11. It offers a fun ride through "the chutes" when you start that high above the sea.

Legendary Joe Farcus is Carnival's designer, and Liberty continues his pattern of creating distinctive individual themes for each ship. In Liberty's case, the theme is Artisans, covering all variations of the artistic designs and handcrafted workmanship of times gone by.

Beginning in the Grand Villa Garden at the bottom of the Atrium, ornate artisan ironwork is used throughout the ship's passageways, decorating walls, railings, pillars and wall frames. This gives these areas a clearly European flare, and does a nice job of tying varying design elements together.

Public Rooms: There's a noticeable "wow factor" for persons boarding the ship on the lowest level of the atrium; their first view is of the Grand Villa Garden, which feels very much like a European courtyard. The hardwood laminate flooring gives the area an unexpected richness for a Carnival ship. The glass elevators running up and down on one side of the atrium add a modern touch, and a ride in them at some time during your cruise is a must for the views.

The center of the ship's life is Deck 4, surrounding the Atrium; and Deck 5, the Promenade Deck. Promenade Deck is the only deck that runs from bow to stern inside the ship, other than the passenger cabin decks -- 2,3, 6, 7 and 8.

Deck 5/Promenade Deck could be considered the entertainment center of the ship. From Gloves Sports Bar, just off of the atrium, traveling aft through Promenade deck brings you to the enormous Casino, the Casino Bar, Club 02 (the teens-only disco), Without Batteries (the ship's video arcade), the Jardin Cafe (for purchasing specialty coffees and incredible desserts), Origami Sushi Bar, the Wine Bar, the Piano Man Bar (where sing-alongs create a packed house most nights), the Stage Lounge (for Karaoke), and the ship's large alternate showroom, the traditionally decorated Victoria Lounge.

The ship's shops, selling logo wear, jewelry and sundries, are on Promenade Deck as well, around the Atrium.

Forward on Promenade Deck is the most visually stunning room on the ship, the Venetian Palace showroom. With a Venetian theme established by an enormous central chandelier (created from Italy's famed Murano glass), Venetian masks decorating the ceiling, and two-deck-high Jesters book ending the stage, the decor of the main showroom sets the stage for the quality entertainment to follow.

The Venetian Palace is three decks high (lowest level on Deck 3). Aside from production shows and headline acts, this room is used for most of the ship's evening passenger participation games, as well as daily/nightly bingo games.

On Deck 4 is the Antiquarian Library, nicely decorated, with a great selection of books.

The Cabinet Lounge is also on Deck 4, just forward of the aft Golden Olympic Dining Room. Cabinet Lounge is the ship's cigar bar, which features live jazz in the evenings. Since it is adjacent to a dining room,


There are two main dining rooms on the Liberty, and they use traditional assigned seating, but with four dining times available, rather than the usual two.

The Golden Olympian Dining Room is mid-ship on Decks 3 and 4, with entries from two doorways on each of the two levels, one forward and one aft.

The Silver Olympian Dining Room, at the stern on Decks 3 and 4, is also used for open-seating breakfast and lunch. This room is larger and much airier. The dining room is surrounded by windows on three sides, which enhances its design, and contributes to making it preferable to the Golden Dining Room.

A more upscale dining experience is available at the ship's alternate restaurant ($30 per person surcharge), Harry's  Supper Club.     Named after famed jeweler Harry Winston, Harry's also offers a musical duo and a dance floor to entertain diners. The decor and furnishings in Harry's are of higher quality than the other dining areas. And the Versace plates and fine silver flatware contribute to a more upscale tone. The core of the menu includes varying cuts of steak, though lobster and fish are also offered.

For more of a fast food experience, there's the buffet at Emile's on Lido Deck. It's open for breakfast and lunch, as well as for casual dinner. Expect a wide variety of choices within this very large area. In the back (aft section) are two buffet lines serving a traditional buffet lunch, with items changing daily, and a carving station for different types of meats. Breakfasts in this section are pretty traditional buffet service.

Forward of that are two buffet lines called Taste of Nations, with lunches offering a menu that varies by national cuisine each day. There are also two buffet lines serving stir-fry dishes. Passengers choose raw ingredients -- meats, fish, seafood, vegetables etc.-- as they proceed through the line until they reach the cooking station, where the chefs cook the chosen ingredients.

By the farthest-aft swimming pool, just outside Emile's, there's a starboard side grille serving up hamburgers, hot dogs, and steak sandwiches. There are also heated chaffing dishes for hot condiments -- fried onions, sauted mushrooms, even chili. On the port side in this location is the 24-hour pizzeria, which also serves Caesar salad.

There are two more grilling stations near the central swimming pools for the fast-food hamburger/hot dog experience.

Inside Emile's, on each side as you move between the Grand Buffet and Taste of Nations, are small service windows. On the starboard side the menu offers Asian cuisine -- a combination of Chinese food and Asian fair. Opposite, on the port side, the same window offers deli sandwiches, both cold and hot, served on a choice of breads. Another choice that people often miss is located one deck above Emile's. Here they serve fish and chips and a variety of seafood during lunch.

For breakfasts, all the inside lines serve similar food, though there are a number of made-to-order egg and omelette stations.

During the morning, one of the grill areas near the central pool also offered breakfast items and made-to-order eggs and omelettes. Breakfast at this station was available quite a bit later, after the other buffet lines were closed.

Carnival excels in entertainment, with lavish production shows (three during an eight- day cruise), glitzy costumes, and costly lighting effects. Headline acts featuring comedians, magicians, ventriloquists, jugglers or song stylists will vary with their schedules. There are generally two late-night Adult Comedy shows as well, beginning at midnight.

Aside from the daily show room entertainment, watch your daily schedule onboard (The Carnival Capers) for all variety of entertainment -- including the poolside games, trivia contests, passenger participation games, Karaoke, bingo, art auctions, sports challenges, etc. (You can even get a temporary henna tattoo by the pool)

Carnival also does a great job of making it fun for everyone at the deck parties, held a couple of times per cruise, which always include a band, the cruise staff, dancing, and of course food.



The gym, at 15,000 sq. ft., is full of treadmills, stationary bikes, Stairmasters, rowing and hydraulic weight machines, and of course free weights. The strategically placed equipment allows you to enjoy the panoramic views offered by the floor-to-ceiling windows. For runners, a lap on the jogging deck, which surrounds the smokestack, is equivalent to 1/11 of a mile.

On six- to eight-day cruises there will be two nights when formal attire is suggested. All other nights are designated casual. Though there were tuxedos in evidence, suits and sports jackets seemed more the norm.





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