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Thursday, September 27, 2012

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The Cause Mapping workshop is consistently regarded as the simplest, most effective method for investigating and solving problems.  Below is a short list of testimonials from past participants:

“Excellent workshop. Cause Mapping is an easy to follow process that should be implemented at every level within our organization.”

“Truly the Cliffsnotes® for Six-Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management. This workshop will teach you in two days (versus four weeks) how to document, analyze and solve problems, any problem, within your organization.”

“A priceless tool for every employee at every level.”

“I have been an advanced Excel® user for years, but I had no idea that Excel® could be used to document work processes and problems (Cause Maps). The Excel® tips alone were worth the price of admission.”

“I strongly recommend anyone in business attend the Cause Mapping workshop and learn how a simple process can have profound effects upon managing complex problems.”

“This by far is the best and easiest problem solving course I have ever attended.”

“This course was excellent. The light came on when systems thinking was taught. This will definitely help me in my job.”



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  • For any questions regarding the workshop or for additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.

    281-412-7766 office
    281-412-7761 fax

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