2012 Morgridge Family Foundation Share Fair

Denver, Colorado
Saturday, May 05, 2012


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2012 Morgridge Family Foundation SHARE FAIR
May 5, 2012
Morgridge College of Education, Katherine A. Ruffatto Hall, University of Denver Campus
Room 105
Presentation Using Edmodo to Create Your Digital Learning Ecosystem
Description Across Colorado and around the globe, teachers are using Edmodo to harness the power of safe social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner.  Join us to understand how Colorado teachers are delivering digital content to their classrooms, promoting collaboration and sharing among students, and discovering great content from their teacher peers in Edmodo learning environments.  We’ll also give you the inside track on what Edmodo is doing to support one of the largest blended learning initiatives in the world--all driven by teacher adoption.  Nearly 6 million teachers and students have joined Edmodo in the last three and half years and the community is growing rapidly (1000% in the last year alone).
Presenter Rob Hunter, Chairman, Edmodo
       Resume Rob is chairman of Edmodo, a leading social learning network for K12, Rob was co-founder of Edusoft (acquired by Houghton-Mifflin), one of the most widely used assessment management platforms in US public education. Rob is a patent holder in games-based adaptive learning and is the founder of a tax credits partnership administered by the U.S. Treasury focusing on high performance charter schools.
Presenter Kim McMonagle, Director of Educational Technology, Douglas County School District
       Resume Kim McMonagle, is a life long learner and believes in sparking the possibilities necessary to transform teaching and learning. Digital tools + highly effective instructional strategies = high yielding results. 
Room 106 Commons
Presentation Blended Learning with SMART 
Description Come experience what SMART brings to a blended learning environment.   With blended learning, educators can leverage SMART products to facilitate a broader, more diverse, rich learning space for students.  We will showcase hardware and software features that will assist educators in providing blended learning opportunities for students.  New features of Notebook 11 will be incorporated within this session presentation.  
Presenter Jaimie Ashton, Education Advocate, SMART Technologies
       Resume Jaimie Ashton has worked for SMART Technologies since 2007.  She is an Education Advocate with SMART and is developing programs for their emerging markets. She has spoken at educational conference internationally and across North America delivering keynotes, workshops, and presentations. Jaimie taught for a short time at Calgary Board of Education before joining SMART but spent most of her teaching career overseas within the international school teaching community. 
Presenter Carrie Rigney, Education Consultant, SMART Technologies
       Resume Carrie Rigney has worked as an Education Consultant with SMART Technologies since 2007.  She is a former classroom teacher with experience in successful integration of SMART products.  During her five years with SMART, she has work extensively with numerous school districts and organizations to enable their successful roll-out and implementation of SMART products.  She has spoken at many educational conferences across North America sharing her passion for technology integration.      
Room 122
Presentation Museum Blend:   Combining the Right Mix for Learning at DMNS
  Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS)
Description What exactly is blended learning?  In this session, we’ll show you how the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is making efforts to answer this question from an informal education perspective.   Our unique blend of face-to-face and online programming allows us to bring the Museum to both teachers and students through memorable and meaningful experiences that strengthen learning.  Find out more about our ideas through some of our program offerings. We’ll also give you a fun, first-hand look by facilitating an activity that merges art, science, and interactive components of online and face-to-face learning that are out of this world!
Presenter Robert Payo, Education Technology Coordinator
       Resume With 25 years of experiences as an informal educator, Robert Payo assists in coordinating the technology needs of the Museum’s school and teacher programs. He also oversees the Museum’s webinar series for teacher professional development and is a facilitator for hybrid online/face-to-face courses for teachers.
Room 134
Presentation How to Make On-Line Learning Relevant:  Using Classroom Time to Help Students Explore and Understand Concepts and Applications Using Hands-on Learning Activities
Description In this session, come and explore how bring on-line lessons to life in the classroom.  Using several Khan Academy math videos as a launching point, RAFT presenters will share examples of how to connect them to hands-on activities to:  (1)   help students deepen their understanding of the underlying concepts; and (2) make their learning relevant through practical applications; (3) provide students opportunities to develop 21st Century skills, including critical thinking and reasoning, collaboration, and self-direction. 
  RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) is an amazing place for teachers to get inspired and find innovative, affordable resources to engage their students in interactive, hands-on activities.  RAFT provides a large and varied selection of ideas and materials; professional development opportunities in 21st Century teaching techniques, and individualized teacher support and mentoring in a warm, friendly environment.
Presenter Mary Simon, Executive Director and Founder, RAFT
       Resume Mary taught for 12 years in elementary schools, specializing in math and science education for young children. In 1994, Mary founded RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching) in San Jose, CA, and has served as the Executive Director since its inception. Mary holds a certificate in Non Profit Leadership from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is a Senior Fellow in American Leadership Forum - Silicon Valley. 
Presenter Stephanie Welsh, Executive Director, RAFT Colorado
       Resume Stephanie began her career practicing law at a large regional firm, but she soon directed her professional skills and development toward the fields of education and non-profit organizations.  In 2008, John and Carrie Morgridge decided to bring RAFT to Colorado and hired Stephanie to make it happen.  
Presenter Amy Turino, Director of Education, RAFT Colorado
       Resume Amy has taught a wide range of learners in a variety of school settings.  Amy is warm, engaging, passionate about interactive education, and deeply understanding of and committed to teachers and extending their professional development. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and is a doctoral candidate at the Morgridge College of Education at DU.
Room 152
  Lincoln Elementary, Canon City Schools
Presentation Our Recipe to Success!  Using Android Tablets in the Elementary Classroom
Description TABLETS – aren’t just a buzz word for secondary education – they have now entered the elementary arena.  If experts have proven the need to reach today’s digital learner, then why not start at the elementary level by adding relevance, energy, and enthusiasm to our classrooms.  Come and explore some of the FREE resources we are using with our elementary students.  Learn from our ‘Aha’ moments as we implemented tablets in our classrooms.  This will include free apps, educational websites, wireless connections, eBooks, vendors, liability, permission slips, and much more.  Create your recipe for success in your own 21st century classroom.
Presenter Scott Elliott, 3rd Grade Teacher
       Resume Scott is in his 7th year teaching, and during those seven years he has spent four in Kindergarten and three in 3rd grade.  He has an undergraduate degree in recreation and leisure from the University of Northern Colorado, and a Master’s degree in elementary education from the University of Phoenix.  
Presenter Lowell Miller, 4th Grade Teacher
       Resume Lowell has been teaching for 17 years.  He has a B.S. degree in Social Science, and a Master’s degree in Curriculum. Lowell is on the technology committee at Lincoln Elementary.
Presenter Mary Ann Smith, Technology Instructor
       Resume Mary Ann has been teaching technology at the elementary level for the past 15 years.   She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education from the University of Northern Iowa, a Master’s in Technology from Lesley College, and the Principal Licensure from the University of Denver.
Presenter Renee Watters, 5th Grade Teacher
       Resume Renee has been a teacher for 18 years, seven at the high school level and 11 at the elementary level.  She has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English with an Elementary Education Endorsement from Western State College, and two Master’s of Science Degrees, one in Reading & Literacy and one in Elementary Math K-5, from Walden University.
Room 202
Presentation PMI-PSI: Free Highly Effective K-12 Mathematics and HS Science Courses
Description Rich digital content is at the core of the 22 mathematics and science courses that are posted for the free non-commercial use of all at www.njctl.org, the homepage of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). These courses are comprised of more than 40,000 SMART notebook presentation slides, with embedded formative assessment; homework; class work; assessments; and pacing guides. These teacher developed resources are all part of CTL’s Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) and Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI): programs designed to support high levels of student achievement in K-12 Common Core mathematics and high school science (physics, chemistry, biology). 
Presenter Robert Goodman, Ed.D., Executive Director, New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning
       Resume Robert Goodman, Ed.D, the 2006 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL) and a teacher of science and engineering at the Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, where, in 1999, he founded the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI). Bob has worked since then to expand PSI to include most of high school science and now K-12 mathematics, with the launch of the Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI). 
Presenter Rosanna Satterfield, Program Manager, New Jersey Center for Teaching and Training
       Resume Rosanna Satterfield is a TFA alum who taught Biology, Physics, AP Physics B and Biotechnical Engineering in Newark, New Jersey. She currently works for the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning, an education nonprofit, developing STEM curriculum and training science and math teachers in the United States and Argentina.   
Room 204
Presentation The Future of the Flipped Classroom
Description Jonathan and Aaron take a future look and propose models where Flipped-Classroom, Project Based Learning, Universal Design for Learning, Standards Based Grading, and Inquiry are hybridized to meet the needs of all learners. In this session participants will hear from some of the pioneers of the Flipped Classroom about how they see each of the models above fitting into the current trends in educational reform. Participants will leave with a granular view of the Flipped Classroom as well as a broader view of where the Flipped Classroom fits into the larger picture of Education. Participants will see sample lessons and projects from classrooms utilizing aspects of PBL, UDL, Flipped Class and SBG.
More Info http://youtu.be/2H4RkudFzlc
Presenter Jonathan Bergmann, Lead Technology Facilitator, The Joseph Sears School, Kennilworth, IL
       Resume Jon is currently the Lead Technology Facilitator for the Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth, Illinois. He received the Presidential Award for Excellence for Math and Science Teaching in 2002 and was named Semi-Finalist for the Colorado Teacher of the Year in 2010. Jon believes educators should ask one guiding question:  What is best for my students in my classroom?
Presenter Aaron Sams, Science Teacher, Woodland Park High School, Woodland Park, CO
       Resume Aaron Sams has been an educator since 2000 and currently teaches Chemistry and AP Chemistry at Woodland Park High School in Woodland Park, Colorado. He was awarded the 2009 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. Aaron recently served as co-chair of the Colorado State Science Standards Revision Committee. He frequently speaks and conducts workshops on educational uses of screen casts and The Flipped Classroom concept.
Room 210
Presentation Perfectly Blended Learning 
Description Perfectly Blended Learning will address the virtual learning lab environment and the elements needed to create mutually beneficial school-community partnerships; particularly programs that focus on improving student performance, use of technology, and successful teacher tools.
Presenter Julie Young, President and CEO, Florida Virtual School (FLVS ®)
       Resume FLVS® is the nation’s largest and most influential Kindergarten – 12th grade online program. Julie began her love for teaching and learning at a young age.  Her accomplishments as a school teacher, trainer and assistant principal coupled with an interest in combining technology and learning evolved into a joint effort to launch the first statewide high school in 1997. Julie graduated with a MEd from the University of Florida following her undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky.  Throughout her educational career, she has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Harold W. McGraw, Jr.  Prize in Excellence Award, named Technology & Learning Top 30 Influencers in Ed Tech, was featured in the nation’s Top 50 Innovative Leaders in the Converge 2011 Yearbook and was selected as the cover story in Florida Trend Magazine.  Her passion and desire to see students succeed is the motivating factor behind all she does and is also the driving force behind why other online programs are modeled after Florida Virtual School. 
Presenter Jill Dickinson, Senior Manager of Curriculum Services, Florida Virtual School
       Resume Jill Dickinson is passionate about learning.  Jill leads others in creating quality learning experiences for students and teachers.  Jill also enjoys connecting with colleagues to brainstorm creative solutions to challenges facing educators around the globe.  Jill began her career in a traditional high school math classroom.  Since joining Florida Virtual School in 2000, Jill taught Algebra 1, worked on course development, and hired, supervised, and coached online instructors.  For the past 4 years, Jill has been working with FLVS curriculum specialists and content writers to develop online courses, and support teachers as they seek to increase their understanding of online pedagogies and learning strategies.
Room 206
  Mesa County Valley School District 51
Presentation iPads - Moe and More
Description This presentation will share how a classroom was designed implementing and integrating iPads and other technology for students with autism. Strategies will be shared from the actual creation and implementation process. Listen to the success stories and the amazing impact it has made in the lives of students’ with autism. Lastly, you will be given takeaway strategies to implement with all students.
Presenter Joanie Cherp, Special Education Instructional Technology Specialist, Mesa County Valley School District 51
       Resume Joanie is a lifetime learner with students with special needs. She has a Master’s in Education with emphasis in Instructional Technology.
Room 234
Presentation SMART MEAs: Integrating MEAs into the classroom using a SMART board application
Description A prototype of a SMART board application to facilitate classroom implementation of Model Eliciting Activities (MEAs) will be presented. The application is designed to support "teachable moments" in the creation of student solutions to MEA problems.
Presenter Johannes Strobel, Director, INSPIRE; Assistant Professor, Engineering Education & Learning Design and Technology, INSPIRE, Purdue University
       Resume Dr. Strobel received his B.Ph. (Philosophy) at Munich School of Philosophy, his B.S. (Information Science) and B.A. (Religious Studies) at Saarland University, Germany, and his M.Ed. and Ph.D.in Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri. He is interested in harnessing "teachable moments"  of engineering education, and reverse engineering of engineering education: "Engineering in the wild" for teaching/learning engineering design and problem solving. 
Presenter Ruth Wertz, Graduate Research Assistant, INSPIRE, Purdue University
       Resume Ms. Wertz is a  2nd-year PhD student in Purdue's School of Engineering Education. This is her first year working on research in P-12 education. She is currently working with teacher professional development for MEAs. 
Room 302
Presentation Individualized learning in Khan Academy classrooms
Description In Khan Academy pilot classrooms, students are put in charge of their education. Each student is free to learn math concepts at their own pace, help their peers tackle challenging topics, and benefit from targeted lessons and interactive projects facilitated by their teachers. In this presentation, we'll share teaching methods and Khan Academy features that teachers have used to create productive and collaborative learning environments that meet students'  individual needs. We'll also discuss challenges presented by this model and our vision for the future.   
More Info http://www.thegatesnotes.com/Topics/Education/Los-Altos-School-District-Teachers
Presenter Elizabeth Slavitt, School Implementations Fellow, Khan Academy
       Resume Elizabeth works with schools to create individualized, collaborative, and joyful classroom environments in which Khan Academy software and visionary teachers help students master concepts at their own pace.   Before Khan Academy, Elizabeth worked at McKinsey & Company and earned a B.A. in Intellectual History at Penn. 
Room 304
Presentation Nature Works Everywhere 
Description The Nature Conservancy developed "Nature Works Everywhere" to take students on a global journey to discover how nature works to produce the food we eat, the water we drink, and the stuff that surrounds us.  The program offers free online resources for K-12 teachers, including videos featuring Nature Conservancy scientists, interactive whiteboard lesson plans, classroom activities and links to additional classroom resources.  The lesson plans are aligned with national science and social studies standards.
Presenter M. Sanjayan, Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
       Resume M. Sanjayan is a scientist and global environmental leader.   He is the Lead Scientist for the world’s largest environmental organization, The Nature Conservancy.  He is a Catto Fellow at the Aspen Institute and a senior advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative. Sanjayan’s efforts have received extensive media coverage with recent profiles in Outside magazine and Afar magazine. He is a frequent guest on NBC’s Today Show and has appeared on the Letterman Show on CBS, Early Show on CBS, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Fox News, and BBC.  He has hosted numerous documentaries for the BBC and Discovery Channel and is currently filming a series for PBS/NGS. 
More Info http://www.nature.org/sanjayan
  Follow Sanjayan on twitter (@msanjayan)
Room 305
Presentation The Green Initiative
  Pinnacle Charter School
Description The Pinnacle Charter School has become a frontrunner in the concept of “going green.”  Not only has the Pinnacle become an official “green school,” but teachers are educating students on renewable energy technologies and processes.  With the donation of a professional grade weather station by the Governors Energy Office and the installation of an 880 kW solar panel system, the Pinnacle is “walking the talk” in going green.  Using enhanced computer technology real-time weather information is streamlined throughout the school providing students with the most up-to-date instruction.  Students are able to calculate solar energy into electrical power, as well as determine UV indices, wind turbine generation, temperature conversions and precipitation amounts, thereby emphasizing STEM education.     
Presenter Michele King,  Science Program Coordinator, Pinnacle Charter School
       Resume  2011 Middle School Science Teacher of the year by the Colorado Association of Science Teachers (CAST), Michele King is a former Scientist turned Educator. Using real-world applications in renewable energy, Ms. King plans to integrate science and technology into the learning process at Pinnacle Charter School.  As the school’s “Green Initiative Coordinator” she promotes the concept of a Green School and emphasizes K-12 learning in alternative/renewable energy technologies that will lead to successful STEM educations.  
Presenter Nick Perugini, National Commercial Solar Advisor, Bella Energy
       Resume Nick's in depth knowledge of solar products, policy, & financing offers the ability to create elegant solutions to meet the needs of diverse business, non-profit, and municipal energy investment goals.  Building on his service to commercial clients in New York and Colorado from as far back as 1989, he joined the solar industry in 2008 to combine his solutions based background with his passion for solar and energy efficiency.  Nick has orchestrated over 60 solar installations with a track record of high client and team loyalty and respect.  His hands-on style builds rapport from the board room to the engine room.  With Bella Energy, he is pursuing solar electric projects across the US while working on NABCEP Certification.  
Presenter Alex Blackmer, Executive Director, The Atmosphere Conservancy
Resume In 2008 Alex founded the Atmosphere Conservancy (TAC) in Fort Collins, with the goal of introducing the social, environmental and economic benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy to low income people, schools and nonprofit organizations. Some of the recent projects undertaken by TAC include developing a 1.6 MBTU solar thermal array on the Maple Terrace apartments in Loveland, a 56 KW photovoltaic array on the Dove Valley affordable senior housing project in Milliken, and a 50 kW array for the Denver Rescue Mission.  TAC is currently working with the Pinnacle Charter School in Federal Heights to develop an 880 kW array that will provide 70% of the schools electricity and save millions of dollars in energy costs over the life of the system.
Room 306
Presentation 50 Ways to Use Discovery Education in a Blended Learning Environment
Description Did you know that if you have Discovery Education STREAMING, you also have access to an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, thousands of quiz questions, images, speeches, and sound effects? This fast-pasted, energizing session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education in a blended learning environment classroom.  Come to learn about FREE resources available from the Discovery Channel.
Presenter Patricia Fowler, Account Manager, Discovery (Channel) Education
       Resume Patricia Fowler is a former elementary educator with several years experience managing projects for K-12 software companies.  As an Account Manager for Discovery Education, she supports educators in transforming their classrooms by utilizing high quality, dynamic, digital content.
Room 308
Presentation Education Change Management Strategies
Description It is easy to criticize our current education system but extremely difficult to manage the complex change required to move to a personalized 21st century model.  We will explain the change management strategies and models needed to transform the learning in our schools. This will include:
* An overview of personalized learning.
* A look at the key elements of change management needed to successfully develop a personalized model.
* A detailed look at the school self review tool (sponsored by MFF).
* A real world example from Colorado Springs School District 11.
Presenter David Gregory, Director, Gregory and Denby Associates, 
       Resume David is a former elementary school teacher and lead consultant on the UK Building Schools for the Future Program. David founded Gregory and Denby Associates in 2009 after moving to the USA earlier that year. The company specializes in change management solutions for educational institutions, helping them move to a personalized system through targeted consultancy, P.D. and coaching.   
Presenter Greg Wilborn, Personalized Learning Coordinator, Colorado Springs School District 11
       Resume Greg is the Personalized Learning Coordinator for Colorado Springs School District 11 where he is leading the district's efforts to evolve learning and teaching with technology. He is responsible for managing and executing the districts Personalized Learning Vision and strategic plans for all 52 schools. Greg has served D11 as a Data Coach and High School teacher and has presented at various state, regional, and national conferences.
Room 342
Presentation Discover How Artists Solve Problems in the 21st Century
Description The Denver Art Museum’s Creativity Resource for Teachers website offers classroom accessible resources, such as lesson plans, videos, and 360 degree images of objects in the museum’s collection. The site makes it easy for visual arts, language arts, social studies, and classroom teachers to deliver standards-based art integrated curriculum. In addition to these free resources that supplement classroom instruction, museum educators take advantage of the Telepresence system to bridge the gap between the museum and classrooms. Find out how the museum facilitates distance learning opportunities for teachers and students to discover how artists create amazing works of art by thinking critically, innovatively, and creatively in the 21st century.
More Info The Denver Art Museum’s Creativity Resource for Teachers
  Dan Ostermiller: Do You Ever Get Stuck? What Do You Do?
Presenter Angela Houdyshell, Coordinator of Teacher Resources, Denver Art Museum
       Resume Angela came to the Denver Art Museum after teaching elementary school for 7 years. She finds inspiration for planning teacher professional development opportunities in the art museum’s collection and rich resources. Angela believes that the most rewarding part of working at the museum is being able to provide teachers with fresh and innovative ideas for infusing creativity into their classroom instruction. 
Room 401
Presentation Blended Learning Options in Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Description Blended learning provides students in Miami-Dade County with options for learning in new and different ways, while allowing the district to succeed in its class size reduction efforts and address personnel shortages and certification issues. In 2010-2011, almost 7,000 students successfully completed online courses. Additionally, in 2010, the district launched iPrep Academy, a new high school model that uses blended learning instructional delivery. The iPrep model has proven so successful that it has been expanded to three additional sites in the 2011-2012 school year. Participants will learn about the challenges, the successes, and the plans for more blended learning options. 
Presenter Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent of Schools
       Resume Mr. Carvalho is in his fourth year as superintendent of the nation’s fourth largest school district.  His vision is to transform education in Miami-Dade through innovative practices and a commitment to high quality instruction.
Presenter Milagros Fornell, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
       Resume Ms. Fornell is the district’s chief academic officer. Prior to assuming this position, she held a variety of senior positions in both curriculum and school operations. Prior to her work at the district, she was a highly successful senior high school principal.
Presenter Enid Weisman, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
       Resume Ms. Weisman is a senior member of the administrative team responsible for labor relations and all human resource functions including teacher recruitment and retention.  She is a former region superintendent and high school principal.  She heads the district’s Race to the Top initiative which is changing the way teachers and school administrators are evaluated and compensated.  
Presenter Dr. Sylvia Diaz, Administrative Director, Instructional Technology
       Resume Dr. Diaz is responsible for classroom technology, virtual school programs, textbook purchasing and school library programs.  Her background is in engineering, computer science, and mathematics education.
Room 408
Presentation The Blended Learning Environment and Apple
Description Come see how the wide range of tools from Apple can fit your educational needs. From early leaner literacy to high school 1-1 options, your local Apple expert will guide you in choosing the correct solution. We'll go hands on with the technology to get a first hand experience on how other are seeing amazing gains while partnering with Apple. 
Presenter Patrick Benko, Senior Account Executive, Apple, Inc. 
       Resume After 16 years in the classroom, Patrick has help schools and school districts in five states reach their educational technology goals. 
Room 409
Presentation From Inspired to Wired: One School’s Journey to a 1 to 1 iPad environment
Description Denver Academy recently completed a 2-year process of developing and implementing a school wide one-to-one iPad environment. We are half way through our first year of full implementation. In this hands-on presentation, we will share our process, our triumphs, and our mistakes so that others may learn from our experience.  Four of our teachers will present mini-lessons and participants will have an opportunity to use iPads in an educational setting.  Through narrative summary and panel discussion, participants will gain an understanding of our journey to “wired.”
Presenter Mark Twarogowski, Director of Education, Denver Academy
       Resume Mark Twarogowski is Director of education at Denver Academy.
Presenter Anthony Slaughter, Director of Technology, Denver Academy
       Resume Anthony Slaughter is Director of Technology at Denver Academy
Presenter Barrie Bodden, 6th Grade Teacher, Denver Academy
       Resume Barrie Bodden Teaches 6th Grade at Denver Academy
Presenter Kris Fritzsche, Arts and Technology Coordinator, Denver Academy
       Resume Kris Fritzsche teaches Art and Film and coordinates the Arts and Technology department at Denver Academy.
Presenter Leah Koliha, High School Math Teacher, Denver Academy
       Resume Leah Koliha teaches High School Mathematics at Denver Academy
Presenter Amy Thomson, Middle School Teacher, Denver Academy
       Resume Amy Thomson teaches Middle School at Denver Academy
Room 435
Presentation Reading Plus
Description Technology cannot take the place of good teaching but the right technology, in the right hands can be a very powerful teaching tool that can free teacher resources rather than consume them. This is the power of blended learning.  Come to this session to learn how Reading Plus® uses 21st century technology to develop readers who have the capacity and stamina to read increasingly complex texts with appropriate, comprehension-based silent reading rates, as called for by the Common Core State Standards.  Reading Plus® achieves this, especially with reluctant readers, by ensuring students have frequent, successful interactions with authentic text and opportunities to increase their depth and breadth of knowledge. Reading Plus meets the needs of the whole student by assessing and addressing the affective domains associated with intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy and agency.  This provides students with choice, power and control over their learning to ensure that they have the ability, motivation and attitude needed to be life long learners.  
Presenter Rachel Ring, Reading Education Specialist, Reading Plus
       Resume Before joining Reading Plus® in 2011, Rachel had extensive experience in education, including years as a classroom teacher, refugee resettlement tutor, and religious school instructor.  She assessed and developed reading initiatives to meet the needs of diverse student populations, and has collaborated closely with administrators, teachers, and parents on the implementation of these programs.  Rachel has a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, an Elementary Education Certification from Immaculata University, and she is a master’s candidate in Elementary & Special Education.
Presenter Scott Nielsen, Principal, Preston Middle School
       Resume Scott Nielsen has been an educator for more than seventeen years. He received his undergraduate degree from Winona State University in Minnesota, his master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado and his administration license from Colorado State University. His teaching career started in a treatment facility in Denver, Colorado working with students who had been expelled from Denver Public Schools. Scott has worked in the Poudre School District (Colorado) in various positions including special education and coach, assistant principal, and for the last 5 years Principal of Preston Middle School.
Room 450
Presentation Blending iPad and SMART Technologies!
Description In this flipped session we will share a few key ingredients for creating a blended learning environment using iPad and SMART technologies. You will learn about activities using iPad apps and Notebook tools that will engage your students as learners beyond the walls of your classroom.  Learn how to create a new learning environment with a variety of apps such as Edmodo, Socrative, Educreations, SplashTop, Reflections, as well as SMART Response and the SMART Recorder.  Bring an iPad if you have one!
       Resume Karen and Ann have worked with the Morgridge Family Foundation SMART grant recipients to provide professional learning opportunities through their Center for 21st Century Classrooms.  Their previous work in Cherry Creek Schools' Office of Professional Learning has given them a variety of experiences to support 21st century students and educators. Karen and Ann have presented at various state and national conferences.

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