The Evangelical Network 2012 Conference

Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Thursday, August 02, 2012

Workshops & Seminars:
Pastor’s Retreat: This workshop is designed for pastors to come together and share information, learn and grow.  It is a time to get to know one another and share in a safe environment with other pastors. This workshop is open to pastors and assistant pastors or those serving in a pastoral role in their church body. 
Facilitated by Jayeson Owen and Franklin Sampley / Friday Morning

Church Leaders: Church leaders including pastor’s spouses face many issues, both personal and ministerial in their work with the church.    Many in leadership have a desire to learn and grow and to face these challenges and grow personally and as a church.  It helps sometimes to have the support of others in similar positions.  This workshop will give church leaders a chance to share information, get to know each other, and to address concerns specific to church leaders.  This workshop is open to Elders, Deacons, Ministers of Music, Outreach, Youth, or other ministerial staff/volunteers.    
Facilitated by Pam Wright / Friday Morning

Reconciliation: Reconciling Homosexuality and the Bible – A presentation on Homosexuality and the Bible. This workshop addresses all the passages that have been traditionally used to condemn homosexuals. It is offered as a tool for education in your journey to knowing how precious you are to Jesus. Because of love for us, Jesus left heaven to be with us, and because of love for Jesus, we can go to heaven to be with him. "Everyone who believes in him may have eternal life." John 3:15.  This workshop is open to all.
Facilitated by Tom Millner / Friday Morning

Writing Your Story: Many have wanted to hear more about people’s story and journey of faith.  This workshop is designed to help individuals write a two minute testimonial that can be filmed and with consent be used for the internet outreach.  This workshop is open to all. 
Facilitated by Ed Ness and Filomeno Fiel / Friday Morning

The Five Love Languages: Of the countless ways we can show love to one another, five key categories, or five love languages, has proven to be universal and comprehensive—everyone has a love language, and we all identify primarily with one of the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

Based on the book and teaching of Dr. Gary Chapman this presentation presents the five love languages.  Learn about the five love languages, test yourself and determine your primary love language. 

Understanding the five love languages can help you, your partner, your friends, your church better understand when someone is using their love language to express love to you and how you can best express love to them.  Understanding that someone’s love language is Quality Time can make a world of difference in your relationship with them.  So, if you haven’t studied this before, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn practical and powerful ways to express love, simply by using the appropriate love language.
Facilitated by David Thomas / Saturday Afternoon

Empowered to Bless: Thoughts, Words and Deeds - Language Matters – Becoming an Exhorter – This workshop takes a look at how we as part of the body of Christ can become an exhorter to others.  The Bible encourages us in many scriptures to encourage one another, to edify each other, to build up the Body of Christ – our words, our actions matter to the body.  God equips people in the church with various spiritual church-building gifts. These gifts differ from the charismatic gifts such as prophesy, healing, miracles and unknown tongues discussed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. Church-building gifts such as showing mercy, pastoring, teaching, serving, exhorting and administrating equips believers to minister to people in and out of the church. Exhorters provide spiritual support to the church in various ways.  Exhorters encourage others, inspire people to do better and to move forward, and are key to evangelism because they build bonds with newcomers.  This workshop will help empower you to bless others in your thoughts, words and deeds.  
Facilitated by Janice LaCount & Lisa Cage / Saturday Afternoon

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Main Gatherings & Worship:
We will come together Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning for a time of celebration and worship!  Each main general Session will feature special music, praise and worship from the conference worship team, and relevant ministry from our incredible speakers. 

Friday Main Gathering Speaker:
Jason Harper
Saturday Morning Main Gathering Speaker: Brei Taylor
Satuday Evening Main Gathering Speaker: Ray Boltz
Sunday Main Gathering Speaker: Pam Wright

Conference Worship Leader:
 Joe Bales

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Special Events:
Welcome Reception & Remnant Sings...Again!
We kick off the conference with a wonderful time of great food and fellowship. Catch up with old friends and meet many new ones. After dinner, we gather around, let the music flow, and enjoy some down-home singing. Special musical guests will share as we join together in songs of praise and worship. We celebrate our heritage with worship, fellowship, and prayer -- no better way to start the conference! This event takes place Thursday evening.

Ministry Expo:

On Saturday afternoon we gather together for a time of networking. As we visit the ministry and resource tables, we learn how we can work together and support one another. Learn about the ministries represented at the conference, pick up some resources to take back home, and enjoy the special give-aways!

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Conference Schedule:



3:00 PM        Registration Opens                           Atlantic Ballroom Registration Desk      


6:00PM        Welcome Dinner                                Atlantic I, II, III

7:30PM        Remnant Sings...Again!                     Atlantic I, II, III


8:00AM        TEN 101 - Newcomers Workshop             Atlantic IV

                 with Todd Ferrell        


9:00AM        Wake Up & Praise Him                        Atlantic I, II, III


9:45AM        Seminars:

                - Pastors' Seminars                                 Atlantic V

                with Jayeson Owen & Franklin Sampley


                - Church Leaders                                 Atlantic IV

                with Pam Wright


                - Writing Your Story                                Atlantic VI

                with Ed Ness & Fil Fiel


                - Homosexuality & the Bible Reconciled        Atlantic I, II, III

                with Tom Millner

12:30PM        LUNCH

2:30PM        The Evangelical Network Annual Meeting        Atlantic IV

7:00PM        Main Worship Gathering                         Atlantic I, II, III

                    Jason Harper, Keynote Speaker


8:00AM        Morning Devotional                               Atlantic IV

10:00AM        Main Worship Gathering                       Atlantic I, II, III

                      Brei Taylor, Keynote Speaker


12:00PM        LUNCH

2:00PM        Workshops:

                 - The Five Love Languages                        Atlantic IV

with David Thomas

- Empowered to Bless                            Atlantic IV

with Lisa Cage & Janice LaCount

4:00PM         Ministry Expo                                         Pre-Function Hallway

7:00PM        Ray Boltz in Concert                                Atlantic I, II, III


10:00AM        Main Worship Gathering                        Atlantic I, II, III

Pam Wright, Keynote Speaker

12:30PM        Conference Dismissal

Choir Practice, Support Group Meetings, and other spontaneous meetings will be announced onsite.

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Speakers & Presenters:

  Joseph Bales 
Joseph Bales, born and raised in Louisiana, began ministering through music at the age of 12 in his grandfather’s church in Ferriday. By the age of 15, he developed a strong passion for music and ministry and began directing the church choirs. After graduating from Sicily Island High School, Joseph attended Jackson College of Ministries (JCM) where he earned a degree in Music. While attending JCM, Joseph performed vocally and instrumentally with the Jackson College of Ministries Choir, Chorale, and Quartet under the direction of Lanny Wolfe. Joseph has traveled extensively conducting choir clinics throughout the Southeastern US. He has served as Minister of Music for churches in Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Alabama, North and South Carolina. Joseph currently resides in Bryan, Texas with his partner, Shannon Manley, and serves as Minister of Music at Cornerstone Fellowship.

 In addition to his passion for music, Joseph began a career as a public servant with the Social Security Administration in 1991. He has held a number of technical and managerial positions in Decatur, Alabama; Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina; Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Dallas, Texas.  Joseph currently serves as the District Manager of the Bryan, Texas Social Security Office where 20 dedicated employees serve the residents of six counties.

  Ray Boltz
Ray Boltz is an award winning recording artist and has sold more than 4.5 million records. He has earned three Dove awards, three OUTMusic awards and had more than a dozen number one radio singles.  He has performed in every state in the US and in many countries around the world (including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Romania, Botswana, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Nepal, Canada and Mexico.)

Since ‘coming out’ as a gay man in 2008, Ray continues performing in affirming and accepting churches, conferences and pride events. His newest project “True” deals with his struggle to reconcile his faith with his sexual orientation. Two songs from this project have gained national attention.  The song “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” has been adopted as an anthem for marriage equality.  The song “Who Would Jesus Love” was named as one of the top songs in Billboard’s international songwriting contest (Christian/Gospel Division).  
  Lisa Cage
Lisa Cage was called by the Lord at an early age. She was raised Southern Baptist but was filled with the Holy Spirit in the 9th grade. By the time she was 16 she was using the gifts and talents she was given to reach others for the Lord. She led praise and worship, directed a drama troupe, and taught Sunday School.
Lisa married the youth director/associate pastor of her church and continued to lead praise and worship as they evangelized in and around Texas.

She developed the kindergarten curriculum and taught kindergarten for 5 years at Shady Grove Christian Academy. Lisa obtained her paralegal degree and worked for Allstate Ins. Co. for 21 years. While there she wrote and presented the training manual for her department.

Lisa has 2 grown sons,a 13year old granddaughter and an 8 year old grandson. She and Janice were married in Vancouver, B.C. in Sept. 2011 and have traveled all across the country singing, preaching and teaching the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.
   Todd Ferrell
Having grown up in the mid-west and coming from an Assemblies of God upbringing, Todd Ferrell felt the call of God on his life to be involved in music ministry while attending college & attending a large charismatic church in the suburbs of St. Louis. While struggling to make peace with his inter-struggles, he cried out to God while driving in his car one day and God spoke to him saying, “I Love You, Todd. And if you keep your eyes on me, one day, I will be able to use you.”  Years later, Todd has seen that message come true in his life. Todd co-founded Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church of San Francisco in 1991 in order to establish a fellowship for believers from a more Evangelical background. In 1991 he assisted in co-leading worship at the newly founded Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church of San Francisco and became the official Worship Leader of the church from 1994-2011. 

In 1996 he was elected to serve on the board of directors for The Evangelical Network and then was elected to serve as the organizations President from 1997-2000.  He was re-elected in 2004 & currently serves as board president of The Evangelical Network.
  Fil Fiel 
Filomeno (Fil) Fiel grew up at City of Sta. Rosa, Laguna Philippines in a Catholic home. As a young man he start serving his church as an altar boy and as he grew up he continued to be very involved in church activities. During high school he taught catechism in public elementary schools. He also joined Singles for Christ (a Catholic charismatic organization) during his time with Singles for Christ he received the Holy Ghost. After he moved to the United States, he was for a period without a church, but then joined Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church in San Francisco California.  During his time at Freedom In Christ Church he served for a year as a co-minister for Young Adult Ministry.  Currently, Filomeno is attending Indiana State University finishing a degree in Social Work.  He resides in Terre Haute Indiana with his partner, Franklin Sampley.  

Jason Harper
As the community outreach pastor for Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, Jason is committed to reaching others with a message of Hope. With a commitment to live life to the fullest and as a seeker of relevant truth, he connects to those from all facets and walks of life. A frequent keynote speaker and consultant for the Celera Group, Harper is creative and unconventional and chases the best version of himself. Whether in a third world country, on an inner-city campus, or with a Fortune 500 CEO, Jason builds bridges by understanding culture. An avid runner and adventurous-thrill seeker, his travels have taken him to places that have shaped his empathy and compassion. His message always includes tenacity, resilience, and hope.

The author and co-author of seven books, his writings have topped Amazon's Top 100, been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post and he is currently hosts a blog for runners called Running 365, chronicling his preparation to run the length of Route 66 with seven other runners in 2012. His motto is, “Love wins.” 
  Janice LaCount
Janice was blessed that both her parents were Born Again, Holy Ghost filled people who believed in the power of Jesus’ Name. Because of the lives they lived she was brought up to know what it means to have a personal experience with Jesus.

At the age of 16 Janice began her ministry, and soon began evangelizing across the USA. Janice was part of the Jackson Mississippi Music Conference choir for Lanny Wolf. She was on the Praise and Worship team at Higher Dimensions in Tulsa, Oklahoma, her hometown, and sang with other Praise and Worship teams and preached at many churches across the country.

It was at the first Midwest SpiritQuest in Indiana with her friend, Randy Duncan that she became aware that she could openly accept who God created her to be, she learned that it was never a choice. Coming to full knowledge and acceptance of who she really was, Janice began preaching in several churches in our communities. Janice was the Praise and Worship Minister for three years at Sanctuary of Love in Dallas, Texas.
  Tom Millner
Pastor Tom grew up in North Carolina. He and his partner Ray of have been together 31 years. He has been Sr. Pastor at Church Of the Holy SpiritSong in Wilton Manors, FL since 2007. Tom holds degrees from Campbell University in North Carolina, and the University of Pennsylvania. Serving God by “igniting the world for Christ…one life at a time”® reminds him of God’s grace and sufficiency in all things.
  Ed Ness
Ed Ness is a veteran broadcaster having worked as a radio news reporter, anchor, and news director. In television he was the assignment editor for an ABC affiliate in Illinois where he supervised a team of 12 reporters and photojournalists. He has worked as a corporate trainer conducting seminars on sales, problem solving, and hotel software. More recently Ed's writing has been published in the San Francisco Bay Times and the Bay Area Reporter newspapers. Currently Ed serves as the Director of Public Relations for The Evangelical Network. In 1993 Ed earned his B.A. in Radio & Television from Southern Illinois University.

Jayeson Owen
Pastor Jayeson, or PJ to as he is called by his congregation, pastor’s Shine Ministries in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Shine celebrated its 5th anniversary this summer and has started a new campaign of living a life full of SODA (Significance, Opportunity, Destiny, Authenticity). PJ felt a call from God at an early age and pursued his destiny with the Assemblies of God. He attended Southeastern University of the Assemblies of God in Lakeland, FL, but was eventually asked to leave due to his authenticity.  ;-)  He may have left the Assemblies of God, but he never lost his calling.

When the opportunity arose to start Shine Ministries, PJ knew that this was God’s plan for his life. He lives with his partner, Christopher Bailey and their son deMarco.  “My prayer for both TEN and my home church of Shine is that our imagination overtake our memory as we continue to press forward awake and dreaming.” To read PJ’s testimony and learn more about Shine Ministries visit them at
  Franklin Sampley
Franklin Sampley grew up in the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) as a youth, and then his family for many years attended an independent Apostolic Pentecostal Church.  He attended Christian High School at the Apostolic Church and studied theology all four years of high school.  In 1980 and 1981 he attended Christian Life College (CLC) in Stockton California, CLC is a Bible School in the UPCI.  He came out in 1981 and at that time left the United Pentecostal Church he was then attending.  He began attending Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church (FIC) in San Francisco in 1998. A few years after beginning to attend FIC he became involved in the Building Fund Committee and in the Outreach Committee.  He served as the Minister of Outreach for several years.  He was later made an Elder and served in that position until 2011 when he moved to Indiana. Franklin conducted a Bible Study Cell Group from 2001 into 2011 as a part of ministry at FIC.

Franklin has a B.S in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and a State of California teaching credential in Adult Education. Currently, he is an inactive member of FIC (due to his move out of state) and is working on starting a Bible Study group in his new home town of Terre Haute Indiana.  Franklin believes in the great need in the LGBT community to reconcile their sexuality and Christianity.  He resides in Terre Haute Indiana with his partner Filomeno Fiel.  
 Pastor Brei Taylor

Brei Taylor
Pastor Brei Taylor was saved at age five and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at age twelve. She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida to strong Christian family. She was educated in both the Baptist and Full Gospel Pentecostal churches. She began her first ministry in high school. After acknowledging her call to preach the gospel she was commissioned as a Missionary in January of 1988. For over two decades Pastor Brei has carried out her call of ministry by serving as Youth Minister, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Co-Pastor, Pastor of Family Life Development and the Worshipping Arts.   Brei and her partner, Sue Love found ministerial refuge and covering at Potter’s House Fellowship in Tampa, Florida. Feeling a strong passion to reach the marginalized and to share the unconditional love of Jesus, in 2005 God birthed Oasis Fellowship Ministries. Two years later, June 2007, she received the Certificate of Affiliate Ordination from The Fellowship.

She is an impassioned social justice advocate and speaks publically on issues on GLBT equality, HIV/AIDS intervention and prevention, youth/young adult homelessness and senior citizen care concerns.  Brei believes it is high time to be the extension of Jesus’ ministry and the amplification of His message to the glory of God and for The Kingdom!

  Pastor David Thomas
In 1988, Pastor David graduated from Oral Roberts University with a BA in Theological and Historical Studies.  He has served as associate pastor of several large charismatic congregations as well as ministering in Haiti, Jamaica, and Florida as a missionary and traveling around the country with a contemporary Christian music group. David and his husband, Jack McConnell, co-pastor Abundant Grace Church in Granite Falls, NC and St Jude Community Church in Winston-Salem NC. 

 About 10 years ago, Pastor David heard a presentation of Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages Seminar" and immediately embraced a powerful tool for assisting individuals and couples create and maintain healthy, lasting relationships. Many people who have attended his seminar have credited its message with strengthening their relationship and giving them fresh insights into living more holistically.
  Pam Wright
Pam Wright was saved in the Assemblies of God at 18. Her journey has taken her from the Assemblies, to Lee College, to New Covenant Atlanta, where God called her to start a new work in Maryville Tn. with her wife June. God's Remnant Ministries just celebrated it's 7th year of making a difference in our unique, but ever so beautiful community as we have relentlessly reached out to give the Hope of Jesus Christ, with a heart to serve and build up broken lives and broken bridges. 

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