2012 Windermere Kick-Off & Symposium

Seattle, Washington
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Course Descriptions
This year's Symposium is broken down into three distinct tracks of learning from which to choose:

Track I - Four continuing education courses,
Track II - One of two designation courses (Relationship Marketing Specialist or Certified Negotiation Expert - CNE),
Track III - Larry Kendall's Ninja Installation Part 2.
Note: there are attendee limits to all tracks. Register early! Tracks will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Register prior to Thursday, January 18 to avoid the $50 late registration fee!

Track I - Continuing Education Classes (earn 12 credits*) - $350

Four continuing education classes provide you with an opportunity to earn 12 continuing education credits during the two-day event. These classes have been pre-approved for 12 credits in Washington and 9 credits in Oregon. Continuing education credits may not be available in all states.

Steve Harney - Keeping Current Matters

In this class you will learn how to evaluate market data in new and varied ways in order to benefit your buyers and sellers.
PorterWorks - Anatomy of a Deep Green Home
This class outlines the journey from idea to reality of a national award-winning deep green demonstration home.
Bold Echo - Intercultural Communication
In this class you'll learn effective communication techniques and how to reduce misunderstandings, increase cultural sensitivity and decrease ethnocentricity in communications.
Demco Law - A Legal Study of Changing Trends 2012
Learn how to successfully navigate a transaction concerning a bank-owned or HUD-owned property. Learn strategies for dealing with the bank addendum, mutual acceptance issues, foreclosure and bankruptcy issues, unequal negotiation power, seller disclosures, and more. Enjoy an in-depth look at some examples of the always one-sided and often sloppy (but frequently entertaining) bank addenda that rules so many transactions in today's market.

Track II - Designation Courses (earn a designation and 15 credits) - $450
In this track you'll choose one of two designation courses available to earn either a national or Windermere Real Estate designation. Washington residents will earn 15 continuing education credits for either course. Oregon residents will earn 15 continuing education credits for the CNE class. Continuing education credits may not be available in all states. 

Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)
In this designation course taught by Bruce Dunning, you will learn negotiation skills needed to proactively plan your real estate negotiations for success.

Relationship Marketing Specialist (RMS)
In this course taught by Nicole Nicolay and Michael Fanning, you'll learn: to utilize today's most powerful digital, paper-based, face-to-face, and social marketing concepts and best practices; how to employ time-saving techniques to reach your sphere with a consistent system and turn each into a relationship-building interaction; to create an online presence and understand the importance of real estate websites, blogs, and search engine optimization; and to identify tools that fit your unique budget, resources, and capabilities.

Track III - Larry Kendall Ninja Installation Part 2 - $450
This follow up course to the Ninja Installation features Larry Kendall and his associate Terri Johnson. Together they will present the following 4 sessions:

1st Session:    Wake-Up Money
2nd Session:  "No One Can Do Your Dream"
3rd Session:   "Know Your Market and Your People Better Than Anyone Else"
4th Session:   "The Ninja Path"

This will be your last chance to take a class from Larry Kendall in Seattle. After this event, he will no longer be teaching Ninja Installation classes on the road.

*Credits are pre-approved in Washington. Continuing education credits may not be available in all states.

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