SPXXL 2012 Summer Conference

Toronto, Ontario
Monday, May 14, 2012
(Draft Agenda) Outline:
* Report Writing
* SPXXL Site Updates
* Burning Issues
* Invited speakers

The Wednesday evening social event is heavy appetizers at 160 Panorama Lounge.

See- http://www.panoramalounge.com

Guest tickets may be purchased for $50 (USD) (full week attendee or single-day attendee).

Contact Information

Payment Instructions

  • Full Week Registration - $900.00 (USD) (includes Social Event).
    Single-Day Registration - $250.00 (USD) (without Social Event, can be purchased- $50 (USD)).
    Two-Day Registration - $500.00 (USD) (without Social Event)

    Note: Early registration ends April 25th, 2012.
    Week = $1000.00 (USD)
    1 Day = $300.00 (USD)
    2 Day = $600.00 (USD)

    If you are unable to pay using a credit card, please contact Adam Bertsch (bertsch2@llnl.gov) to arrange alternate payment.
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