Lead Retrieval Order Form - Niagara Summit

Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday, April 29, 2012
Scanner Features 

  • Unsurpassed Bluetooth Barcode Reader. No need to be an expert in barcode reading 
  • Wireless synchronization of leads 
  • Mobile. No need to be plugged into anything to function 
  • Data can be viewed and exported in real-time via the web, into Excel or text format 
  • Long battery life 
  • Easy to use interface for barcode reading 
  • Ability to answer custom questions and enter in notes on the device using full QWERTY keyboard 
  • Crisp color screen 
  • Prints to optional Bluetooth printer
Custom Questions
There is an option to setup each device with a set of custom questions. After a barcode is scanned, the user can answer the questions. The set of answers is automatically associated with that scan and can be viewed at anytime for later use.

Taking Notes
Using the full keyboard of the Blackberry, the user can take notes after a barcode is scanned. Each note will be associated with that that scan and can be viewed at anytime for later use.

There is the option to connect the device to a portable Bluetooth printer and print in a readable format, the barcodes that are scanned. The printing reports the custom questions and notes entered for each scan.
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