Look for the 2013 IYLEP Application in Mid-October 2012!


Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program
Iraqi High School Student Application


Instructions for the Online Application

The IYLEP High School application is an online application. Please follow instructions carefully.

**It is important to know that you cannot save data in your application until you have completed all the fields. We recommend looking at the application to become familiar with it, preparing your answers to the essays, and then entering all the information at once. Once you have done this and submitted your application, you can return to it using the password you create to make edits, change your answers, or upload required documents.**

Two Hour Time Limit

  • When you log in, you will have TWO HOURS before the application times out. You will not be able to save your application unless you enter all required fields and submit it within those two hours.

  • Prepare Ahead: We suggest that you look over the application, prepare ahead of time, and then complete all the fields when you are ready. You may log in any time before December 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM (Iraq Time) using your email address that you registered with.

  • Work Offline: You may write the application or essays in Microsoft Word (or any other program), and then paste your answers into the application. Please pay attention to the word limits on the essay questions.

  • At the end of the application, applicants will be required to certify that the application was written using only their OWN words.


    There are 6 short essays and 3 long essays on the online application. The essay questions are included below. You should answer these before you fill out your application. You can then cut and paste your answers into your application when you are ready to submit it.

    Please write your answers in clear English and in your own words. Plagiarism will result in the removal of your application from consideration. Your answers should not exceed 250 words each.

    Why do you want to participate in the exchange program, and what skills do you hope to gain if you are chosen?

    Have you ever had to work closely with people who were different from you? What were the particular challenges of the experience?

    If you have a disagreement with a family member, friend, or school mate, how do you work to resolve the issue?

    Describe a time when you failed at something you set out to do. How did the experience affect y

    In which ways can youth be involved in your community?  Do you think youth can be leaders?  Why or why not?

    What are you interested in doing when you finish secondary school? If you want to attend university, which subject do you plan to study?


    Please respond to ALL three essay questions below in clear English and in your own words. Plagiarism will result in the removal of your application from consideration. Some questions have multiple parts, so make sure to answer each part of the question. Your answers should not exceed 500 words each.

    Although we will be evaluating your English skills, we are most interested in your ideas.

    What are the qualities a good leader should have? Using two examples, describe how you are an effective leader in your school, community, or home.

    Please write a letter introducing yourself to a potential host family. Discuss your family, school, hobbies, likes/dislikes and anything else you would like them to know about you.

    Talk about a specific need people in your community (school, city, or country) have. What concrete steps could be taken to help meet this need?

Submitting your Application

  • In order to submit your application, you must enter all required fields and click Continue at the bottom of the page within TWO hours of the time you logged in. This will take you to the Review & Submit page, where you will be able to review your application and make any changes.
  • PASSWORD: When you complete your online application, you will also create your own password to access your application after you have submitted it. WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD. You will need it if you want to make changes or upload documents to your application before the December 18 deadline. There is a link to change your password if you forget it. REMEMBER, YOUR PASSWORD ONLY TAKES EFFECT WHEN YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION.

  • When you submit your completed application, all of your information will be saved. You will be able to make any changes and upload any documents until December 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM (Iraq Time). We will not read any applications before the deadline. You may make edits, change your answers, or upload documents to your submitted application before that time.

  •  If you are not able to move to the Review & Submit page, it is because some fields are empty or incorrect. = If this appears next to a field, it means that the field is empty or incorrect.

  • When you successfully submit your application, you will be notified through email that we have received your application. However, your application will not be reviewed until ALL documents (photograph, copy of passport, signed parent/guardian permission form, and two letters of recommendation) are uploaded to your application.



If your professors want to send their letters of recommendation about you directly to IYLEP instead of giving them to you to upload to your application, please tell them to scan the letters and then go to http://bit.ly/StudentHSDocs (case sensitive!)

They can then upload your letters directly without you being able to see them. Make sure that the email address you use to register for the application is on the letters you give to your professors. If you already have you Registration ID number, make sure they have this too.

You should apply for a passport now if you do not have one. If you get your passport after the application deadline of December 18, 2011 but before the passport deadline of January 18, 2012, you can also upload it by going to http://bit.ly/StudentHSDocs (case sensitive!)

To Begin

To begin, click "Register Now" at the top of this page. You must have a valid email address to start the application.

Editing your Application

  • After your application is submitted, all of your information will be saved.  Remember, you can make edits, change your answers, and upload any documents to your applications until December 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM (Iraq Time).

  • To return to your application, click "View or Change Your Existing Registration"(from the Register Now page).  Then, log in using the email address and password that you have entered in your application.  
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