Charlotte Scor! Camp 2012

Charlotte, NC
Orchestra, sessions, and private coachings are offered at Scor! Instruction is tailored especially for adult string players like you, including sessions on technique, general string-related topics, and of course playing!
For info on Sessions, Orchestra, and Private Coachings, CLICK HERE.

What about my level?
Learn about playing levels at Scor!, tracks designed specifically for adults like you, and how you fit in HERE!

New Options Want to come for just 1 or 2 days?

New: Single Day Options
Even if you can only attend Scor! Main Camp for 1 or 2 days, we welcome your participation! Although you will learn and grow the most with the full 3-day main camp option, you will find there is plenty you can learn and experience in even 1 day of Scor!. In the online registration, you'll see a checkbox after Scor! Main Camp. Click here to view further options for customizing your Scor! experience and attending the days that are possible for you.

New: Single Meal Options
Having meals together are in important and fun part of the Scor! experience. You may either sign up for all main camp meals as a package, or for individual meals that fit your personal schedule.

Check out the Scor! FAQs page for answers to your questions!

Instrument Rental
Traveling by plane? Don't want to buy an extra seat for your cello? You can rent an instrument from Scor!. This option will appear on your registration form. 


Pricing Summary
 Item:  Fee:  Description:
Main Camp Fee:  $399  Was $419, now only $399! Includes all camp activities Thursday - Saturday
Main Camp Thurs. or Fri. Single Day:  $159  Now $10 less - only $159. Join us for 1 or 2 days of your choice if you can't make all 3! See "New Options" above for more info.
Main Camp Sat. Only:  $149 Now $10 less - only $149. Join us just for Saturday if you have a busy week! See "New Options" above for more info.
Main Camp Meals:  $87  Best Value: Includes Thursday & Friday lunch & dinner, and Sat. lunch. (Breakfasts are on your own and included if you are staying at the hotel.)
Single Lunches:  $16 Each. (See "New Options" above for more info.)
Single Dinners:  $22 Each (See "New Options" above for more info.)
Private Coaching:   $69  Includes 1 hour of special customized instruction during Camp.
Instrument Rental:  $65  Rent an instrument if you cannot bring one on the plane.

Payment Options
1. Check or Money Order: Make checks payable to 'Scor!' (US funds, please). Send payment within 3 days of completing registration.
2. Electronic Check (bank transfer): After completing your Scor! registration, you can pay securely directly from your bank account via the Intuit Payment Network. Simply go to our FAQs page at, scroll down to the lower left, and click the orange "Checkout" button there.
4. Credit Card over the phone: We can only accept US credit or debit cards over the phone. We are sorry for any inconvenience.You may contact our office within 3 days of your online registration to pay by credit card over the phone at 877-726-SCOR (7267). If we are away, please leave a message with the best time and number at which to reach you.
5. FlexNote (conversion of a minimum of $100 from your FlexNote account, if applicable)

Mail Payment To:
67 Pembroke Street
Rochester, NY  14620
Cancellation Policy

What if Scor! cancels this event?

We are NOT going to cancel any event this year. We are already on the road, on our way to each Scor! location and are COMPLETELY committed to serving you at every event.

We believe that you will enjoy a Scor! event so much that, if you register for an event, and then need to cancel your registration, we will extend credit to you for future Scor! events for the rest of this year and all of next season as well.
Donation Option: Another option is to have your payment converted to a charitable gift.
Cash refunds? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cash refunds for tuition and options.
Transfers: Additionally, we are unable to transfer your account credits or Scor! registration to another person.
Meal refunds: Meal payments may be refunded if notice is given by one month prior to the registration deadline. (After that, we cannot guarantee meal refunds.)
Extenuating Circumstances: If, for some reason, Scor! is forced to cancel its own event, such as an act of God, death, or injury, all monies will be refunded to the individuals who have paid for Scor! events.


Contact Information

  • Toll Free: Ph/Fax: 877-726-SCOR (7267)
    Mail:        67 Pembroke Street
                   Rochester, NY  14620

Click for Scor! home page. Scor! is a program of Symerge, a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
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